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Last Updated On: March 22, 2016

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Business Name: The Porter and Chester Institute Inc
Corporate Address:
320 Sylvan Lake Rd
Oakville, Connecticut 06779 USA

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Porter & Chester Institute Phone Number: 860-274-9294
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 4

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Reported Losses: $400.00
Average Reported Losses: $200.00

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Whats Really Going On

I bought a 1998 Honda civic; it ran for a few months then had problems. I started calling porter and Chester; I called for months. I finally got a response by calling the front office. I took my car in Nov/Dec 2015, did not hear anything from anyone.

So the first month I was like, okay they’re really busy.

2nd month, I let it pass.

Third month I started calling and calling. Never ever got a response. I called daily, weekly, every time I got the chance. I finally called the director, Mr. Hartland, the guy I was dealing with his name is ken.

Do not, I repeat, do not take car to this school. After waiting and waiting, and more waiting – 3/15/16 car finally done. So that day I spoke with ken briefly. I called back on Thursday and Friday leaving messages I am going to pick up car after work. I get ride to porter and Chester. I get there, ken was not in, left no message or anything with anyone.

I am so done. I want this place shut down, its horrible. It is the worst experience. That ken guy is unprofessional and uncaring, doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.

I still have to take cabs to work, I cant take my granddaughter out on weekends, I have no transportation. I am livid.

Porter and Chester Institute – 220 Brooks St Worcester Massachusetts 01606 | 508-304-6500

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Porter & Chester is the worst school I’ve been to in my life and I regret it.. They are all about the money and don’t care about your education! They say 80% of students get jobs and only 3 outta 18 kids i graduated with got jobs so I’m pretty sure that’s not 80 percent.. They are all BS.. .So if you want to waste 27k on a whole lotta nothing and a bunch of time, go to Porter & Chester Institute, but if you value your time and education, I would not recommend anyone go to here.. I went… Read more »
I went to the Canton campus of PCI. If you mention my name to any employee of that school that was working there when I was a student they would know exactly who I am. (Unfortunately most of the staff was changed during my stay there which also made it very difficult for students) I was extremely involved in all aspects of student life, never missed an opportunity to help at an open house or any other event they had. I became the first and for a while the only student ambassador and was very excited about the chance to… Read more »
I’m enrolled now at Porter & Chester Institute and I have to say its one big circus. First off who the hell allows 25 guys in a class when we don’t even have 25 pieces of equipment. Everyone has there hands on everything and it’s counterproductive to learning. Then you get kids in here. KIDS, little boys who like to screw around and mess up the learning process for people who want to actually learn. Our instructors are very helpful but when there is 25 freaking guys in one class it’s hard to get the help you need. The biggest… Read more »
I had to take an ethics they are trying to teach us about having good ethics ok I passed the class however the school is the one that need to take the class because when I started they said when we leave here we will be certified however 9 mo into the year 2 weeks before I left for extern they tell my class that after we graduate we have to work for 2 year before we can take 1 of the 3 tests to become certified because the school is not accredited . And when I signed up they… Read more »

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