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Last Updated On: November 2, 2017

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Business Name: Jyoti R Shah DDS Inc
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7526 East 82nd St #110
Indianapolis, Indiana 46256 USA

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Phone Number: 317-915-0787
Company Contact: Jyoti Shah - DDS
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Two years tooth pain.

I went to the Smile Center to have a cavity refilled. I’ve had this cavity since the age of 15 years old. Jyoti was the lady who did the work on refilling my cavity. I had to return to her clinic in two weeks because the filling had fallen out. While she was drilling I heard a loud popping noise. She assured me there was no problem.

Two years after letting her refill my cavity I continued to have tooth pain. I went to another dentist in Greenwood, Indiana. That dentist took x-rays. He told me I had a hairline fracture on a perfectly good tooth, the one that was next to the cavity tooth she had refilled. That popping noise was from her hitting my tooth with her drill. That tooth eventually broke and I had to have the tooth extracted to keep from having continued pain and infections.

Ever since my visit at that Smile Center Dentist I’ve had to continue having my cavity refilled. This year, 2014, another dentist told be he could not reveal my cavity because the hole had been drilled too big. Now I need a root canal, oral surgery, done to the cavity tooth and I don’t have $1,500.00 or $900.00 to have either of these procedures done. If I have the tooth pulled it is my main molar back tooth I chew food with. I’m already chewing on one side because of the constant pain I’m in.

If anyone else has had a mishap with Jyoti damaging your teeth or gums, PLEASE let me know if there is a class action lawsuit on this false place of business. 317-453-7782.

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