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Last Updated On: October 26, 2017

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Business Name: 3M Global Education Inc
Corporate Address:
1553 N Milwaukee Ave #175
Boise, Idaho 83704 USA

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Phone Number: 208-297-2075
Corp Email: support@3mglobaledu.com
Company Contact: Ryan Majors - Owner


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Is 3M Global Education a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Advertising, Fraud, Service and Telemarketing

Mr. Dave Sellers,

I think you missed the point which I shared with you. Therefore; I will file a fraud complaint which will focus on the differences between the phone telemarketing online pitch and services delivered. Mr. Sellers, a true leader accepts responsibility rather than side stepping the issues. During our conversation, you informed me that cheating me out of $9,000 was legal. You also stated that the financial institutions would back you in keeping my money.

As I shared with you and others before I signed the contract that I was seeking to become a legitimate online retailer but had no experience in conducting this type of business. Therefore, I needed assistance in developing skills such as: business planning and development, manager information, market researcher, accountant, and public relations director, etc. However, all I have received are instructions to watch videos and more videos.

With that said, I believe that you and your employees have purposely sold me something differently than what I understood I was to receive. I have asked you per our conversation to refund my money because this is different than what I thought it would be according to what I see going on at Xavier University.

I have asked US Bank not to pay you and have filed a dispute with them. Since, I have some time on my hands, my next steps will to be to file complaints with the USCC, ICC, USDE, OAG and the USAG. I will also share my displeasure with each US Senator through twitter and a follow up letter. As a lifelong republican, I will approach the Idaho Presidential Republican Delegation members that attend the convention this year in Cleveland, Ohio.

In closing, Mr. Majors, I have read and downloaded information on blogging and podcasting. However, I do not read that well but can you guess what I will do once I have completed these readings from which I attained from Xavier University? Last evening, I found the Xavier students very helpful in locating the information along with demonstrating how to use it.

Mr. Sellers my goals are:

1.) to obtain a full refund by having the amount return to US Bank by 3mglobal Online Education Inc. and if that is not acceptable by you then,

2) inform as many people throughout the world that the company 3mglobal Online Education Inc. are deceivers.

Respectfully, Hubert Watson

3mglobal Online Education Inc – Dave Sellers – Director of Client Relations | Ryan Majors – Owner

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