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Last Updated On: December 26, 2017

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Business Name: Jeffrey Chu, DDS, Inc
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7025 Katella Ave
Stanton, California 90680 USA

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Phone Number: 714-229-1234
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Reported Losses: $5,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $5,000.00

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Smile Factory Dental

I was working for 6 years at this office, in the 6 years we had 10 different employees working there. They all left because of the doctor, mistreating them, I never understood why they all used to tell me the same thing, that was very disturbed. The doctor used to talk bad about them in a different language to the patients, used to make them feel like their nothing, used to hit them with the instruments, many assistants used to do things that was not their duties, violate their privacy, make them work during their lunch hour while out the clock and now it happened to me.

Its a shame that I was not appreciated for everything that I did for that office but now I know that the doctor is all about money and doesn’t care about his employees. Now I agree with the old employees and even the patients. I even used to stay and work during my lunch hour while I was off the lock for 6 years and when I used to get out of the office for my lunch hour the doctor used to get mad and make me feel very unhappy now that he fired me I haven’t been able to find a job because I’m 5 months pregnant. Now how am I going to support my kids when I’m a single mother with no help. I think his just mad that I’m expecting again because in my past pregnancies he used to give me a hard time, that I even did not took the time off that I supposed to just for me to stay in the office, even when I had my baby’s he wanted me to come back right away. What kind of person does that.


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