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Last Updated On: July 21, 2017

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Business Name: Lady Godiva Beauty LLC
Corporate Address:
3705 Ellison Rd NW #116
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114 USA

Lady Godiva Beauty Customer Service

Lady Godiva Beauty Phone Number: 844-454-6348
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Camille Lisa - CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 34

Lady Godiva Beauty Reports

Reported Losses: $605.00
Average Reported Losses: $302.50

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The Truth Is Out There

As others have said, this company and its “beauties” are scammers and liars.

I have over 600 screenshots of the chat messages, where the members were threatening those of us who were calling them out on their lies and price gouging. If anyone wishes to see them let me know.

I was summarily removed from chats and groups just for being friends with the so called ‘Haters’.

I have asked to be removed from the company on April 6th 2017, and it has FINALLY been done. I requested to be removed due to the scamming of beauties being asked to spam their walls with ‘ads’ for the company, unfriending and blocking those that had left the company. One of which is my Sister.

This company was supposed to be about girl power and only female consultants, and now there are male ‘beasts’. I feel that this company is all about making the ceo money.

Many ‘beauties’ are gaining ranks by purchasing products themselves and investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars to do so. The ceo has blocked those of us she deems as ‘Haters’.

I was one of the first beauties, #35 on the sign up roll call.

I also have screenshot of the real estate transactions and the filing from the Real Estate Commission sanctioning Camille Milke and barring her from practicing real estate transactions in New Mexico as well as the newspaper article regarding her eviction/foreclosure of a gentleman who purchased a home from Ms Milke. She would purchase homes and resell it with herself or current husband as the mortgage holder. I also have the product guide for the wholesaler she purchases her cosmetics from.

She is a Fake and the company is a scam.

Official Responses from Lady Godiva Beauty

By: Camille Lisa On: June 12, 2017

Response from Camille Lisa – CEO of Lady Godiva Beauty

The information provided in this complaint is false. There is no factual evidence to confirm the claims being made against our company. Everyone who has worked for our company at any point, has received what they have earned and what they have purchased. This small group of people who have decided to wage a cyber harassment war against me, my company, and Beauties within my company are upset for personal reasons, because of their lack of qualifying for promotions.
We have policies and procedures in place that do not allow for us to just kick people out of the company. No one was kicked out. The only people removed, were removed, after they requested that they no longer be a part of the company.
Their is no history of fraud, no threats ever made. They have taken information, chats, etc and twisted them, edited them, to try to make it look like something was there that doesn’t actually exist.
As a makeup company, we have manufacturers who supply us with our products, they also hire models to show the quality of our products, and authorize us to use those model photographs. We made a company decision to remove model photos and go back to photos of our own Beauties. This was not because of fraud or not having permission to use the photos. We simply prefer to showcase the amazing women who work with our company.

Many complaints are in the process of being filed with the FBI for cyber harassment, in addition to multiple local law enforcement cases already in process due to the harassment from these individuals becoming physical threats and even contacting their other places of employment. As you can see, they chose to remain anonymous with their complaint and not provide factual information.
Please remove it as not being accurate information and continuing the cyber harassment they have begun against us and our company.

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I was a founding beauty last yeah in fall of 2016 .I left ,for a numerous reasons! 1 when I joined, I started getting messages from my upline saying to me scentsy was a conflict, well I wrote her back ,I was upset, my husband got involved ,wanting to talk to Camille Lisa the ceo.i was told that dnt bother her I will contact her about the plan in the morning, ok so we aren’t allowed to talk to her???? But u can? So Camille wrote me upset she claimed about the matter and supposedly talked to the 2 ladies… Read more »

Yes … I’m glad I seen it :) . It’s just sad all around ,:( I just hope that her beauties she has now can see threw all of this, and dnt have to experience any of the drama,that we did , my heart goes out to all them ,

Camille is the one who tells the founders what to and what to say she has private chats created for everyone every team and every leader. If they don’t do as she says they are terminated. Glad you saw through this mess

I’m the anonymous person who post so .if anyone wants to know who wrote the post .I did :)

Ordered product online from a consultant in April and it is now July and no product has ever been delivered! Beware! Im telling everyone I know not to order from here!!!

I would definitely let people know that I didn’t get an order. The shipping takes so long and it’s ridiculous. 2-3 weeks really who wants to wait that long for orders. If product isn’t in stock you’re looking at a month or more. The sad thing is it ISN’T with the wait.

I agree Be Aware . Legit companies have stuff on site ready to ship or out of stock don’t take people’s $ knowing they don’t have the product to deliver. This company is been in launch going on over a year and still doing this to innocent people trying to support small businesses. This is wrong of this CEO and she knows it.

Lucky I didn\'t sign up
Back when the Company was in pre-launch /start up phase fall of 2016 or so, I remember the CEO posted a screen shot of a status from my personal FB page and blasting it in the group saying that “beauties” aren’t allowed to use such language ( I used profanity in response to our recent election of 45) and if she saw it again they would be removed because that’s not what her company is about. She had the decency to crop my name out but still that threw up a giant red flag. I lurked after that and remember… Read more »

I agree the makeup smears like koolaid

Yes it smears and the matte lip color sticks to your teeth. The foundations are very light they do not have colors for darker skin females and it doesn’t cover very well. The black eyeliner actually looks gray compared to the store bought ones that are cheaper. The $60 concealer pack is totally not worth the price. The Airbrush system I heard doesn’t cover very well either. Eyeshadows and blushes are so light you can barely see that you have anything on. Really I could go on and on but really why should I when it would take a while… Read more »
On May 9th or 10th 0f 2017 I signed to be a Lady Godiva Beauty. I had my first customer order and the customer messaged me on facebook to tell me the sign up page locked up after taking her order. Luckily I was able to go in through the back office and found her order had completed. I then message Camille Lisa (Camille Lisa Milke) who is the founder and CEO of Lady Godiva Beauty. I explained what happened and sent screenshots of the order to make sure it processed. Some time passed and Camille asked who was my… Read more »

I ordered something almost two months ago and it was stolen from my mailbox along with another package. The other company sent my products out immediately but I’m still fighting with lady Godiva for my products. In a nutshell support said it wasn’t their fault it got stolen. When I reached out to the CEO/founder she unfriended me and has yet to respond. What kind of company does that? I mean usually CEO’s normally reach out to customers with complaints. I just want my money back!!!

Honey Camille Milke is a scammer so you probably will never get your money back. I’m sorry this happened to you but this company will never have good service nor good quality products. Good luck with dealing with that bad attitude CEO she’s a piece of work.

It is a horrible shame. This company keeps announcing New product for sale and they can’t even keep up with what they have already launched. Frauds

This all has happened to people from the beginning a year ago. She is going no where fast. Hope you get your money soon

i have a neutral comment. as i would prefer to stay neutral. i joined this company back in Oct. 2016. i have only ordered a business kit. i have yet to order anything else or market or sell anything. so to be truthful if seeing that i have not put anything into it i honestly can not say whether or not this company is a scam. but what i will say is i have been in the beauty business for 40 years. both in direct sales and pro. so i understand a lot. if you do not put time and… Read more »
Hi, well just like the so called haters you all are applying to. I was a beauty who was told anything I done wasn’t up to standards. I wasn’t smart enough. I totally got tired of hearing that over and over again. Not only that she tries to make fake group chats of her and her favorites so they can talk trash about the ladies who are working so hard to meet her standards. Who is Camille Lisa?? A fake and a fraud. Pull up her record. She’s a felon. Her real name is Camille Milke husband Brian Milke. There… Read more »
This company Lady Godiva Beauty is a complete scam and trash !!! I was a beauty from launch and I was KICKED OUT because of being related to one of the beauties that exposed CAMILLE LISA MILKE ! Camille and her beauties claim we are haters because we discovered the truth and tried to inform others of all the lies and deceptions but we aren’t we are just ladies who like to keep people from making a bad investment. To me this company is a cult and camille controls the beauties like little minions don’t think on their own just… Read more »

Actually, this claim isn’t false! Most of your original Founding Beauties left! You somehow got the top sales of Limelight to join and she left not even a month later because she found out your fraudulent ways! You say you’re painting the world pink but only have 300 (or less) actual reps. You’ve been in business for over a year, it should have a lot more than 300 reps by now! That’s tells you something. All the products y’all sell, I can get off of wish 50% cheaper! Also, your suppliers website is cheaper than what y’all are selling them… Read more »

I agree I was in with u .i seen it all :(

I am one that has proof of EVERYTHING in the complaint. This lady constantly lies to worm her way out of the truth. Her company isn’t great and the quality of the products are awful for the high priced she charges. If proof is needed please feel free to contact me. No one is harassing her and I’ll be sure to have the people that were kicked out, blocked and unfriended see this and respond as well. Nobody is scared of your empty threats Camille Milke. When the truth comes out it will be sad for all those women that… Read more »

It is a Shame that People will continue to “TRY” to bring a Company Down because they were not Successful. Your negativity will get you no where. Especially since you are with other DS companies.
Some claim to be a “Christian” Woman yet all they show is Hatered and negativity.
Our CEO has delivered everything and more promised!
Our products are amazing and Speak for themselves!

You are losing more than growing, your products smear and look like you just drink a glass of koolaid. Your CEO belittles everyone and tells them to even unfriend all men kin or not, and block anyone who leaves because they are haters , #CHILDISH

This is a lie the products are awful. I am a Christian and trying the truth send to be a problem to you all. I mean your CEO is a liar I have proof those pics of the models were stolen. I even have the correspondence from the models that ordered her to remove them. So please shut up helping her lie.

This Company is amazing, products are amazing, CEO is so friendly, personable, kind and generous. The beauties are also amazing this is one of the best companies I have seen in a long time

guess you haven’t been in many companies then uh? Because this is the worst company i’ve ever been apart of and experienced. Ceo and Beauties are only your friend if you have nice things to say about camille and if your are apart of LGB if you aren’t then forget being friends even if you have been friends forever .

This company is good at faking it until you Make it. CEO favorite motto

Wow this is yeah you know this company is horrible. Camille probably told y’all to get on here and lie. You guys need to count your losses and move on.

Living Beyond the Hatred
It is very easy to post about a company while remaining anonymous and having no proof that it is a scam. Every person who has every worked with Lady Godiva Beauty has received everything that they have earned or purchased. There is no scam. As for past real estate history, there are multiple sides to every story, but that is in the past and also unrelated to Lady Godiva Beauty. The company is continuing to grow and become even more successful. It takes hard work for people who work any direct sales/network marketing company to succeed. Instead of trying to… Read more »
I worked my business and got sales but when my customers recieved there products they were upset with me because they went by my word of how good the products were.My customer told me that the packaging was not what she expected and that the makeup was not as good as the ones you buy at the stores downtown for cheap..I almost lost a friend from the makeup LGB sells..All because i told her it was amazing products..Another thing I never said anything about this company except the truth of what i saw in black and white ..but yet got… Read more »

I haven’t gotten paid.
Company doesn’t have enough funds.
I was kicked out of all the groups and block by the child CEO Camille Lisa Milke

I was blocked for not spamming my timeline because I choose to build report instead and removed from noble when once you rank noble you was to remain noble so this is a lie

Anonymous? Where’s your name? I have proof of EVERYTHING I claim especially the jacked up prices, the threats made by beauties and top on the list I have personal messages from the models telling her to remove their pics because she didn’t have permission to use and they WEREN’T from the manufacturer. Instead of backing her lies why not read the TRUTH for once?


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