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Last Updated On: May 30, 2017

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Business Name: Great Expressions Dental Centers
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300 East Long Lake Rd #311
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304 USA

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Phone Number: 248-203-1100
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Average Rating: 1.32 out of 5
Based On: 26 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 32

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Reported Losses: $8,994.45
Average Reported Losses: $345.94

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Pediatric dentist problems

I scheduled my daughters 6 months cleaning at the Douglasville, Georgia pediatric office. As we arrived at their appointment, we can walked into the pediatric side to sign them in for their appointment. The lady who was working the front desk was very rude. She told me I had to go the adult side. I told her I was here for my daughters not me. She repeated herself ” You need to go the adult side”.

Well I did what she asked me, and went to the adult side. The lady behind that desk we very nice. I told her I was here for my daughters appointments and didn’t understand why I had to come to the adult side.

She kindly told me, they no longer had a pediatric dentist and was looking to have one next month. I was upset, because no one contacted me to ask if it was okay to see adult dentist.

I went ahead with the appointment because we live 40 minutes away and I was missing work and my children were missing school. My daughters got their teeth clean and when it was time for the dentist to come in, it was a fill-in dentist. It wasn’t even their normal dentist.

I have never felt so uncomfortable! I will not be back!! Looking for a new pediatric dentist.

Great Expression Dental – 3272 GA-5 #E Douglasville Georgia 30135 | 678-836-2111 

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My daughter had a resin repair and within 3 days it came off. I scheduled a fix for the following week. I arrived to find the doors locked at the location where I was serviced and had an appointment. I called the scheduling line and was told that I would have to go to another location on the other side of town. I was never notified of the change and I told the rep that I would have to travel across town in rush hour traffic at 3:45pm. When I arrived 45 minutes later, I was told that I would… Read more »

Do NOT go to any of Great expressions dental. They told me I was covered with my insurance only to find out that a lot of it wasn’t. The manager of the Saginaw Texas office refused to calll me to settle dispute. I left message 4 times. Every time I do try to sort my bill out I get another number to call or another story. Extremely dis satisfied. I feel totally conned and ripped off.

I scheduled my daughters 6 months cleaning at the Douglasville, Georgia pediatric office. As we arrived at their appointment , we can walked into the pediatric side to sign them in for their appointment. The lady who was working the front desk was very rude. She told me I had to go the adult side. I told her I was here for my daughters not me. She repeated herself ” You need to go the adult side”. Well I did what she asked me and went to the adult side. The lady behind that desk we very nice. I told… Read more »
Great Expressions on Normandy in Jacksonville Florida. Have been with for 3 years. Never told me I had a cavity. I found out when having my approx 5th cleaning done and was shocked that the Dentist didn’t say anything or even tried to set up an appointment to have it taken care of. Asked each time I had an x-ray if they could fix my loose partial plate and each time I was told that we will look into it and let you know what we can do……nothing. Then I received a bill last December and when I called to… Read more »
I am very up set about the way I was treated by a Dr. at the Fort Pierce office.He refused to let me getting a cleaning unless I paid extra for a procedure He wanted me to have, even though I told him I could not afford the extra procedure. He would not work with me at all.When I ask him if I could get the procedure done just once a year, He would not even answer my question. I have never had a Dr. that would not work with me. I have a strong feeling that this place is… Read more »
Worst dentist office ever!!!! My appointment was at the Hapeville location. I went not expecting to be worse than when i made the appointment. They start procedures and tell you to come back for the rest even though you’ve made an appointment and are available. They refused to prescribe adequate pain meds. Even after making them aware that I work outside and drive for a living they would not give Proper documentation for my job. They prescribed me Tylonol 3 ( which does nothing after a root canal), and has codine in it. I asked the dental assistant and the… Read more »
February 22, 2017 Great Expression Complaint 2017 Claim #201701026885467 On December 30, 2016 I went to visit my Dentist Lynn Livingston, address: 401 S Main St – Ste B5 -Alpharetta, GA 30009 – (770) 663-8717. She referred me to a Surgeon Dr. Rockwell for the extraction of two teeth. I called to make an appointment and asked for an estimate. The woman who answered the phone, schedule my appointment for the actual surgery, for my request and gave me an estimate of about $36 or $40 per tooth, and indicated that it could be a little more and if I… Read more »
3 years ago I paid $1,800 for a upper denture, about 4 to 5 months later a front tooth fell out, few months later another front tooth fell out, around 8 months later another, then just two weeks ago a tooth that had previously fallen out fell out again. Iv been doing a lot of reading about front teeth falling out of dentures, I learned that the front teeth on a denture should be anchored with nail head posts. Clearly mine weren’t. The first 3 times there was no charge. This last time they handed me a bill for $145… Read more »
This place was a nightmare! The dentist is the most incompetent I have ever encountered! A bunch of crooks that have no shame! It them over 5 months to make upper dentures that by the way not fit. They told my mother that they would make it right and start the process over. Brought my mother back the next week to start over only to be told that they were “done” . Told my 86 yr old mother “go find someone else”. She needed a specialist! We left the office WITHOUT ANY DENTURES! They were left on the tray in… Read more »

Great expressions jacksonville Merrill road location is incompetent!!! I got two crowns finished in late January and the area kills when cold touches it!! It is feb 12 and it still hurts. Wondering if she did it right. I have never needed work before and all of a sudden they say I needed two crowns to avoid later root canals and have gum disease needing special expensive cleanings. Kicking myself for not getting second opinion!!! Don’t trust them!

Same thing happened to me

To the Monticello NY. office… They are one of the Most Unprofessional people that I have ever dealt with… I get there ahead of my appointment, (11:am)… I’m told that they’re running late 30 – 40 mins… OK. so I sit and wait… 1 1/2 Hours Later… Two families before me, walk out Screaming at them that “they have been there for too long”… Well, I should be next then???… A woman and child walk in… Fill out the Same New Patient Forms, I did earlier… 5 mins. and they’re seeing a Dentist… As I sit there feeling like a… Read more »
Horrible!! Incompetent!! These are the biggest malpractice crooks ever!! Their entire business model is built like an assembly line of patients, where they falsify your diagnosis, and present you with an outlandish treatment plan that is racked up in the thousands. They then bill your insurance to collect on false treatment, I would recommend anyone that goes here to get a second opinion. They also hire dental professionals that basically have zero experience. On my visit, the dentist that worked on my mouth actually spilled tooth filling all in my mouth, she sanded my tooth down almost to the pulp… Read more »
I had not gone to the dentist in 3 years along with carelessly drinking lots of soda. A family member talked me into going and I made my first appointment in three years. They could only provide an exam and x-rays. 1. I was required to have 18 x-rays and during those 18, I was told that I have a very small mouth and needed to have a child sized film holder when the x-rays were in process. 2. Though I am not surprised that I would have problems, the doctor spent much more time talking with the hygienist. When… Read more »

WORST dental offices EVER! I have had so many horrible experiences with multiple offices. I thought that it was only isolated to one location but after visiting two different locations on both the adult and kids side, I now see that it appears to be the culture of the Great Expressions Corp. to be rude, inconsiderate, CROOCKS! Not only will you always experience an excessive wait time, many of the dentist DO NOT KNOW what they are doing-inexperienced!!, the staff members are rude to both children and parents, and they refuse to honor the negotiated rate with insurance companies!

They are horrible! And need to be investigated for fraud! I have never had any issues with my teeth and all of a sudden I visit this dental practice and I have gum disease and multiple cavities. I laughed because I thought I was on some fake reality show, being punked. That is until they showed me a treatment plan racked up in the thousands. I laughed and walked out.

My family has been victimized by this corrupt entity more than once. My son needed his wisdom tooth extracted post removal of braces. The staff took my son into one of the exam room where IV access insertion failed at first attempt. This Line is an access for anesthetic administration. My son was being worked on and about 15 minutes into this mess, a staff member named Maxine came out with a stack of documents and states…”the doctor will not continue with procedure until you sign this paper”. The paper she is talking about is a break down of charges… Read more »
I have a complaint! I had an appointment today (Orange, CT) to reapply a partial crown. I rescheduled for Monday, then they called me today to ask me to reschedule because the doctor had an ’emergency’ – on this upcoming Monday! Emergencies happen now, not into the future! I refused to reschedule because I need it reattached, as I used to be an Exceldent customer until this low down place bought them out. The receptionist then told me that if I could not reschedule, I could go some place else. That is what I will do! I guess small time… Read more »
THIS IS NOT A COMPLIANT. I am writing to praise the hygienist Anna that is at the Wesley Chapel, Fl office. I have been going there for at least a couple of years and have never had such a complete and professional hygienist treat me like Anna did. She answered all my questions and gave me info. that I didn’t ask for. What a pleasure to have my mouth worked on by her. Went the extra mile or maybe the others didn’t quite do all of their jobs. Just my opinion that maybe your company should have a short survey… Read more »

Sure Diana, sure! I am sure you work for these crooks!

No I do not work for them. I must admit that there are others that are not the best but this Anna was perfect. Only complimented her, not the whole place. Felt since there are so many negatives for these places that a positive note for an individual would be nice.

We were pleased with the service of the staff in the Newnan, GA office when I took three of my children in at different times for cleanings. As far as I could see they were professional and very courteous. The problem came when my husband’s ex-wife took her two kids to a different office an hour away. They told her about my daughter’s INCORRECT balance and that her kids couldn’t be seen until the balance was paid. They refuse to separate accounts. My two step-children live with their mother and should be on their own account-not mine! I have gotten… Read more »

The so called Office Manager was very very rude @ unprofessional!!! She acted as if me and other Patients were bothering her, I havent been to any Dentist for over 8 years, I almost walked out,!! The Dentist was a very professional @ courteous man. who knew his business. i left a large deposit for bottom dentures @ never heard anything from the Office Manager for 3 weeks!! Left several messages on the answering machine for a couple of days to no avail,,,, Bad business!! Where are my dentures?? Where is my money???

Thank you, I mainly wanted to let the Coorporate Office to be aware of this concern.

Seems they have some creative billg for their services, front office staff is very unprofessional to the point of being rude. Fleming Island, Fl. office is where I WAS going..No more.

Best bet, avoid this place, run run quickly away from Great Expressions!!

The Great Expressions staff is made up of some very dubious characters to say the least. Best bet, run background checks with the personnel you work with. They work primarily on making a profit and nothing else. I applied to work there with all intentions of being honest and giving all of my pertinent information in a clear and precise manner. What I got back from them was, garbage and bullshit. I wasted a good three interviews with their supposed "upper echelon". Only to discover the entire staff on that level either had on-line degrees from defunct institutions or never… Read more »

Avoid. They consistently recommend procedures that are not needed. They recommended crown to my wife and I. We had never had any. We changed dentists and guess what? The new dentist laughed at the recommendation. He asked who the other dentist was..we said "Great Expressions.." he acted like he had heard that several other times and wasn’t surprised.

This is very disconcerting to see so many complaints, and on various portals. My son had braces placed on in the Fayetteville, GA office over a year ago. Since our dental plan at that time was a discount plan, the rep informed us that if we obtained an additional policy, it would lower the out of pocket cost significantly. We obtained Delta Dental and shared this information with the office before signing on. Well, after enrolling and paying premiums for many months, the dental office told us it would not cover since the braces were already affixed a few weeks… Read more »
May 2, 2013 Great Expressions, Wall Street, Conyers Georgia The assistant debated and argued with me for coming telling me I had to take my daughter to the prior GE who serviced my daughter, though the staff at this center scheduled us for the treatment. We waited an hour for my daughter even to be seen once in the chair. A 1.5 hour procedure took 4 hours while they continued to work on other patients. My daughter was threatened to drown and nearly vomited while the dentist and assistant chattered back and forth on a conversation, forgetting they were pouring… Read more »

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