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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: Ace Denture & Dental
Corporate Address:
2905 SE Oak Grove Blvd #5
Milwaukie, Oregon 97267 USA

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Phone Number: 503-654-1438
Company Contact: Jan Vigil - Manager


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Senior Citizen Abuse

I was treated badly by this dentist. I had a partial made and the wire was making blisters in my mouth so I moved the wires.

When he found out I moved the wires he smashed my partials and returned my money.

The partials were my property, fully paid for. He had NO right! I would not recommend this dentist.


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My 70 year old mother had her lower partials done by this dentist. The wire that is supposed to connect "AROUND" the teeth was created to be place "ABOVE and OVER" her teeth. My elderly mother had called the dentist and let him know that, when she bites down, she bites on the hard wire. Her gums became so inflamed and painful that she cut off the wire. When she explained this to the dentist at ACE DENTURES, he said it was ok, he’ll make it to her satisfaction. Let me be clear, "He said it was ok for her… Read more »

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