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Last Updated On: May 24, 2017

Lady Godiva Beauty Contact Information

Business Name: Lady Godiva Beauty LLC
Corporate Address:
3705 Ellison Rd NW #116
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114 USA

Lady Godiva Beauty Customer Service

Lady Godiva Beauty Phone Number: 844-454-6348
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Camille Lisa - CEO
Corp Website:

Lady Godiva Beauty Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 1

Lady Godiva Beauty Reports

Reported Losses: $500.00
Average Reported Losses: $500.00

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Lady Godiva Beauty is Terrible

I joined this new makeup company Lady Godiva beauty aka LGB before it launched. We were asked to prepay for the $99 kits. For launch there was a small “get together” at her house. Once we launched and prices were posted a red flag went up.

After research I found out the foundations only cost around $9 but she sells for $44. Eyeshadows cost $3-$5 and she sells for $20.

The biggest catch was when one of the members discovered the CEO’s last name. This person was immediately fired from the company and frowned upon. After googling the name myself I discovered the CEO was Camille Milke a fraudulent real estate person from New Mexico. She goes by the name Camille Lisa to hide her real identity.

As time went on anyone that asked about her name was removed from the company. This lady dictates who you should be friends with on facebook. If she kicks a person out of the company you are instructed to unfriend and block them even if they were your friend before you joined the company.

I’ve lost a few friends this way. I revealed what I knew about the CEO and was kicked out.

The company launched a mermaid line and the CEO stole pics of models off the internet and claimed the makeup on them was from her company.

When confronted by 2 of the models she instructed all of her members to remove the pics. However she lied to the company members saying the pictures were from the manufacturer’s site but because she didn’t hire the models they had to be removed.

This company has lots of chat groups and in the chats the women along with the CEO were making threats against the people telling the truth about the CEO’s past. If the past isn’t bad why would she go to these lengths to hide it.

The company isn’t friendly and the CEO is a liar, fraud and con artist. If you are ever approached to join research first. Better yet run very fast to the next company.

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Living Beyond the Hatred
It is very easy to post about a company while remaining anonymous and having no proof that it is a scam. Every person who has every worked with Lady Godiva Beauty has received everything that they have earned or purchased. There is no scam. As for past real estate history, there are multiple sides to every story, but that is in the past and also unrelated to Lady Godiva Beauty. The company is continuing to grow and become even more successful. It takes hard work for people who work any direct sales/network marketing company to succeed. Instead of trying to… Read more »

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