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Last Updated On: November 20, 2017

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Business Name: Beauty and Truth
Corporate Address:
3960 Howard Hughes Parkway #500
Las Vegas, Michigan 48084 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 866-710-5109
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Average Rating: 1.22 out of 5
Based On: 206 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 379

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $29,979.95
Average Reported Losses: $145.53

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Is Beauty & Truth a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing


This company deceives consumers by offering a free trial of a cream, “rush my trial”.

Once you accept the trial, they make you pay the delivery, cheap, $4.50, so they can know your credit card number.

The email you receive confirming the transaction, shows in a well hidden place, in very small letters, that you are entering a membership, paying $89.72 per month that starts to be charged 14 days after this transaction.

I only discovered that I had fallen in a trap when the charge appeared on my credit card account.

Now it is impossible. I can neither cancel the membership nor get the money back.

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| Beauty & Truth Returns Department: Coenecoop 595 2741 PT Waddinxveen The Netherlands |


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i too fell into the trap. i was playing cards on my iPhone when the website popped up saying that due to Debenhams closing some of their stores they had lots of beauty products going free and all I needed to pay was the P & P. So I ordered a jar of face cream I put in my card details and when I paid I found out that they had added on eye cream too which I hadn’t asked for. So double the postage and packaging and if i don’t want it I can send it back but I… Read more »

Call ur credit card and dispute it.

Scam. Don’t buy this product.

I was taken in, by a JC Penney add stating they had excess product and were closing stores. You get buy their product by just paying shipping. As soon as it showed up
on my checking for $98.00, I called them and canceled. It just showed up again and I
call saying I had never order this product. I was informed that I cancelled one but not
both my orders. Why would I have two orders?

Please do not order or accept anything from these people. You will regret it.

they always say that they cannot find my file or my name….they just never stop sending….the company is a telemarketing firm for a bunch of different companies!!!!! Somebody has to figure out how to stop them!

I bought what I thought was a free sample with a £4.95 delivery charge.
I received a very small black pot of cream.
2 weeks later I was direct debited for £69.87.
My Card company tells me that this is a recurring debit!!!!!!!

WHAT a STINKING SCAM Victoria Beckham!!!!!! / Beauty & Truth/ My Fresh Spa etc

I ORDERED the Suisse products…said they would charge my credit card $4.95..i received product and realized what a big SCAM! I called to cancel and they could not find my file.
i received another box with the product…I called again and again they could not find my file…charged me almost $100.00. I think something should be done about this company…Possible legal action!

I answered an advert offering a sample for £4.95 post and package, as Debenhams had overstock to get rid of. I received numerous tubs of cream – with a shipping not with no cost on it and assumed they were more free samples! 6 months later my credit card provider queried a payment and after many hours of thinking a phoning around I realized that this company was taking payments for an extortionate amount of money. They could quite easily remove the word Truth from their name! I am so angry with them and myself for not realizing what had… Read more »

I ordered their cosmetics through Facebook. They claimed to be excess stock from certain JCPenney stores closing. Nowhere did it mention membership or that the prices they listed were just to try the product and if you kept it you would pay an additional $30 or more. Moreover, they make it very hard to return the cosmetics. You end up having to pay the shipping. It is a scam! Wish I had never ordered from them!

I too thought I was getting a trial sample (which is not worth a dime) for $4.95 and instead got charged four charges. Received one in few weeks after the first arrived. Then charged $89.22 for that one and when I called in found two more was being charged for this month. No returns and no money as they do not refund funds. Not a happy camper. Hated the cream as it caused breaking and itching.

i just recieved my “Free” trial cream and decided to cancel. boy that was an expierence. This is the biggest scam out there. They wont cancel unless you send the product back but if you try it for13 days and you still dont like it you still have to send it back. The lady on the chat i was on was rude. Very Very Very small print about the 29.95 she wanted to charge me to keep the Trial . finally got so fed up told her how to send it back and she told me i would get an… Read more »

i paid for a sample as i thought and got billed for 70.00

Ditto: These folks are computer scam ‘artists’. The can’t earn an honest living so they take a product produced by UNK, Package it in nice looking containers, offer a free trial using a personal credit card for $4.95 shipping, AND THEN THE FUN BEGINS! It’s difficult to get their address because they do their best to hide it from their ‘customers’ (Suckers). I will turn this Company into our state Att. General. I’m not asking for my money back for the shipments already sent; II should have read their literature more closely. If they send any more I’m considering legal… Read more »
Beauty & Truth actually charged my credit card more than what showed on my receipt. So… I joined the free trial, buying one product (free) and paying only $2.95 for shipping. I got the big upsell effort on the website, and a salesman called me the following week trying to upsell again. I said, “No thank you, I’m only interested in the one product.” Yet the following month, two products showed up on my credit card statement. I wrote to They said the second charge was for shipping insurance. Shipping insurance? I said neither “Uplift skin” nor “Getting gorgeous”… Read more »

I too have fallen into the trap of trial cream at reduced price. I have been trying to ring the telephone number on dispatch note for the last 5 days and I just keep getting the same message that lines are busy it didn’t matter what time during the day.
I actually do not like the cream it’s making my skin dry so I just want to stopped any further creams being delivered.

I emailed you to get an address to returnbio slim and garcinia clean as I do not want these products and want them returned as I do not wish to pay for them. Please be good enough to reply to my email so I can forward them to you and do not send me any more. Order no15691145 and 15691147.I have notified my bank for no monies to be taken out..Moya Aikien

Jacquenetta Watson-Jolly

I do not want this product. I only ordered the one time product and told B&T that I do not want the product only the one time free offer. I never agreed for them to bill my checking account each month.

Jacquenetta Watson-Jolly

I do not want this product. I only ordered the one time product and told B&T that I do not want the product only the one time free offer. I never agreed for them to bill my checking account each month.

It’s too bad they are such thieves because some of their products actually happen to be good. You can get out of their scam because your credit card company probably knows about this company & will void the charges. In addition, I called the company & told them that if they want to send me stuff, they will be sending it for free because I wouldn’t be paying for it… & they stopped.So, I did end up with a “free” 2nd box they sent.

Free sample product just pay for the postage now having £69.87 from my account for nothing I have ordered.

I’m UK based, and these/ you FRAUDULNT B*GGERS have ripped me off with 2 monthly charges of £69.99 ie a total of £140!!!! ANY POTENTIAL CUSTOMER READING THIS – DO NOT ENTER INTO ANY AGREEMENT OR ORDER ANYTHING WHICH SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, BE CAREFUL WHICH “DEALS” ONLINE SEEM JUST UBER-GOOD- THEN IT’S TIME TO WATCH OUT…. — THEY WERE advertising ONLINE using Debenhams name, stating loads of Debenhams stores, were closing,, and so they were selling off/giving away for free £100 worth of Beauty products to each person/order, provided they paid the £4.95 postage costs, so watch… Read more »

Ladrones,mentirosos, sin escrúpulos. Les devolví su porquería apestosa y nunca me devolvieron mi dinero. Ojalá se pudran.

Mr Robert Glendinning
order no,14992638 Mr Robert Glendinning,4 Second Street,Bradley Bungalows,CONSETT,DH86JU,UNITED KINGDOM Have received three separate lots of Dermagen IQ. i did not order this or anything else from you,i dont want it and if you have my bank details of payments taken out i want it put back into my account,and dont!! send anymore items to me because i will involve the police to deal with this matter,going now to return to you the three items,HERMES Delivered the three items will return them to them,i am not paying delivery. Mr Robert Glendinning


Why have the authorities not taken action against this fraudulent company?


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