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Last Updated On: January 6, 2018

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Business Name: Pelekan Partners
Corporate Address:
5200 Warner Ave #203
Huntington Beach, California 92649 USA

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Phone Number: 877-218-7946
Corp Email: customercare@flawlesseffect.com
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Average Rating: 1.29 out of 5
Based On: 17 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 25

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $2,496.34
Average Reported Losses: $146.84

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I placed an order for a “free” trial size Flawless Anti-aging Serum and Eye Cream through the internet for paying shipping and handling fees.

A few weeks later on my credit card statement, I had 2 charges of $89.85 each! It shows up as HMV*FEELYOUNGERLOOKYOUNGER & HBS*HYDRABRIGHTSKIN on my credit card.

I immediately notified the company who basically said “too bad”.- how can they keep getting away with this, as now I see it has happened to many people.

Please Beware of this company.

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UK Office/Returns: The Fulfillment Lab, Inc. Unit A Postley Road Woburn Road Industrial Estate Kempston Bedford MK42 7BU


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I too ordered the Serum and thought it would work. It is junk. Coconut oil or Bio Oil would be better than this stuff. I tried to contact the company since on the 14th day I was in the hospital, and tried to explain I could not call to cancel. A very rude “Customer Service” person said (as he was yelling at me) they do NOT REFUND EVER, for any reason, and If I didn’t pay i would be sent to collections. Stay away from this company, especially someone named Antonio in Customer service. I have never been treated in… Read more »
This company takes advantage of people. I received the products in a timely fashion but they did not work as well as they advertised they would and they charged my account $96.15! I called to have the charge removed but they would only charge back half the amount. The same is true for the other company that threw their product in. They charged $89.85 and only charged back half. The ad is very misleading saying you’re getting a 2-week supply but what they do is send you a full supply (a month?? I don’t know) and you have to cancel… Read more »

This company has me so pissed off. Same thing happened to me. Hit my credit card twice, claim they have credited me back but they haven’t!!!
This company needs to be turned in to the attorney General of California!!

As with others I saw this sample advertised on what I thought was a trusted Interval International site. Paid 4.95 sample took ages to arrive, bottle had no pump action. Another bottle turned up some 4 months later I had no idea they were taking 57 to 60 pounds from my account each month first payment January and then yesterday Santander fraud dept called me which brought this to light. This is disgusting they can use peoples cards in this manner.

Like a lot of other people I didn’t read the small print. Mea culpa. However. when I returned the sample – as soon as I realised what I’d done – I expected that to be the end of it. No way. In April, much to my horror,the company had ‘stolen’ $101.32 out of my Visa account. I rang the Australian contact number and was told that I could only get 25% of my money back and since I had to accept responsibility for not reading the small print, I gritted my teeth, accepted the consequences and thought that was the… Read more »
Same problem here, I complained to them via email & they offered to reimburse me the amount in dollars, I said no it must be sterling. They have since taken a futher £58 out in April, I have just spoken to them &they assure me that my account is closed and the money for April will be refunded in full. i have also started a complaint against the with the credit card so eventually I will get the money back. Again No terms & conditions & the inital item did not work so I have not even tried it –… Read more »
I too have been scammed by this company. Their offer was posted on a page posted by my employer so I thought they were legit. This was back in October. they took £100 in December and January. My bank blocked payment then I received a bottle in February which I returned. I received another bottle at the end of March which again I have returned. I have now discovered that they have taken a further two payments of £69 each. I think the only thing I can do is report my card lost and hopefully stop them claiming payments.
I have had over £300 taken from my account. All the products have been returned and I have only had £60 returned. I went to trading standards but they said that because the company was out of England they could not do anything. I have had to change my bank card as this was the only way to stop money being taken from my account. I am going to report this to the Advertising standards authority as a miss leading advert. I am also going to contact any television program that deals with scams. I have posted on the celebrity… Read more »

I am a man and I thought was giving my wife a treat it has given us a lot of agro I found on woman’s freebees popup 4.50 then £ 95 then £60 rang bank cant do a thing I will have to close my account to stop it way did I not just go to Tesco

I also got the trial bottle and they have took £98.37 for three months out of my bank !!!!! I have sent loads of e mails and got nowhere with them , I’ve never recieved any further bottles of the rubbish stuff so shat are the payments for that they have illegally took !!!! Three hundred pound for a sample bottle !!!!!!! Can anybody give me any help as to how I can get the money back x

Got caught as well. After trying to get my money refunded, I tried stopping payment through my credit card. The bank stated that I had authorised the transaction. I asked the bank for documentation that indicated I had authorised the transaction and they refused. Guess I will be changing banks and credits cards as well.

I was also conned. I understood I was to get a free trial of the serum and only pay the postage of 4.95. I got the trial serum and was charged 98.37 even before I could try the stuff. I rang and spoke to someone who said that nothing else would be taken out of my account and then, the end of January, I got another two bottles of the serum and then five days later on 3rd of Feb. another bottle of the same trial serum arrived. In the meantime, on checking my account, I find that they have… Read more »

I have the same problems as so many people from England. I aM VERY CONCERNED that I was conned. This is a real scam. I am going to see my solicitor about the help

Yes got caught on the free sample thing , when i realised money was being taken from my account I contacted them to cancel. Sent the stuff back then a month later 3 bottles arrived. managed to track some one down on the phone. Lets hope that is the end of it.

DO NOT FALL FOUL OF THIS TOTAL SCAM!! Through everyone’s posts I think I have managed to nip this in the bud. After taking out your ‘free’ trial, you will be charged £98.37 per month for 6 months, whether you were given the information at the time of purchase or not. The only way to stop the payments is to cancel your debit/credit card.

I ordered the free trial of $4.95 received 2 days before they debited my account of $98.13, I didnt even have the chance to trial it. I have emailed them with no satisfaction as they say they dont know when overseas customers receive it. Definetly a scam.

How I agree with Cathy. This is a polite CON trick — but still a CONFIDENCE TRICK!! It became obvious to me during my lengthy discussion with 001 877 218 7946 that the suckers ( customers) were really expected to have ignored the very "small-print"….or been incapable of finding a sufficiently,Highly-magnified glass with which to read it and hence have money extracted from his bank. The stuff, itself, is an egregious CON! It looks like,& has the texture of, excreted SNOT ……and just about as efficacious in the field of glamour. People who disgrace their productive lives to peddle such… Read more »

Have you read our blog above ? the total b******s

Please let me know if the address is 3959 Van D**e Rd or 180 15 Saint Angelo Dr, both in US. I receive the serums, but they just charge me $ 4.50 each. Thank you

My wife agreed to a sample for 4.95 but never agreed to further purchases. Just did the december accounts and found a charge for $98.37 on the 22/11I then checked my online transactions for the current bill and another $98.37 was debited on the 22/12.

I was trapped in the same scam!
I called them up at the 001077XXX number and was told that they can only refund me 60% of $98.37. I am very unhappy about the forced purchased. Cathy, I was told that you have to call them within 15 days of your first order of the free trial to stop the subscription in order not to receive the next order. CALL THEM NOW!
I will never believed in any freebies what so ever! NO FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD!

Me too, my credit card bill came today and l was shocked to see £98.37 for a free sample of serum thats not that good, this is most definitely a scam and should be removed asap, How to get my money back? Please help Anyone….

This happened to my friend and I recovered the money for her – you need to call 001 877-218-7946 and give them your order number and send the product back with a tracking reference – they will refund it immediately. Don’t give up.

Thanks for that Melanie, but because the product arrived 3 plus weeks ago, the order and tracking reference numbers are long gone. Just didnt think a problem would arise, just shows how good the scam really is, l ordered it in good faith, its a shame companies have to stoop so low, not many can afford this to happen, times are hard enough. Just wont be making the same mistake again….

i have just received this serum, on the same understanding, that it is a " free trial", and only costs me post and packaging.
I am now very concerned i have been conned. How can I stop my credit card being charged the £95??
This is a scam by the sounds of it.


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