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Last Updated On: May 27, 2017

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Corporate Address:
548 Market Suite 32057
San Francisco, California 94104-5401 USA

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Phone Number: 888-924-8947
Corp Email: clientsupport@endurebeautysystem.com
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 13 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 199

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $3,354.01
Average Reported Losses: $258.00

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Is Endure Beauty System a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Hiding behind Fine Print - Underhanded marketing strategy

Imagine my disappointment and disbelief to receive my credit card with a $308.00 charge for a “free” 30 day sample! Even after calling and attempting to come to an amicable solution – offering to return the unopened, full product!

This is out-and-out deception.

You should be ashamed of yourselves! This is not the way honourable companies conduct business.

If you have to hide behind your fine print, it is obvious that is the only way you are able to make money – not because you have a quality product that actually works but because of your underhanded marketing strategy.

I invite you to add this to your product endorsement page! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH and to respond.

Official Responses from Endure Beauty System

By: Corporate On: September 26, 2014

Response From Endure Beauty System – Corporate

Endure Beauty System is dedicated to an extremely high standard of customer care and we are committed to wholly resolving any and all concerns that our customers may have about their purchase.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality service possible is reflected in our risk-free trial offer. We give our customers a generous trial period with our products so they’re able to try them before purchasing them. If for any reason at all they’re not satisfied, they simply contact customer service and we’ll cancel their account to ensure that they’re charged nothing further.

Please note that while this is a free trial, it is not a free sample. It wouldn’t be viable for us to send out thousands and thousands of free bottles every month, but we can offer a trial period on the products so there’s no risk for our customers and they have ample opportunity to try it to see if it’s right for them. A large majority of our customers who take advantage of this free trial go on to take Endure Beauty System month after month and they do so because they experience results. It works.

These results are a reality of Endure Beauty System’s key ingredients: a proprietary blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Lavender Extract, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, and Palmitoyl-Oligopeptide, that was designed to boost the growth of connective tissues and naturally increase the production of collagen in the skin. When the production of collagen is increased, the skin can heal and rejuvenate, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles and increases smoothness and elasticity.

Our corporate mailing address:

Endure Beauty System
548 Market St, Suite 32057
San Francisco, CA 94104-5401

Our website: www.endurebeautysystem.com

Our e-mail address: clientsupport@endurebeautysystem.com

And lastly, please call us. 1-888-683-4896. Our customer care department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we want to hear from you.

Thank you for your time, thank you for your interest in Endure Beauty System, and we look forward to helping you achieve your skin care goals.

Best Regards,

Endure Beauty System, Corporate

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Call RCMP antifraud center and report, cancel your credit card, VISA will refund fully as they recognized this is an international fraud based on misrepresentation and not client mistake. International investigation is underway- Over 300 companies involved. Seems to originate from Israel. Keep the products :)

I too was shocked to see how this company works when I saw ad while on an animal rescue site. It took over once I clicked for free offer, then disappeared from screen. I called website it was on and they could not help me so I cancelled my newsletters with them after I called my credit card co. with half hour of clicking. They told me the charge was already on my card and that they had seen several other people with same problem; the charges would be monthly and also around $85. So I cancelled my credit card… Read more »
I purchase what I thought to be a 5.99 trail cream and eye serum , they took 85.90 out of my checking account , the famous Dr Debrow from botched and Orange County housewifes is a rip off artist , he and his wife heather, there they sit in there 14 bathroom home, as they steal regular consumers money , if one more dime is taken from my account it will cost them plenty, trust me I will sue the living s@&$ out of them , I work for the bank they are debiting , yes Dr Ripoff I work,… Read more »

I’m an EC council certified hacker, that speaks for itself. Reach out to me for any hack related exploit and I’ll send you a quote within few hours alongside details on mode of operation.
I’m also open to review scam victims so as to help them recover their stolen funds. Feel free to contact me on my mail above.

It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.
Thomas Sowell.

I have just been a victim of the same thing I am reading about below. My total scam is $397.15! I have not yet had this resolved but have cancelled my mastercard. Any helpful tips or advise I can get would be helpful. Located in Canada…cant seem to get ahold of the two fraudulent companies! HELP!

Sorry about having this posted twice in the submission……I think I hit paste twice.
Perhaps the moderators could edit it and remove one ??????

REFERENCE MAS*.STEMOLOGIQUE.COM, and BEAUTEMER.COM 1 PRAGUE CZE Also Operating as REVOLUXE and / or RETINOLLA While no doubt legal, the sales tactics of this/these company (ies) are at best nefarious and definitely deceptive.  The products themselves make claims that are not supported publicly by any clinical trials. All claims are heresy and in most cases are actually put on line by the company, i:e in house prepared advertising. The purpose of such claims appear to be primarily to justify the prices charged for the product.  The use of “pop ups” appearing in legitimate business sites such as Amazon,… Read more »

I did the same on July 30/14 and just got caught again with Pristine derme care at least they are agreeing to pay back after saying was in touch with complaintlist.com. Endure, however after calling their direct line were nothing short of rude and told me I should of read the fine lines! Both companies were offering trial size for about 3.99USD. I work too hard for my money to be taken in by crooks. Let me tell you I will never do it again and will let everyone know if their shady deals
Cathy White
Moncton. NB

It’s clear that they have altered their policy to suit the ability to charge your credit card or withdraw funds from your bank account. We should always read the fine print as Roberta Campbell read. I was fortunate to get a full refund with my tactics. After submitting a dispute with my credit card company, they even claimed that it is in their “terms” that the additional charges were applicable. I guess my true argument was not receiving the items (which I never tried and threw out after the experience) well within the 10 day trial period having placed the… Read more »
Endure Beauty System are Scam Artists along with Revlante!! They could care less if they lose you as a customer because there are so many of us who were deceived and they are making HUGE $$! They say there’s a 30 day cancellation policy and yet you don’t even receive the products within 30 days – so how would you know to cancel? I phoned in to cancel and the girl kept hanging up on me and saying I wasn’t respectful (I was extremely respectful) and so I had yet another month charged to me! These people should be arrested!… Read more »

I am livid on how this company has been treating me. Scammed terribly

i too was scammed by these lying pigs . They change their policy to suit their lying needs and to hell with the customers. I tried to get my money back with the refund policy, and they replied that that was not their policy. I read it to them off the screen and they kept saying that they couldn,t see that in their policy. So the lying crooks just say what they want and we don,t matter. It,s time they were made accountable for their lies and con games. Please never trust these fools.

John, I went to my bank, TD in Ontario, and spoke to a Manager, who took all the details of their unauthorized withdrawal from my acct. He was able to see where I had used my debit VISA card to pay, which also meant I had to ” Input ” my password. Then AFTER Endure sent me the pkg , 3 weeks later, the charged my bank acct again for the full amt. My bank said they have a dept. To deal with that kind of fraud and they would probably get my $ back for me ! About 3… Read more »

They already grab my money $189.77 just for Free sample trial kit Please be carefull from Endure Beauty falls Advertisment.Even I canceled my ordered within time &they send me the cancelation # I canceled it because it was not good for my skin.I try only one product 2 time only out of 3 of them are un open ,I ask them to returned it back but they did not accept it

Hi my name Jagwant Gill I was impress for free sample .Igot 1package of small sample try to use ,but it was not useful @ I cancled it within 10days @ they send me the cancelation NO. also.Instead all of this When I got Credit card bill I saw they charged me 189.77 just for free sample.Today I call them @ask all about ,they answred me it was not free.Because I did not return that sample on time .Afterall they refuse to refund my money.I strongly aware public be carefull that kind of Endure Beauty system

i recently got all my money back that Endure illegally withdrew from my bank acct ! I spoke to the manager at my TD bank and they have a fraud team that went right after Endure for their scam of stating all we would pay them for their Endure Skin Care system would be hipping and handling, when , in fact after I received my Endure package they actually used my Bank Card info/ # to withdraw about another $300 from my acct. which was the full cost of their beauty system, supposedly to be FREE except for shipping !… Read more »

Yes, do not order from any of these scammers, any ads U see coming up. They just pay for postage, but that’s not all, they will bill you hundreds of dollars when you sign up for 1 sample.

I found the initial price and monthly mailing, too often, too expensive. I called to cancel, though I like the products and they offered to send every 3 months at 50petcent off on future shipments. That I can afford every 3 months. I never for a moment thought the initial shipment would be free. Then again, I read the fine print and did some research. Not a scam, just be aware of the terms.

Following up from my post 6 days ago I am happy to report that I did receive refunds for the amounts charged to my credit card. Before the refund went through, I wasn’t going to leave things to chance and took measures to dispute the charges with my credit card company just in case Endure/Revlante was all talk. Glad our posts helped you Sue.

Thanks very much for your posts regarding the Endure products. I am in the same situation, I received the refund for only one of the two products. Could you please tell me how long it took for you to get the refund for the second. I am afraid they will not processed my second refund since it is more than a month since I phoned them. Thanks very much!

Hey lolo, I checked my credit card statement which shows both refunds were done on the same day. I just couldn’t see it online right away. Good luck. I hope you get a full refund.

Thank you to everyone who posted about this product. I was at the step of providing my credit card information and my husband suggested I do a bit of research before providing this information. Fortunately I found this site and did not submit my request.

I signed up for the advertised Endure Beauty System at their special cost of only paying the Shipping and Handling fees of $1.27, $3.85 and $1.27 Canadian Funds online with my VISA Debit card, on the Website of company selling it. Since that went through and I received the Endure Beauty System in the mail within about a week, I assumed all was well and I did get my order in on time for me to get the merchandise free, only paying shipping, as advertised ! However , on June 29, 2015 when I looked at my bank account online… Read more »

I am going to try I have given them an suggestion either pay back since I have gotten a hold of the royal candian mounted police they will follow up

I guess I was scammed too. I didn’t receive the free samples but got a package for these products that they charged to my visa debt account. I thought these were the free samples. I haven’t used them . My bank is checking this out ,but they won’t know anything until next week .The bank couldn’t tell me if these charges where for these products. They will get back to me next week. Judging by what I have been reading here I believe that I am in the same boat as you are. They charged me 154.90 and 190.61.Why is… Read more »
Thank you to all with your previous postings. I found myself in the same situation. I normally don’t get aggressive with customer service reps but was prepared to be forceful the previous posts indicate push back. Taken this advice, I was prepared for the entire “There’s nothing we can do.” response. They didn’t disappoint and I was given “Well, you agreed to the terms.” after mentioning that their email notification indicates no standard online purchase information. i.e. The item(s) purchased and the dollar value to be charged to the credit card. They tried to place the onus on me for… Read more »

It is the same thing for me they charge me on my credit card I call them and there is nothing to do they don’t want to give me back my money . Hope a lot of people will se those post and that anybody will buy anything from them. This is a fraud .

I am in the same boat as all of you here. I was also told by my bank to return the product and get a tracking number. The address I have on their label is Gateway CR CUST #1014104. 4567 Dixie RD Mississauga, ON M0R 1K0. I am not sure if this is even a legitimate address. Has anyone else returned the Endure and Revlante ‘sample’ products to this address?

This is a scam marketing program with a fancy website and false,”glowing” reviews about the creams. The products are poor quality and are deliberately shipped late so one has no time to try the product. I received the products the day my trial period ended. When I called to question the company about not allowing the 2 week trial time to try the product, they said it must have been because of Canadian customs taking time to clear the package. However, I explained that I order many items from the US from other companies and I never have the long… Read more »
It was me , at the top who told the story of using my VISA Debit and they charged up not just the shipping but full price for both creams and my TD bank has a special ‘squad’ that deals with fraud issues for their customers. They went right after the companies,. Revlante and Endure and got all my money back and put it back into my bank account. I kept the Endure and Revlante too ! I still have never used either tho…but maybe I will soon. I know I will never trust this kind of scheme again. Dr.… Read more »
Just as a follow up, I called this number 18558716890, and I managed to get the company to agree to refund me (for more than $300 – still waiting for it to be reflected in my credit card) because I told them that they shipped me the product late. They charged me for ‘shipping’ the ‘sample’ on May 16 and charged me the full amount on May 30th. I cancelled subscription on June 4th which is the day I noticed I was dishonestly charged and they shipped the product to me on jun 09. Lucky me for, I typed the… Read more »

“sample” it doesnt say its a sample it says spa trial kit


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