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Last Updated On: December 29, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: New Directions Aromatics Inc
Corporate Address:
6781 Columbus Rd
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2G9 Canada

Customer Service

Phone Number: 905-362-1915
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Sebastian Bula - Admin, Registrant
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 1

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $180.00
Average Reported Losses: $90.00

Most Recent Complaint

Is New Directions Aromatics a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Consumers BE Aware

Consumers be aware. New Directions Aromatics (Canada) is all about disguise – withdrawal reviews and refuse to sell to get ratings that don’t actually reflect their services and products. Don’t ever call on their Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed because there is none. Their customer satisfaction is only skin deep. Back in September or October of 2013 I purchased more than 20 items from them. After inspecting the items, I noticed two of the essential oils (Palo Santo and Palmarosa) turned out to be nothing like what were described on their website in terms of scent and colour. I notified their customer service right away. Cherry Antonio responded quickly saying that they would run the rests and let me know the results.

First of all I had to chase after her to get the results which showed inconsistency between batches – whatever that means! Possibly they send me oils from some much older batches that for all I know had expired. You would think that they would offer to take back the products and issue a full refund no questions asked. WRONG! That’s when the problems started. They made as hard as they could possibility manage to make the return very unpleasant and expensive. I had to pay return shipping plus some 20% restocking fee all because they had sent me oils that were bad to start with – remember, their own tests showed inconsistency between batches! It took a good two months or more for them finally agreed to pay for return shipping and refund the full purchase price of the two oils. But the trouble did not stop there. Cherry booked return pick up without first confirm with me if I was available for the pick up on a certain date. Within seconds after she sent the email to finally let me know what they were going to do, I received a second email telling me the pick up was to take place during the week we were on vacation – a vacation planned months ago! However that became my fault one more time.

After I told her that no one would be home for the pick up, she got upset and sent me this nasty reply that if I were to reschedule the pick up again, I would have to pay for the shipping myself. Gee, did I tell her to come during the week we were on vacation? or did I purposely plan the vacation within seconds after she sent out the pick up notification? Is this what they called “Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed”? Seriously?!

Finally everything came in an end in mid January (at least I thought it came to an end) – but again I had to chase after them after the goods were picked up and received by them. One day a few weeks after I received my refund, I got a call from Cherry Antonio saying that I needed to “claim” my refund from PayPal before it expired. That got me really confused – claim my refund? I had already spent the refund! what was going on? After I told Cherry to check with their “Accounting Department”, I went to PayPal to investigate. What a surprise! There was a button beside that particular refund but it was not for me to claim my refund. If I clicked on that button, I would be sending the money right back to New Directions Aromatics – very smart of them, aren’t they? Wow!!

How did they address the problems? they black list you! If Walmart adopts the same policy, they would not have any shopper in their stores because the black list would be so long that it would take up the entire parking lots outside the stores. So they guarantee the satisfaction by refusing to sell whoever take them up on their Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. How I found out? by placing an order for non-essential oils items and only to have my payment returned to me (this time they did not call to tell me to claim the refund – I guess I did not fall for the trick the first time). After calling their service department, I was told that the Owner placed a note on my account to alert their sales not to sell to me. Then a few days later, their customer service supervisor sent me an email saying that since I wasn’t happy with their products, we should part our ways – listen up The Bay, Walmart and all other retailers and online stores, learn from New Directions Aromatics, refuse to make a sale to whoever returns an item!

That is also when I found out they had removed my reviews of the two oils – Palo Santo and Palmarosa!

Overall, I would give them a -10 if such rating is allowed.


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I had a gut feeling as I was about to place an order and then i decided to check them out. Thanks for taking time to warn us about this company. I want to deal with reputable and ethical sellers, not scam artists and people who dont take responsibility for their poor customer service, inadequate product, etc.


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