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Everywhere you go someone is pushing you to sign up for a credit card. You can go to almost any department store and they’ll have their own credit card that they would just love you to sign up for. And of course it’s not like they want you to sign up for it because they truly care. They know that if you have a credit card you’re more likely to come back and spend more. After all that’s what credit cards do – you have the luxury of buying now and paying for it later.
So have you signed up for a credit card and have noticed that you’ve had nothing but problems with the credit card? Is the card thin and easily broken? Maybe you always have to call to get that card replaced because it starts to crack and it causes your card to stop working. Or does the magnetic strip wear out too quickly?

Every time you go to the store you find yourself automatically telling the cashier that they may have to try running the card three to four times before it’ll work. If it has gotten so bad you may find that you’re giving the cashier tips on how to get the card to work. You’re telling them to place a piece of paper behind the card and run it through together. Your card has caused you so much trouble you’ve become a pro at tricks to get it to work.

Your credit card problems can come from elsewhere as well. Does your credit card company not protect your information as well as they should? You use your card only on a need-to basis and suddenly you’re seeing charges that you know you’ve never made. You call and find out that your credit information has been stolen and someone is charging to your account. Have they fixed the problem, offered you relief, and suddenly three months later you’re in the same situation again?

Do you not trust your credit card? Do the fees associated with the card seem to change? Is the interest rate ridiculously high? Are you in the situation where most of your payment is going towards paying off the interest and very little goes to paying the principle down? Have you found that there were hidden fees attached to your credit card that you were unprepared for?
There are credit cards unrelated to store brand credit cards that offer rewards programs. Perhaps something such as a catalog that you can earn items from with points you’ve accumulated. You may even possess a credit card where the more you charge the more flight miles you can earn so that you can try to save money for your next vacation. Did those cards prove to be worth their promises?

When you actually use your credit card for the purchases you make on a routine basis does it actually work towards earning you the rewards or miles that was advertised? You may not earn enough points with your regular purchases. If your card has a fee as well as rewards did you find the card wasn’t worth using and cancelled instead? In order to earn back rewards from credit card use would you have to practically charge several luxury vehicles just to earn the smallest rewards back?

Many credit cards try to keep their customers with loyalty programs but not in every case is the card worth using. If your card has high interest or a fee and you never charge enough to earn rewards then the card may be a waste of your time. You may feel as though the credit card company just wanted to charge you the extra money to use their card, made you promises that they had NO intention of keeping.

If you have a complaint about your credit card then here at is the perfect place to share. Tell others what credit cards to avoid so they don’t suffer through what you’ve experienced. You’ll feel better knowing you’ve helped someone else form suffering through what you’ve experienced.

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