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Last Updated On: November 24, 2016

Contact Information

Business Name: ICS Sebman Group Srl SRL
Corporate Address:
483 Green Lanes Station Sq
Coventry, England CV1 2FL United Kingdom

Customer Service

Phone Number: 888-907-5860
Corp Email: support@mylorelia.com
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 15 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 27

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $2,554.15
Average Reported Losses: $170.28

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I like obviously hundreds of others requested their “Free” trial cream. However in order to pay postage & packing they take a credit card number. Cream arrived which was so-so, nothing to get excited about.

To my horror several months later when checking my bank statements I noticed a monthly withdrawal of £89.95 to this company. I immediately contacted my bank who put a stop on any further payments. However 2 more payments were made in error by my bank with has now been refunded to me.

Over £400 was “stolen” from my account….my fault for not checking my bank statements monthly! This is a complete scam DO NOT go near this company.

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this is a scam have paid twice for the free trial bottles went to the bank and they had heard of this scam already DON,T DO IT

To avoid being charged for your trial order, you must cancel your enrollment before your trial bottle period is over. In addition to the $5.97 (£3.95) charge we will pre-authorize your card today in the amount of $94.28 (£86.85) to verify funds for your monthly shipment in the event you do not cancel within 14 days. You may be charged a foreign transaction fee when we process your credit card payment. Beginning on the day that you place an order for a product (“Product”) from the website, your fourteen (14) day trial period begins (“trial period”). The trial period is… Read more »

Duped as well – how they have managed to this this I don’t know. I spent ages looking through the bumf and must admit when I saw the size of the bottles thought it was too good to be true!!

Yes I have been duped to, ordered the product from a facebook ad which said a free trial for cost of postage. NO MENTION OF SIGNING UP FOR MORE CREAM AT FULL PRICE. Next thing I know is more face cream arrives, at a cost of £89.95. Change your credit card no straight away if you have been taken in by this scam.

Your credit card company can block them

I am a victim too, however, are you sure there’s no legal risk to avoid further loss by change credit card no? Their service line is never got through,and how to cancel the further orders in this case?

I can’t believe this lorelia company is still running, this company is a scam & they are still proud of it. I felt so stupid for being a victim. I saw the ad on Facebook, I paid for the shipping £3.95 without knowing there is a ridiculous price to pay afterward. So ignorant of me, I didn’t realise until my a/c is credited for £89.85p for a small trial cream. I spoke to them the annoying part of it is that they’re still proud of scamming people. I am charged for almost £100.00 for a small bottle of cream because… Read more »

Well why didn’t I read this before I was seduced by Lorelia – absolute waste of time talking to them – you have to cancel 14 days within ordering – I received the product 4 days later and when I called to cancel I was told I was out of date. RIP OFF MERCHANTS

Thank you everyone.
I felt completely stupid having been ‘duped’ by these companies and having my account removed of approximately £190 having failed to read the small print and not deregistered within the period. I now however don’t feel quite so stupid and have kinship with everyone else who fell for this scam. I have managed (I think) to cancel further orders and if I receive any further products intend to pursue a claim for refund through the small claims court (holding my breath).
However having now used the ‘sample products’ expect to look about 20 tomorrow and snare myself a toyboy!

Here am I the latest victim of this same company and like many of the others, failed to read the 14day period stated in their terms and conditions. Now £176 worse off would like to find a way to have this company exposed, they have absolutely no morals. Interestingly enough the name Lorelia means "Alluring Enchantress" So too, their partner in crime, lets face it, Alore sounds very much like allure ~ to lure, to entice to tempt and we fell for it. I will contact Trading Standards and hopefully gain some advice on how to go about pre warning… Read more »

Same here, I feel so stupid. I should check this page before I do any order. Cost me £90 Do you think its good idea to cancel my visa???

I had this kind of experience last year with a company advertising tooth whitening products. I managed to cancel any future products but only after they took my money (approx £130.00) and told me I could not get a refund as I didn’t cancel the trial product within a certain time limit. There was no mention of a cancellation period as far as the trial products were concerned. These companies are a total scam and need to be irradicated. What they are doing should be considered illegal. They basically are parasites in people’s bank accounts as they do not wait… Read more »

I absolutely agree that Anyone could tell me how to accuse this company?

I agreed to try their face product for a low cost of approximately $2. I was billed approximately $100 in November, and again in December. I called their office and complained. They stopped billing me and refunded me $25. I asked for a complete refund, having by that time only received the initial trial product. A month later I received a second jar of face product. It was clear that I did not want to continue their "trial" and yet I was billed $175 in total. This is clearly a scam. I threw out both jars of face product without… Read more »

I was scammed by this company too. I have been getting charged for the past three months over 100 dollars for skin care products that I have never received. I may have caught it sooner if I was receiving product and wondering where it was coming from but I never even received my free trial or anything I have been charged with.

They are simply liars and cheaters, they said they will ship me a free sample but shipped me again and again ripping $300 dollars until I noticed what was going on.
Do not ever trust them and order any thing as free online from them.

I have had the same experience with this Company and I,m still trying to cancell the order ..Initially it was suppose to be for the trial size only but it keeps comming and I keep getting charged and have gotten little help from Bank where I have my charge card ..Very Frustrating ..anyone have a Ph # for the company ??

I, too was ripped off originally for over

I. too was ripped off for over $200 in Nov. and Dec., but just as I got wise to the scam I got anothre jar of the cream today and will no doubt have been taken for another $100 on Jan. 10 if I hadn’t changed my Visa number the second I caught on. Now I’m wondering what else was in the fine print that may still cost me money, because I have no intention of paying to return the stuff.

Talk alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you want .Cry all you wantttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Lorelia’ve got your money.

So ridiculous. I feel so stupid for falling victimless into their "FALSE" Advertisement. It seems to be that a lot of people who got screwed over by the company filled out a questionnaire and later was told that we won a sample of Lorelia anti aging cream all we had to do was pay for shipping. And that "BAM" in the terms and conditions it actually states something completely else. It says that if we don’t return the product within 14 business days than we will have our visa charged the total price of the product as well as every… Read more »

Rose & Rachel,your story is the mirror image of mine.
Whoever runs the company of Lorelia, he/she is good enough to rob the bank or train robbery!!
For sure this company is here for a good time not for a long time.If this guy(Lorelia) were in another social system he/she will be executed in public!!And sad enough to say democratic has its failure.It’s just a matter of moral problems in our society.The law has a problem to catch up with them.
The only consolation we have is the almighty Lord is watching everyone of us.God loves us too!!!!After all it’s only money.

After being scammed out of $205.34 CA. I called the head office in the UK, and was told the number was disconnected and to get the new number, it would cost $2.99, can you imagine, another scam. How can they still be in business? This is totally unacceptable and they should refund all the monies they scammed from so many people.

Lorelia Coventry charged my credit card $103.64 for products never called for or received. My bank has been notified & I expect my monies returned immediately. scammers

I totally agree with the above comments. I was given a "free gift" for taking a survey, only agreeing to pay for shipping. I was scammed not once but twice for paying for shipping in American dollars for a product that was shipped from a North York P.O. box in Onatario. I was shocked to see 2 unauthorized visa transactions for a total of 200 Canadian. I also contacted the company but ended up in a shouting contest with the customer service agent. Her rebuttal for their product was she could give me 25% off. NO, I WANT MY MONEY… Read more »

What survey did you do ?

I totally agree that this company "my Lorelia" is a fraud and a big scam. I also was scammed out of $96.78 U.S. + $94.28 U.S. which translates into $103.82 CA. + $101.52 CA. They are located in Laval, Montreal, so why are they charging US dollars, which is another scam. The terms, which they say are on the site, cannot be looked at, when you click on them. Just a box comes up, saying "You must agree" to terms, so everyone clicks on "agree", without seeing the terms. That’s how they get you. I called the company, without any… Read more »

Yes, the company is a scam. That is how they are ripping off people. I called them with the same issue and they refused to refund my money. I asked for a receipt and they said they can not issue a receipt (simply because I had not purchased any products). It is not just the people they rip off but the government. They must be reported for tax fraud too.


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