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Last Updated On: August 18, 2017

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Jullen Skin Care Scam

I signed up for what I thought was a free bottle of this stuff, pay $4.95 for shipping and it’s all yours.

Nope not so much! Try $89.75, taken twice from my account without my consent.

I call them and ask for immediate cancellation plus my money back. We will give you 75% back, they say.

So I ask for a supervisor… She says, now we will only give you 50% back.

I say, I’m going to the police and better business bureau.

She says, then I’ll rescind all the money we offered to give you back, you must agree now on a recorded line not to do that.

I will be filing a fraud claim with my bank, but they told me that I most likely won’t get even the 50% back that I was promised.

I also did not get the cancellation email from Jullen.


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This happens with any free or try or try for cheap all products tried a few learned when you receive call imidiant ly and cancel

All of the great deals do this ordered skin care from top model won’t mention name 39.95 next thing I know 200.00 charged to my account if you order these products the minute you receive call and cancel

I ordered the free sample I thought, just pay shipping of 4.95 each. I received my statement the next month and was charged 89.75 and 84.75. Please be careful nothing is free. I called to cancel and they offered me a free bottle and a percentage off for the next year. Did not offer my money back. Something should be done about this company. They don’t tell you to return it in 14 days to not get billed. I WONDER IF JOANNA GAINES KNOWS THIS IS GOING ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE
Had the same thing happen to me. I’m Working with my bank to not pay but not sure what will happen, because there must have been a small clause somewhere that informed me I needed to cancel without 14 days. I didn’t see it. Since I had already started the complaint with the bank, the company told me to have the bank call to settle this with me on the phone. I thought she, Cara, was going to help me. But the bank said this was a BAD idea. The company then tapes the conversation and uses this against you… Read more »

Can you tell me at what telephone number did you call? I am in the same problem.

I fell for this con. Got the products for $4 99 each. A month later I get a bill on my credit card for $89.75 and $84.75 Called and spoke with 3 different reps. The first being an extremely rude man. the second offering a 50% refund when I requested the full amount and the third woman after much arguing offered a 75% refund. I took it out of disbelief that these scam artists get away with this as a job. I’m going to spread this world wide.

Can you tell me at what telephone did you call? I am in your same problem

Can someone please get me their number so I can cancel my order? Thanks

1-888-236-8461 $84.75 +$89.75 total $174.50 +4.95 and 1.99 here!!!! I am filing fraud charges.. They refused to give me the info. to return the products and said they will only give it to the Bank Fraud Dept. on a conference call with them.. ( they billed me under Harmony*Clearnyte and Sgi*Ivorylook )

These companies know exactly what they are doing and have probably been doing it for a while. I had the same thing happened to me, no return address, not even on line. I was lead to believe that it was a free trial of Joanna Gaines new cosmetics. The original order was 6/26 I was charged 4.99 and then 4.95. I would mail back these samples if I had the address. . I received bank statement and was charged 84.75 on 7/10 & 89.75 on 7/11 from WINDYSELUVAJOY & HTHYSKPHEALTHYSKIN THIS IS A SCA,M!!!! Can someone get these rotten companies… Read more »

I had purepizza and extraglee on my statement. I threatened them calling my credit card and then the investigative reporter Jason Knowles from Abc and then she offered me a refund of 75 %. I’ll believe it when I see it on my statement. I ordered this on facebook and do not recall having to call in 14 days to cancel. I am 72 and not the kind of person they want on their back . Joanna Gaines doesn’t even use the product. what a scam I hate to be dupped.

Same thing just happened to me. No instructions in the box fpr return. I was under the impressikn it was a free trial. I was just chatged over 160.00 . No mkney was offered back. I ordered k. 7/3 today is 7/17. I didnt even get the product for several days after ordering. This is a scam!

Join the discussion Call and threaten them with calling your credit card. don’t give up.

Hi Amanda, I just saw my account because I bank acct. when into the negative. they took out $174.50. There has to be something we can do, this is a scam.

What a scam! Do not fall for the Shark Tank bait! This company is a total rip-off and very aware of their deceitful marketing programs. If you go to their website, you will find no contact information which should be the first clue. They fail to advise you in their online sales pitch about any future charges on your credit card, just luring you in with the promise of a free trial. Once I became aware that my credit card had been charged for reorders that I never authorized, I called the number printed on my packing slip and was… Read more »

My complaint is exactly the same as Jane’s and those others in the posted reviews. This is a SERIOUS rip off and SCAM.. My account has been credited with 50% back on the last order sent (before I caught on and called them). I too did not receive either of the confirmation emails promised when I cancelled my ‘accounts’… I am out of pocket $276. I’m talking with my local Better Business Bureau and bad mouthing this company at every opportunity.

My experience was same as Anna’s. There was no mention of it being a “subscription” and the full price of product would be charged after 14 days. This claimed to be free. Would not refund money even if I sent it back unused because I was in hospital 4 weeks soon after I ordered it. It was delivered 3 weeks after order and charged full price while in hospital. Don’t buy from them! It was an ambush!

I ordered through Facebook a free trial of skin care. The skincare and eye care arrived a few days ago and today I found a charge of $ 89.95 on my bank account. On the offer of free skincare was nothing mentioned about a cancellation of following deliveries or charges for the product. I called and was told that the amount was for the product I received. I told them I do not want this because I have problems with my skin. I got informed that they will not take back the product and not refund my money because I… Read more »
I had similar circumstances. I was repeatedly told they will not take back product if I refuse it at the post office and can not refund the $89.95 because all orders go through their website http://www.tryjullen.com. They told me to look at their wesite and at the bottom it tells you about the 2 week cancellation policy. I do not remember ordering through this website. After saying that I would call the Better Business Bureau they said they could offer me 35 percent of the $89.95 refund. I asked if that was the best they could do and confirmed this… Read more »

At least you received a partial refund! I was offered nothing and told that it clearly stated under Terms and Conditions, that I had 14 days to cancel or I had automatically subscribed. What a complete rip off!!! Be grateful you received part of your money back! Never, never order from this company!!!!!!!

Same thing happened to me!

I have just had the same thing to me, they took out a total of $174.50. There has to be something that can be done. Customer Service was very rude, they did not give me back any money.

Agree with your article. Rip-off and should be illegal. Visa should take away them from being able to charge…I think VISA is part of the fraud.


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