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Last Updated On: September 25, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: AP Funding Ltd Menzies LLP
Corporate Address:
9187 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #6-748
San Diego, California 92123 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 877-759-7349
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Hannah O'Connor - Office Manager
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.17 out of 5
Based On: 23 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 14

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,710.77
Average Reported Losses: $74.38

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I ordered the trial for novalift and I forgot to call and cancel after the 14 day trial. When I saw the $64.99 on my credit card. I called and cancelled and the customer service rep (dasia) told me to send the unused and the new one back and make sure I got a tracking number.

Well I went to the post office and sent it back. I called nouvalift 3 days later with the tracking number, and I was told by tammy that they received it and would be getting a refund in 5-10 days.

Well the next month they charged me again, and I called and talked to a supervisor (matt) and he apologized (of course) and assured me I would get my whole refund of $129.98 in 3-5 business days.

I waited 7 business days, and still no refund. So I called and talked to another supervisor (devon) and he apologized (of course) and told me he was walking my paper work to the refund department and he assured me I would get my refund in 5 business days.

Well its been 2 months and I still did’nt get a refund. I’ve been calling for a week and all I keep getting is excuses. So now I filed something with my credit card company I’m going to let them handle it.

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NuvaLift International Headquarters - AP Funding Ltd Menzies LLP Heathrow Business Centre, 65 High Street, Egham TW20 9EY | | Nouvalift Instant Wrinkle Reducer |


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i order the trail size,i got it than they charged me for the full month of 89.73 which I didn’t order I couldn’t use the trail it broke out my face now they cut there phone off so you cant get a hole of them this really pisssing me off, WHAT DO YOU DO THEY WILL CHARGE ME AGAIN AN AGAIN THEY GOT MY CREDIT CARD WILL I WILL HAVE TO GET ANOTHER I GUESS BECAUSE YOU CANT EVEN GET A HOLE OF THEM THEY ARE JUST SCAMING ALL OF US .

I am furious! I didn’t ” accept” to be billed. The site didn’t even let me review and confirm my order after putting in my credit card! What company does this. Please someone shut this company down. It’s a disgrace!

This is a scan, I accept a free trial paying the shipping and handling but a few days after I received the merchandise they charged me on my credit card!!!

i used some rewards from a credit card and paid shipping and handling. i never sign up for crap like this. but there it is on my bank statement.
sales lady said i signed a contract but i have not supporting email.
on the phone right now trying to get my money back, was offered 35% of my money.
weird… also sales lady said i was shipped lots of things-nope, didn’t get anything but the first “free” jar of something.

I juist spoke with someone aand I was told I was cancelled after 4 months of charges are on my credit card. I cancelled in October and was still getting products with no address to send them back. They are refusing to take the products back and I am having my credit card company to work on it for me now. There was never any invoice or paperwork in the shipments I received so I could not find out who to send them to . This company is a total repoff and I hope nor one else will get scammed… Read more »

This is nothing but another Con. I lost money on this diliberate misrepresention of the product itself and I saw the charges on my card and could not find a contact number and had to get it from the bank… This is a highly unethical company and advertisement and the Attorney General should investigate it…

I received my “trial samples” ordered on 8/25/16 and received on 8/27/16 and was charged $3.95, $4.95 and $1.00. I immediately tried my two samples and felt a burning sensation where it had been applied. Almost immediately my skin had red blotches. I called the company (on 8/27) and told them not to send any more and what had happened to my skin. A. J. at 844-301-7350 told me he would cancel any further orders they had planned to send (this part is in the fine, fine print that it is not a one-time trial, but a subscription to receive… Read more »

I called a number I got from one of the complaints posted because the number on the box and the website do not work. I talked with a customer service rep who did everything she could to get me not to cancel. However she finally processed my cancellation and gave me cancellation numbers for both products and she is sending me an email. Why is this company still in business with this many complaints?

This company also calls themselves Nouvaliftserum as well. They will target you by offering you a free trial or a free gift. They steal credit card info and will bill you every month between 89.95 and 99.95. There will nothing in the checkout or terms of service that will tell you this. Their name will appear on your credit card as LUMINESCENCE BROOKLYN NY or GLOWINGBEAUT BROOKLYN NY. Their customer service numbers that I found are 844-308-3823 and 844-713-8442. This is a crook company! Buyer Beware!

Exactly what happened to me! So thankful my credit card company caught it!

I was SCAMMED the same way! I answered a survey last Fall, NUVALIFT was the “prize” for answering it. (I could choose among half a dozen prizes) I just had to pay the postage. I even send the next package unopened back to them to get my money back, instead they charged my credit card again. I blocked my credit card to prevent them from putting on another charge. Nuvalift send “supporting documentation” to the credit card Company, which they must have gotten, when I marked the “free gift” square, and gave my address and card information to pay the… Read more »
These ads are all over the internet using the same tactics, but they change the name on the facial products. I was duped. I NEVER order anything on the internet, but I was prepared to lose the $5 shipping charge on the 2 products I ordered if anything went wrong. They don’t tell you, you have 14 days to return it, or your credit card will be charged the full price, in my case $99.94 ea. They use 14 days so that by the time you get your credit card bill, the return period is over and you’re stuck paying.… Read more »
This Nuvalift company is a “SCAM! They advertise it on amazon as free trial and just pay $4.95 for a free shipping. However, it will not say that they will charge you the full amount after 14 day trial! So you will just get a bill that you had been charge the full amount In your credit card . This is hoax because it was design to trick you for a free trial then charge you a full amount without you knowing because you thought it was a free sample to try! You people are a thief in disguise and… Read more »

Happens with me ….. horrible. Amazon should be accountable for this!!!!!!


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