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Mouths can be very sensitive and not everyone is ready to go charging into a dentist office to have their teeth worked on. Actually, quite a few people dread going to the dentist office. They either don’t like being told they have a new cavity or they don’t like being told they need to do more to take care of their teeth. People may go through a series of dentists until they find one that they are comfortable with.

People switch dentists for a number of reasons. You may move or relocate and find it necessary to find a new dentist or you may be unsatisfied with the work an old dentist has done, or you may not trust your dentist after feeling that he or she has performed work that may not have been necessary in the first place.

Perhaps you have gone to your dentist with a problem. A cavity that was filled a month ago is bothering you more than you feel it should and the dentist tells you to take some pain killers, put some Orajel on it, and eventually the pain will start to fade. Have you returned later in pain to be told that your tooth needs a root canal because the tooth died? You may have stared at the doctor in both shock and anger because you know you told the dentist before there was something wrong but was told to not worry about it.

Perhaps your dentist isn’t as careful as he or she should be and you’ve found yourself on the end of shoddy tooth work and cut gums. Perhaps after you’ve received a filling you doctor didn’t file down the filling and it has been causing you pain for years. Maybe the work was so bad that even under the filling the tooth cavity continued to grow and eventually you ended up losing the whole tooth.

Maybe your dentist has broken his vows of keeping your personal information private. Perhaps you and other family members share a doctor and you’ve found out that the doctor has told people about your dental situation. Perhaps your dentist told you about the condition of your brother’s teeth or vice versa. You and your brother may both be in your twenties and have your own insurance policies but because of your history your dentist doesn’t keep your information private.

You may have had experiences with a dentist that can lead you to a variety of complaints. Your dentist may not act in a professional manner with you or others. He or she may break the silence they are supposed to maintain about yours or others medical history to you or others. Chances are if they are sharing information with you they are telling others as well. They may do such poor work that you may have to return to their office once or more to have the dentist repair damage that they may have caused in the first place. Or they may recommend procedures that you don’t want or need just so they can get more money from your insurance.

If you have a dentist complaint then share it with us here at Others have a right to know who the dentists that are best to avoid are. You can help others by sharing what the dentist said or did that has wronged you so you can protect others. You’ll also feel satisfied knowing that you’ve had your complaints heard by everyone here at

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