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Last Updated On: March 26, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Sheridan Labs Inc
Corporate Address:
11532 Harry Hines Blvd # 320
Dallas, Texas 75229 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 877-316-1859
Corp Email: customerservice@equinoxskincare.com
Company Contact: Asadullah Khan - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.29 out of 5
Based On: 14 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 29

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $3,108.76
Average Reported Losses: $222.05

Most Recent Complaint

Is Equinox a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Rip-Off Kings

I bought this product on line did a short survey and it was a gift for doing the survey all I had to pay was $3.95 There were no terms or conditions for me to read till after the fact.

Two weeks later they steal $212.00 out of my account a few days later I get these 2 boxes and send them back and they only gave me 85.00 back where is the rest of it $129.00.

I filed papers with the BBB nothing. This place needs to be shut down and I can’t believe that they have been allowed to carry on for so long and nothing is happening to them. I’m an old lady I’m on a fixed income and the money they stole was my rent.

So I was $212 short on my rent and that is not cool now I’m being threaten by the landlord and could be kick out on the street.

Most Recent Reviews

More About Equinox

Equinox, Sheridan Labs Inc - 14953 S Heritagecrest Way #C Bluffdale, UT 84065 sheridanlabs.com


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RIP Off!

This is such a widespread way of enticing people to sign up and subsequently become victims of this scam,that a group has been formed to campaign for this method to be made illegal. email toops2@btinternet.com to be included in what we are doing.

Of course it is a scam just pay for P & P with your CREDIT CARD and they have got all they need it is not the only one on the net another one comes to mind free razor just pay for P & P with your credit card details it can also happen with Pay Pal in the small print which you can not see is something called a continuous payment authority, and it is about time the Credit Card providers and Pay Pal Banned unles you actualy sign up for it

SCAM SCAM SCAM… Stop your credit card now. Phone and get your card cancelled befor they take anymore money out. They will use a different name to get your money.

Hi all. Yes the same thing has happened to me. Free sample sent September Then I get another lot in October that I did not request. When I rang my bank I found they not only took the postage ,but they have taken the full amount for all the goods. I have sent back the last delivery and informed my bank not to pay any more to this company and there Sister company of the same address ,which is RVTL labs. I now will go to Trading Standards..

the number is 02030140761..i was also scammed!
Bank gave me a
number of a company and that company didnt know anything about it and
looked up this number which was the right one. Yd better phone it before
they change it!
They are foreign crooks!

edit to say
The packet said for returns send to Surrey Beauty LTD, Jem house, Cranleigh, Surrey,,GU6 8TT

Alford Rd Cranleigh Surrey GU6 8TT is coming up as the address when i put the postcode in google earth

Thank you so much for giving the phone number. I’ve also been recently scammed by these people and have had payments totaling over £150 taken from my account. I’ve just spoken to my bank and intend to take the matter up with Trading Standards.

sorry number 7 is wrong i think,,but Alford road is coming up when i google “google streets”
Its adj to Alford Rd their place
Can admin edit out the number 7 cheers

7 Alford Rd Cranleigh Surrey is coming up on google earth for the address to send the product back to
phone num is 02030140761 for the company
i was also scammed

the number is 02030140761..i was also scammed!
Bank gave me a number of a company and that company didnt know anything about it and looked up this number which was the right one. Yd better phone it before they change it!
They are foreign crooks!

Thank you so much for the phone number. I’ve also been recently scammed by these people and had over £150 taken from my bank account. Have just contacted my bank ,next step will be Trading Standards. It’s hard enough trying to manage on Pension Credit without being scammed by scum!



the number is 02030140761..i was also scammed!
ive written a post further up

While surfing on the internet, I saw an advert where a company,Sheridan Labs, was offering a free trial offer for their product EQUINOX which is an anti-aging eye cream. The offer seemed quite attractive as I could actually try the cream first and then had to pay for it. I immediately provided my information and waited anxiously for my order. When I opened the bottle after it got delivered, I was vexed to find such a little quantity of the cream.
Sheridan Labs Scam

Complete scam. They are criminals !

I just went through this over this past weekend on 4/19/14. I’m so frustrated that this place could do this to people. They are so rude when you talk to them, and their is never a manager that you can speak with. This company is a fraud and all I want to know is how can we stop them. Now this place did put only a certain amount back into my account but not all of it and they keep telling me there is no possible way to get my full refund. I didn’t even have the product for 14… Read more »

everybody is ripped off we were too but has anybody said if this product works? at least we know if it was worth getting ripped off

I agree. Do not purchase. Sneaky sales pitch and products are not that great. My under $10 purchase turned into an over $300 purchase debited out of my account without my consent. I plan to return everything and get a full refund. If I don’t, I will file a complaint with my bank and enlist some help.

A Scam. Not Ordered. Whilst on my internet an advertisement popped up for a 30 day free trial for RVTL face cream priced @ £4.95 which I agreed to purchase. I noted that the £4.95 + £2.99 P&P had been deducted. I rec’d my cream on 29th March but found to my horror that on the 31st March they collected £95.00 + £85.00. Apparently by agreeing to purchase the cream they automatically sign u up for Equinox flawless; this has not arrived. I had not ordered this – there were no terms and conditions on the advert or any mention… Read more »

I am so upset about this I could cry.i thought it would be £2.99 postage.instead almost £200.00 has been taken from my bank. The firm has said they will send me £50.00 but I have blocked them from sending any mail to my bank so don,t know where to turn.i was saving the money as I am 70 in May and the family are going to Cornwall for a week to celebrate and I wanted to treat my grandsons.How do the owners of these companies sleep at night?

I too have been Ripped off. Almost £500 has been Taken from my account… Hopefully getting most of it Back…So upset.. Just lost my Husband on 4th April . 2014..I have never done anything like this before… Feel so stupid and Terribly angry… I live in Scotland…

why is this company still allowed to operate?? I closed my bank account before these people could dip their sticky fingers into my account, after reading the complaint’s on the internet,
They are really horrible to do this to people, I look toward to reading the appropriate authority has taken action against this company.

i dont know why they arent arrested its easy to find them

I am also a victim of this rip off company. When I agreed to the trial, There was no mention of a 14 day period to cancel/ avoid recurring deductions. There was no indication that replenishment orders would be placed for an additional $192, and I would not have ordered the product had I known about this. I too have contacted my bank to close my debit card and dispute the fraudulent charges. The CSR on the phone could barely speak English and said there was no supervisor available. She also stated that no refund would be possible. UNBELIEVABLE!!

The same thing happened to me. There was no terms and conditions on the web site when I purchased the shipping and handling of the 30 days free trial. I requested these two free trials with the understanding that all I had to pay for was the purchase for the 30 days free trial of Equinox and RVTL. There was no mention anywhere through this TV advertising of terms and conditions. Believe me I would have called after 14 days to cancel if only I had seen this prior to requesting the free trials. I was charged just recently two… Read more »

I was ripped off as well. I just got an alert from my bank that there were 2 transactions from Great Britain. They were for the 2 wrinkle products sold on a FB site endorsed by Dr. Oz. Equinox and some other cream. It was supposed to be a total of 8.92 for shipping the FREE trial size of these 2. I will be contacting my bank and submitting these to the fraud department for a complete refund!

I was just hit with a surprise charge of $99.00. My bank has frozen my card and I’m contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General’s office on Monday. I am livid and ready to take these corrupt theives on. P.S. The product is as dreadful as the company. Both make my flesh crawl. This is war!!!

Should of read the reviews beyond the company web site. I ordered this at the beginning of december but it was NOT delivered till after christmas. Customer service has it as delivered on the 10 & 13th of december. The 14 day trial begins the day you order, not when delivered. How can that be? Customer service is handled by a call center with men ( I spoke to 4 people, all claiming to have diff names, altho they all sounded very much the same) that you could NOT understand. One even hung up on me. VERY RUDE. Refunds for… Read more »

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