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Last Updated On: April 20, 2017

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Business Name: Beauty and Truth
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3960 Howard Hughes Parkway #500
Las Vegas, Michigan 48084 USA

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Beauty & Truth Phone Number: 866-710-5109
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Average Rating: 1.22 out of 5
Based On: 206 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 293

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Reported Losses: $29,979.95
Average Reported Losses: $145.53

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This company deceives consumers by offering a free trial of a cream, “rush my trial”.

Once you accept the trial, they make you pay the delivery, cheap, $4.50, so they can know your credit card number.

The email you receive confirming the transaction, shows in a well hidden place, in very small letters, that you are entering a membership, paying $89.72 per month that starts to be charged 14 days after this transaction.

I only discovered that I had fallen in a trap when the charge appeared on my credit card account.

Now it is impossible neither cancel the membership nor get the money back.

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| Beauty & Truth Returns Department: Coenecoop 595 2741 PT Waddinxveen The Netherlands |

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Ya they got me too

They only allow one cancellation per browsing session?

Now I’ve got to cancel the other product tomorrow I guess.

This is a scam! I tried to cancel then got charged again by “Paths of Beauty”. I have never heard of them and did not place any order

Fell for getting free product. product never arrived. Cancelled membership but was told I had to return product or pay for it???? Product never arrived and then I was told I had to cancel credit card and get new card! 7-10 days!!!!!!!

Very deceiving. I called immediately after discovering they were charging me $88 or more/month. I sent it back.

i did the “pay shipping” thing with this company & then got told i’d be billed about $80 if i liked it…..after telling them to cancel my account completely, i received 3 more shipments that cost me $$$ in return charges…..i then got another product from them called Coal Glow…unsolicited….& i’m not fighting with them about part of the charges on my credit card….this has been going on since January…..i hope no one else falls for this & has to go through what i’ve been going through

I got beauty Supply paid $4.0. I did not know I have to buy every month. This is rip off. Now I want to return product and try to call them but no answer.

I just got off the phone with Beauty and Truth. I was being charged $98.71 for my free trial. She explained to me that the free sample was two little packets and the two other jars that came with it were my product. They wanted to charge me $29 for each product. I am sending the product back even though I used it because I did not know of this or an automatic subscription service when you ordered the free samples. I’m not usually this gullible. If I don’t see the refund on my credit card statement, I will refuse… Read more »

I too was duped. I called on the 14th day and cancelled. They took $99 anyway on the same day I cancelled. When I called I was routed to an obvious oversea call center where I could barely hear because of background noise and heavy accent. I was then told that I had to pay the $99 because I didn’t send the “sample” back within 15 days so the $99 was the actual price for the cheap “sample”. Shame on them.

I also had a tempting FREE offer in an email, I sent off postage, then was informed that if I did not cancel that they would continue to send creams. I am 81 and feel I have been duped!!! will send back creams welll within return time. I will also inform my bank that I do not want to pay anything more to Beauty and truth. It is now going to cost me postage to
send it back to them abroad

I received your product about a week ago. Today, I got a notice from my bank about a possible fraud. I was charged for the full price of $ 98.71. I checked the Terms and conditions agreement, which wasn’t even on the original ad, and it said I had a 10 day trial. I only had the cream one week! I only used it 3 times. I like it, but not for almost $100! I want a refund because THIS IS FRAUD. i WILL TELL MY BANK NOT TO ACCEPT THE CHARGE!. You can add me to your list of… Read more »

These scammers have already been reported to BBB and UK Trading standards but nothing happened. This is a multi million dollar scam run by scammers.

Report them to the FBI else nothing will happen and they will keep ripping off.

stop this right now or the law will be invovedI did not order i was suppose to get a free gift .Stop the scamming No one will answer the phone How are you suppose to get a return request number I want this stopped now

I want this cancelled NOW I do not like this scam, no one to talk to to cancel. Cancel me immediately I am a loan officer and will fill out mega paperwork against this company NOW

I, too, was led to believe that you could get a sample size of this product with no mention that you would also be shipped full sizes and automatically billed. Fraud! I never approved automatic shipments nor payments..I hope someone does something about this!

Diana\'s been scammed


Your card will be charged $36.71 today, but after that, you will not receive any future shipments or charges on your credit card.

You can keep the entire package that was already sent to you on March 24, 2017.

If you have questions regarding the Rewards Program, please contact customer service at or 866-710-5109.

I agree with everything I have read expect it was more like 90 something dollars. Heading to the bank this morning to cancel my debit card. I now have another charge that I don’t know what it is for. The lady at the bank said there would be more charges coming.

Very deceptive. Sent samples that I did not see. Supposed to use the samples and if you do not like the product then you call for a return code and return the box of the two products at your own expense. I opened and used the full size products not knowing I was supposed to use the samples. They charged my account for $98.71 11 days later and now I have to try to stop this and to get my money back in my checking account. Grrrrrr

Beauty and no truth. You are scams in every sense of the word,

I am trying to send this sample back for a refund with no luck. Rip off.

I ordered a sample, received several products I didn’t order. Tried calling to get a return number, no such thing. Now I may have to cancel my credit card.

had the sample thought jar was sample, then read terms a better,an thought OK I liked the cream, then didn’t think much more of it, then I go to the bank and beauty and truth had taken 70.00 pounds out of my account,I aka single mum and nowaycould I afford that amount of money, to get back but couldn’t then they said would deliver cream e every month, but haven’t received anything and that was over 2months ago…fuming…

I TOO HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF BY BEAUTY & truth A SCAM INDEED LUCKILY IT WAS ONLY $176. called to complain about this was told my account was closed it must have been another company that was sending the products I asked how this other company got my info said they don’t give out any ones info well tell me how else they got it? I also had to get an other card from my bank at least I did”t get charged for it had to block the company. Please everyone be aware of this scam but if your here… Read more »

I wrote my complaint earlier today for the same scam. Fortunately, I immediately cancelled my credit card and the products charges were declined. I encourage everyone involved in this scam to cancel their credit card because this outfit (using various company names) is truly a huge fraud!!!! Who knows what else they will do with your credit card number in their hand?!?!?

I have another charge from something I don’t know what it is. Going to the bank this morning to cancel my card.

Everything said here is true. This is a SCAM. I paid $5 for samples. No mention of any further obligation. I should have gotten a clue when my credit card called me to verify the charge. On top of receiving product I didn’t order and was expected to pay for, my credit card number was STOLEN! Stay far, far away from this company!

I too have been taken by Beauty & Truth who also goes under names: Spadelight, Inner Beauty,, Radiant Skin Cream, Truly-Beauty and who knows how many more. Sent for 2 different products from 2 different adds, ordering ONLY trial sizes and paying $4.95 and $2.95 SH for each. The orders were less than a month ago, yet as of 3-31-17 over $330 has been taken from my bank account, had to cancel my debit card and pay $5. to get a new card and been advised by my banks Fraud division, that I probably won’t get any of the… Read more »

I was under the impression that I was being rewarded for taking part in a questionnaire and I wish to cancel any of the beauty products that you are about to send me. I have read the complaints on this page and agree it is a scam.

TOTAL SCAM – BEAUTY & TRUTH – BEWARE I too answered a survey from my PNC Bank. As a reward I was offered a free trial of two beauty product with the only charge of $4.95 for shipping. I was also billed on my credit card for Package Protection Insurance of $2.95 which I did not authorize. This charge was reversed when I complained. Then I learned about the full order of the two product that would accompany the “free trial products.” I have now cancelled my order, but they tell me it is too late to cancel that shipment… Read more »

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