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Last Updated On: July 9, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: JG Direct LLC
Corporate Address:
5335 Ventura Dr
Delray Beach, Florida 33484 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-574-6159
Company Contact: Tracy Barnies - Manager
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.05 out of 5
Based On: 59 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 88

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $7,213.67
Average Reported Losses: $122.27

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Is Black Diamond Skin Serum a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Kroger aligned with CROOKS

My story is the same. I took the time to complete a survey for Kroger, was offered a gift worth $50 (lie) and only had to pay $5 shipping.

Luckily, I used a secondary debit card, not my main one, but this morning I woke up to it being overdrawn. They charged me $99.99.

If you don’t read the fine print at the time you order it, you don’t realize that in 14 days, they are going to charge your card for continued ‘membership’ – getting a bottle of what is probably asbestos face cream every month from now on.

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Same thing happened to me, Answered a survey, they sent me a bottle and charged my credit card for $120. Although it was mentioned it is free only to pay shipping, When I complained , had a very hard time to return it, They only refunded me $78. This is a total scam product.

My “initiation” with this scam came through a survey I completed with what I thought was a legitimate survey from CVS (like Patty T. below). I urge everyone to file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General’s Office. You can do this on their website – just “google” Florida Attorney General. Their website is easy to navigate. I filed a complaint just a few days ago and have already heard back from them asking for additional information in an ongoing investigation. They are working hard to gather information in order to shut this unscrupulous “company” down. I am new to… Read more »
I ordered my 100% free trial of Black Diamond Serum thru Kohl’s website. I paid the $4.95 shipping charge. When I got my credit card bill I saw a $99.99 charge I called and was told that the “free trial” was only for 2 weeks. AFter that, if it wasn’t returned, I would be charged. So, I thought “ok, stupid me”. I told them to not send me anymore. So, today, lo and behold, I get another shipment of the serum. I just got off the phone with customer service, Sonya, who told me my credit card will be credited… Read more »
I ordered my “100% Free Trial” of Black Diamond Serum through CVS’s website after taking a survey. I was offered three different products to choose from, and selected the Black Diamond Serum. I carefully read the website to make sure I was not signing up for automatic delivery. Nope, I wasn’t. I made sure of it. When my Black Diamond serum arrived, there was a tub of Derma Scoop with it. Huh? I was never offered and never ordered it, but they shipped it anyway (and I was charged for shipping!) Today I noticed $200 ($199.97 to be exact) had… Read more »
UPDATE: JG Direct LLC has received the Black Diamond Skin Serum and the Derma Scoop that I returned to them. Because they refunded me for the Black Diamond but not for the Derma Scoop, I called them today. I was informed that although they did receive both products, they are not going to refund me the $99.97 for the Derma Scoop after all because, they said, I have been “blacklisted.” They said because I filed a complaint against them with the BBB, they are unable to refund my money and too bad for me. “There’s nothing we can do for… Read more »
I’m one of the lucky few who stopped right before finalizing my trial sample application. I entered my name, email, address, and phone number -> clicked the RUSH ORDER button and stopped there because i wanted to see reviews on this product before I ordered it for my mother. Thankfully I came upon this site then. I exited the site right away. Today, I received a call from a representative (a “nutritionist” I believe it was? His voice was a little harsh for me to understand) from Black Diamond who very aggressively tried to sell it to me for a… Read more »

Trial (Not Sample)
a test of the performance, qualities, or suitability of someone or something.
“clinical trials must establish whether the new hip replacements are working”
synonyms:test, tryout, experiment, pilot study; More

test (something, especially a new product) to assess its suitability or performance.
“all seeds are carefully trialed in a variety of growing conditions”

I do sympathize with the people that did lose money with trial products but i will say that they are not samples and u should always read the terms and conditions before ordering anything, A product that will reverse aging that significantly would never cost just 4.99

I wanted to say THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT POSTED THIS!!! I’m sorry for what happened to you all, but if you hadn’t wrote about it I would have been in the same situation and seriously overdrawn! I bought this also after a survey. I paid the 4.99 and it came yesterday. I figured I would look up reviews today to see what they were and that’s when I saw this post. I immediately called and told them to cancel it! After more than a half an hour to cancel it, after “oh I talked to my supervisor… Read more »
I took a “Pandora” survey (I’ve since been advised by Pandora that it was not legit) on 8/18/14 and was offered a free gift valued at $79 and Up. After the survey I chose the option to receive the Black Diamond anti-aging cream for free, all I had to pay was $4.97 for shipping. On 9/23/14 BLACKDIAMONDNOW charged an additional $119.97 to my credit card. I called the number on my statement. I spoke with the customer representative whose name I could never understand because of the static on her end of the line. I told her my concern of… Read more »

This is more complicated than we realized. I ordered a free trial of Vibrante Skin on July 9, which I have never received as of 10/24, and they pulled the unauthorized $89 charges– until I complained and cancelled them– so yesterday I received this Black Diamond and some other crème without ever ordering it– Have they changed their name and location and substituted this product ??>? Vibrante was in California and this Black Diamond is in Florida ???> Probably moved and opened up under a different name as they had so many complaints.

Thing is- it says the terms directly on the website, and right on the last page of order. It not only says it, it makes you click a box that means you agree to it. A 14 day trial. If you cancel in that time you can send it back. You aren’t paying, and you are having the chance to see if you like it first. Maybe some accountability?

Those items were not on the website when I ordered my free bottle of Black Diamond Serum for spending a certain amount of money at CVS and for taking a survey with them. All I had to do was pay for shipping. Period. There were no terms and conditions, no box to check, no mention whatsoever of a 14-day trial. I did my due diligence in going over that website with a fine tooth comb. I was most definitely accountable.

I too am completely disappointed with Black Diamond. After receiving the product and looking up reviews about Black Diamond, I checked my credit card statement to realize that I too was charged $119 pending from B.B.S.S. Co. This company is robbing people blind!!! HUGE SCAM

I am totally disappointed with Black Diamond skin serum
results. I didn’t found any effect on my
skin and it gives me little rashes on my skin. Find more information on Black
Diamond here
before buying.

I sent out beware notice to my friends in Facebook and Twitter about these websites
Here is the website to block transactions
Here is the complaint site

I THINK WE SHOULD START TO FILE ARE LAW SUIT ON SMALL CLAIMS. OUR BANKS TRACK EVERYTHING RIGHT DOWN TO LOCASTION and that’s what I intent to do.. its mothers day sunday they took my 100 out of my trillium they new it would be in my bank… but my cibc bank will get it back:) and still file law suit my self

Good luck with that. Just because you neglected to read the terms and conditions does not mean you are entitled to a law suit. Future reference, read everything you are agreeing to before you purchase anything.

Don–maybe md did not neglect to read terms and conditions. I ordered my “free” bottle of Black Diamond Serum from CVS’s website for spending a certain amount of money at CVS and for taking a survey with them. All I had to do was pay for shipping. Period. There were no terms and conditions, no box to check, no mention whatsoever of a 14-day trial. I did my due diligence in going over that website with a fine tooth comb and yet, today they took $200 out of my bank account, and I am going to do everything in my… Read more »

I finally found Terms and Conditions web site. I called and canceled after 3 months. Cost me over 300.00.
It was a learning experience. I believe this is a scam as all the information should be on each website.
La Creame was associated with Black Diamond and though I finally called the number that was sent but was not getting a answer. They called today and that has been cancelled today.

I never ordered or authorized any payment yet they somehow charged me a total of$205.97, which was taken out of my account. No delivery at all. It is just an internet scam. They are criminals with white collars! Can you help?

I thought i was only paying 4.99 for the Black Diamond serum. I received two bottles and was charged 200.00. I really dont think there was a contract or maybe i had to go to their website to down load it. Not sure but i am pretty careful about these things.
I canceled the order and was able to return one bottle but not the other. Will never order cream on line again.
I feel taken advantage of and stupid for falling for this stupid scheme.

I was done same way as many of you. Received my free sample and then was billed $99.00 on March 10th and $99.00 on March 24th.
I had to cancel my debit card and turn over all the information to the bank. WHAT A SCAM.

Boy! I wish I would have seen this earlier. I too only did the trial. Which I never rec’d, I st. upidly tried to email them over and over with no reply. I finally found their number on my BANK STATEMENT, along with the trial chg and the $99 chg. Then I notice There is a another chg for $109, I still have no product. I was told by ED (the heavy breather, that told me to stop asking questions while he was looking up my acct. and could not do 2 things at once.) I am going to file… Read more »

Same thing happened to me. They actually billed my bank on 2/28 then billed the $99.99 on the same day. I called them but received the same treatment as everybody else, the robot!!!

I got screwed for $99.00 too. I said I would accpt a free sample. I did not have to pay for shipping and did not give them my credit card. Just called the bank and reported the fraud, and canceled the card. What a painin the a*s.

I had the same experience ,I filled out a survey from Costco and for doing so I was giving a Free sample of black diamond for the cost of shipping4.99. Two weeks latter they charged my credit card 99.00 . I called the credit card co. And they three way me with black diamond .
I ask for a copy of what I agreed and signed with no explication . They said if I mailed the serum back they would refund me.TOTAL scam

Can’t find a phone number to call them – please email it to me @ I want my money back!!!

I paid a $4.99 Foreign Fee on my credit card. Yesterday, I received the Black Diamond Diamond Skin Serum (my FREE Sample). However, I recently was scammed by another company name of VIVEXIN, was charged $5.95 for shipping and then had a charge on my next bill for the product. Therefore, when I received Black Diamond Serum yesterday I filed a complaint and informed them not to send any more products. Followed up with a phone call and was assured they would Not send anything further. We’ll see. I am no going to call my credit card company and make… Read more »

Is there a phone number to get a hold of this company as I want to cancel. before they take money out of my account???


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