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Last Updated On: August 20, 2017

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Business Name: OTL Scoresense
Corporate Address:
4447 North Central Expwy #110
Dallas, Texas 75205 USA

ScoreSense Customer Service

ScoreSense Phone Number: 800-679-6327
Company Contact: Mark Henry - CEO / President
Corp Website:

ScoreSense Ratings

Average Rating: 1.17 out of 5
Based On: 215 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 269

ScoreSense Reports

Reported Losses: $82,720.12
Average Reported Losses: $384.74

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Money missing out my SSI every month.

Free Credit Report ended up costing me $400.00. I never sign up for monthly recurring services and it is not clearly stated on their website that there will be a monthly recurring charge of $39.95.

As a Sr Citizen living on a fixed income of a $1000 a month, they literally took food out of my mouth by making those charges. I never received any “emails” from them, nor did I ever “log into” my account until I called the company to question the charges, and was instructed to do so.

Bottom line, they give no refunds, make no apologies, despite the fact that in 2014 they paid out a 22 million dollar settlement for ripping off consumers.

The new improved site is no improvement, and still a rip off.

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More About ScoreSense

Score Sense is a credit monitoring and checking service. Score Sense credit offers multiple products such as Reporting and current credit scores, monitoring and alerts about your credit score, as well as identity theft and proven services. They also have a system called Score Tracker which constantly updates your reports based on new information. Another unique feature of score sense is Score Cast which gives you an idea of how your credit score might change if you took certain actions.Alternate/Additional Business Names & Websites:,, ScoreSense,, 2211 Partners Websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Score sense is a tricky non disclosing site. they took $39.95 out of my account with out my knowledge. I got a surprise when I tried to use my card. I will be notifying Senator WArner of Virginia and Senator Allan of Virginia of this slick scam especially to seniors.

I’m feel like ScoreSense is a rip off. I never received an email to say my account would be charged $39.95.

I called to cancel the account and the representatiive told me they could cancel the account now and I would not have access to anything even though I paid for the month of July and if I didn’t want any charges for August I had to call back before August 1st.
which didn’t make sense because I was calling 7/6/17 to cancel August charges.

The representative also said they didn’t have a way to pre-date a cancellation.

My mom will not stop calling these people and cursing them out about taking over $100 out of her account AND signing her name to stuff she doesn’t even see or no about, and she threatens to call the police but she never does, so they better get it together or I’M going to call the police! SEE IF YOU CAN TAKE THAT SCORE SENCE, I’LL KNOCK SOME SENCE INTO YOU!

do u mean the one dollar fee?

Called to cancel and they said that they did not have a record of it and charged my card l cancelled

This Company needs a to be put out of business. My story is the same Karen Meyer. Old, sick senior prey on them! I have been paying since Aug 2016 thinking they were another entity. All the time they were trying to settle Class action, never got any emails or notice of any kind!I had lifelock!! I’m trying to get them to give me credit. I will do a charge back with my bank, contact AG, again the FTC ,BBB.

Looking at my credit card transactions I see Score sensehas charged me 3 months in a row. I don’t remember ever using them. I use Credit Karma only. Ifr I did try them out I found they gave no help and would not have signed up for a month to month subscription. For what ? For nothing. I am on SS and don’t see how this got pat me except deceptive shinagans.

If you go on the website the FIRST AND MIDDLE sentence says “Monthly membership of $39.95 automatically charged after free trial” Please pay more attention if a website asks you for information like this.

You’re correct it pays to read the small print. I’m canceling my credit card account.

I have attempted to cancel for over 2 years, last time tonight. I have been paying for more years that I care to remember, since 2012. What law allows then to hijack my account month to month this way. How do you stop them? I find that all posts on this service are TRUE!!! I fear retaliation for posting this complaint, is it a scam as well?

I called to cancel this service a year ago which they agreed to do. What they didn’t tell me was that in 30 days, if I don’t call back they go back to the $39 / month charge “automatically” . So a year goes by. My secretary pays the bills and was not aware that I had cancelled the service. This is a fresh complaint so don’t tell me they have learned anything. This behavior should be stopped.

If you have online banking. I do they had charged me for 7 months and I went in my online banking application clicked”dispute talk with a specialist” and then my bank called with me and they got a person from on the phone they offered a refund for 7months of service. You cannot cancel online because I had cancelled in the alloted time period online but they want you to cancel on the phone. So we will see if they will refund my $279.85. HAVE YOUR BANK CALL WITH YOU because they will also stop any further charges from… Read more »

Ia anyone yet aware if the Dallas County District Attorney have enjoined with the FTC in bringing a class action against Scoresense for fraud?
I have been bilked out of over $400.00 in this past years – money I can ill afford to throw a way.
Both Ohio and iLLINOIS.. have been successful in wining judgments for over $22mil. to disperse to victims.
One begins to wonder if Capital One and other cards IN COLUSION AND NOT BLOCKING THIS MERCHANT FROM MAKING CHARGES? THESE PEOPLE ARE thieves, preying on poor people who are trying to fix their credit.

The same thing happened to me, I never agreed to anything other than the free credit report. I have disputed it with my CC, but these people should be shut down and prosecuted they are preying on people.

Recently, we noticed that we have been paying $39.95 for the last few months that we don’t remember authorizing. We are in our 80’s and our memories are not the best. I write this so that other people might be aware of this type of scam that preys on older people. We called them to cancel our payments, and they informed us that we were passed their deadline for cancellation. We then called our bank and they suggested getting new cards and cutting up our old ones.

After reading the horror stories, I’m just going to file a charge with the IG of my state and the D.A. This is ridiculous, never got a welcome email, all the girl did when I found out they billed my bank was try and talk me into staying and how credit protection is so good, yeah from predators
like Score Sense

I just got scammed from these people! I was searching for buying a new car, I wanted my credit report 1 time and 1 time only. I never received an email after signing up, and after looking at my scores & reports went out bought my car. Never during the sign up period or after was I told or read that I would be charged for this service! I did the $1 dollar one time offer from the car dealers site, not score sense! Rip offs! Then my bank tells me they are known for canceling services, but they continue… Read more »

I just went through my bank accounts. I kept seeing this unknown charge. Life is busy and yes I may not keep track of my banking as well as I should, However this is my hard earned money, and I am BEYOND AGGRAVATED. I need to get in on this action suit. Any help? I will see this through. I will call abc and get these blood suckers on tv

This place is ridiculous! They prey on people looking for financial help (i.e. a loan) and just plunged them further into debt! I would be shocked if anyone that got roped into this as a requirement for a loan application actually got the loan they applied for! This company should be shut down, they already lost one class action lawsuit and I am sure that there’s going to be another one because everything I have read about them says that they’re still doing the same fraudulent deceptive things! How are they still in business?

They have charged my credit card and I didn’t realize it and went to rent a car and I was over my limit because of all the charges that they had put on my card. How do you get rid of them.


Can l get in on this?

Yes Sir — how to join class action??

How Can I contact you about how to be added to this lawsuit. They have taken my money for two years (718.80) and refuse to repay it.
The above link shows that scoresense was doing the same thing years ago and to this date have not ceased. Where is the outrage, where are the credit card companies with their prosecution, where is the main stream media? See the attached screen dump as evidence of the current scam experienced and it’s reversal for $39.95

Scoresense are HUGE THIEVES! SCAMMERS! Was charged $1 earlier which I didn’t realize and after 7 days got charged $39.95. I had to close my credit card account and go through a recovery process.

This company is a SCAM. They took money out of my personal Banking account which they did not have authorization to do so. I called this fraud company to see if they could tell me why they took the money out. However, all they tried to do is tell me that I need fraud protection. I said why yes, against OTL scoresense. I have reported this company to FTC and ofcourse my bank and they in turn are going to report this company as well. I am sick of companies getting away with crap like this.
I just had a nice call with Ana at ScoreSense…however, my hopes of getting a refund is pretty much non-existent. I did catch the monthly charges back to October, but prior to that I have no idea. Evidently, I checked my credit score in 2013 and have been getting charges monthly without my knowledge (the card that is on file with them is never used except for two recurring bills). I never bothered looking at the itemized charges since. I work for a web design company and we have several very large clients. I would never allow or recommend a… Read more »

Crooks … $530.00 unknowingly taken from my account without authorization . Google them.. they were ordered to repay 22 Million to consumers duped by free credit score offer. Slime ball business of deception and predatory morals. I hope the owner gets what he deserves … Yes a prison husband.

Hi Brian,

We would like to help resolve this for you and if you would like to speak with someone
directly, please contact our Customer Care team at 877-335-6823 to address your
concerns. Our agents are available during the following hours:

Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM CST

We look forward to assisting you.

Thank you,


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