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Last Updated On: May 28, 2017

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Business Name: Beauty and Truth
Corporate Address:
3960 Howard Hughes Parkway #500
Las Vegas, Michigan 48084 USA

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Beauty & Truth Phone Number: 866-710-5109
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Average Rating: 1.22 out of 5
Based On: 206 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 314

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Reported Losses: $29,979.95
Average Reported Losses: $145.53

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This company deceives consumers by offering a free trial of a cream, “rush my trial”.

Once you accept the trial, they make you pay the delivery, cheap, $4.50, so they can know your credit card number.

The email you receive confirming the transaction, shows in a well hidden place, in very small letters, that you are entering a membership, paying $89.72 per month that starts to be charged 14 days after this transaction.

I only discovered that I had fallen in a trap when the charge appeared on my credit card account.

Now it is impossible. I can neither cancel the membership nor get the money back.

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| Beauty & Truth Returns Department: Coenecoop 595 2741 PT Waddinxveen The Netherlands |

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Icancelled my trial of your product the same day it was ordered The product came any I returned the product and there was still all the money taken from my account I didn’t think your company was like that but I guess you are I live on Social Security and you wiped out my account Please give my money back

It said that Debenhams were to close 10 stores and were offering this cream at a discount, I am so mad at myself for falling for this. I paid 3 95 for the sample, then a charge of 4 95 was taken. I noticed the post charge go first from my bank then I put a stop on all other charges and got the post refunded THEY TRIED FOR ANTHER 28.00. I rang the company from a number my bank gave me. The man was very rude and would not give me an address to return the goods. I had… Read more »

Fell for the Debenhams scam as well. Received yesterday to find it has nothing to do with the store. Like you I am so angry for falling for this, and having to bear the cost for shipping to CYPRUS. It obviously wasn’t sent from there as it arrived in a couple of days. This is a scam and trading standards need to sort it out

No way to contact and they are taking from my account. Sent back and still paid.

so far i’ve lost over 100.00, don’t know where to go to cancel this as i can’t cancel at bank, i also only authorized under 4.00 for postage. i’m on benefits and can’t afford this

Same here.

This is a liar dealer. I lost $11.20 because I have ordered their product but they never send me any thing. Meanwhile they have charged me $11.20 in my bank account. I have sent email to discuss with them to cancel and get back my money but they answer tortuously. So I want to advice that you should never deal with this company if you don’t lost your money. I request that our government should close immediately this company Beauty and Truth. Because this is a fraud company.

Cancel your credit card and get a new one.

I also feel for this “Macy’s closing” scam from Facebook. When I called their customer service, the first person who answered tried to get me to keep the products I wanted to return even when I told her they had caused an allergic reaction. She continued to try to “sell” me options to keep the product for a reduced price even after I reiterated their product had caused a bad reaction to my skin! She kept insisting it was “all natural” and couldn’t have caused the issue until I told her poison ivy is also “all natural” and that’s what… Read more »

I also fell for this scam. Straight after I placed my first order I realised and cancelled. My bank has now informed me that I have been charged fifty nine pounds but I have managed to have it declined. How the heck do I get to talk to a real person there so that I can make a complaint.

They have changed their address for returns, it is now in St Louis MO and the address is a residence no less, so my question is how can this be a warehouse?? It was supposed to be a free day trial and they charged my account before they were supposed to. I am going to my police station and filing a complaint because there is no way that this company is legit.

I fell into this big-time scam when I happened upon an ad in Facebook,claiming it was a Macy’s close-out item. I bought it for my fianc√©, thinking I would only pay $4.95 for the item. The first bad surprise was a hidden additional charge for $2.95 ‘deluxe’ packaging, which really was nothing as it was still packaged poorly. Yes, then the discovery that I bought into a subscription at $89/month. I was given the option of paying $39 to cancel the ‘service’ and keep what was already shipped, or send it back AT MY EXPENSE to cancel with just the… Read more »

Ordered samples same as everyone else an absolute con, managed to cancel one of the creams, but at the moment unable to cancel the second, now have to pay to return them to Cyprus – Spread the word so others don’t fall for this scam! If I ever see this on Facebook again I will add a warning, if possible!

This is a huge scam. BISOU eye cream is the product they claim is FREE but it is NOT free. The scam is to get your credit card number for shipping cost. Once they have your credit card number, they will bill you $95. My card was billed TWICE.

Hi there,
It seems quite a few of us have had the same problem as yourself. I have unsubscribed but I have a new pot of cream which I want to return but stupidly binned the envelope it came in with the returning address based in Cyprus!!! Please could you send me the address. I would be very grateful.
I have sent an email to the support team but no response as of yet!!!
Thanks again in advance


I also fell for the free trial on face book, I phoned to say I hadn.t ordered the products just the free trial it took some time to get through to them that I didn’t want the products, they just kept saying we will extend trial period. Finally I got them to cancel the account and had confirmation email saying account closed and no charges would be made. Following day had 2 emails one for each product to be returned to a Cyprus address, I live in the UK so was obviously going to cost to return. I emailed asking… Read more »

Contact your bank to put a block on any further charges. Then contact the ombudsman to make a formal complaint.

WHY has the Govt. not closed down this fraudulent business?

They have been ripping off the public for YEARS..


Do not think the trial product is free. The will put unauthorized charges on your credit card. The product is no good and does not work. You can not return the trial product if you open it. My loss is $85.00, don’t trust them!

I am with all other complaints This company sucks and a bunch of lairs. One BIG SPAM.

Bonnie Piontek-Herrings

I told them NOT to send the product and they sent it anyway. I receive an email for a cancellation of the product that was confirmed……How do I make sure that I don’t get charged for this product?

Ya they got me too

They only allow one cancellation per browsing session?

Now I’ve got to cancel the other product tomorrow I guess.

This is a scam! I tried to cancel then got charged again by “Paths of Beauty”. I have never heard of them and did not place any order

Fell for getting free product. product never arrived. Cancelled membership but was told I had to return product or pay for it???? Product never arrived and then I was told I had to cancel credit card and get new card! 7-10 days!!!!!!!

Very deceiving. I called immediately after discovering they were charging me $88 or more/month. I sent it back.

i did the “pay shipping” thing with this company & then got told i’d be billed about $80 if i liked it…..after telling them to cancel my account completely, i received 3 more shipments that cost me $$$ in return charges…..i then got another product from them called Coal Glow…unsolicited….& i’m not fighting with them about part of the charges on my credit card….this has been going on since January…..i hope no one else falls for this & has to go through what i’ve been going through

I got beauty Supply paid $4.0. I did not know I have to buy every month. This is rip off. Now I want to return product and try to call them but no answer.

I just got off the phone with Beauty and Truth. I was being charged $98.71 for my free trial. She explained to me that the free sample was two little packets and the two other jars that came with it were my product. They wanted to charge me $29 for each product. I am sending the product back even though I used it because I did not know of this or an automatic subscription service when you ordered the free samples. I’m not usually this gullible. If I don’t see the refund on my credit card statement, I will refuse… Read more »

I too was duped. I called on the 14th day and cancelled. They took $99 anyway on the same day I cancelled. When I called I was routed to an obvious oversea call center where I could barely hear because of background noise and heavy accent. I was then told that I had to pay the $99 because I didn’t send the “sample” back within 15 days so the $99 was the actual price for the cheap “sample”. Shame on them.

I also had a tempting FREE offer in an email, I sent off postage, then was informed that if I did not cancel that they would continue to send creams. I am 81 and feel I have been duped!!! will send back creams welll within return time. I will also inform my bank that I do not want to pay anything more to Beauty and truth. It is now going to cost me postage to
send it back to them abroad


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