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So every woman has been there at least once. We’ve all gone and bought some form of cosmetic that didn’t live up to our expectations. Have you been the victim of a beauty product that promised beauty and quality but only provided disappointments and failure? No matter what your complaint is, if you’ve been ripped off by a cosmetic product this is the place to share your story.

Perhaps you bought some new mascara and the product was already old and clumpy. The mascara advertised itself as non-clumping and all day mascara but when you opened your new mascara you found that not only was it already clumping but the mascara started to flake off in just a matter of a few hours.

Maybe you bought a pair of lipstick or lip stain that is advertised to last for hours but you’ve found yourself needing to reapply every hour because it fades and doesn’t live up to how it was advertised at all. Perhaps the product’s color when it dries looks nothing like how they advertised it to look. Does it dry way too light or way too dark?

Did you buy foundation that had to be put on so thickly that you felt like your face was covered with a mask before it started to give you an even skin tone? Or perhaps the foundation caused you to develop severe breakouts and you still don’t know what caused it? Does it dry out your skin so much that even after you moisturize your skin it still feels dry?

Have you always been faithful to a particular brand or product and it was discontinued? What did you switch to in order to replace your discontinued brand? Do the new cosmetics at all compare to the old cosmetics you used to use? What are the differences in quality that you have noticed? Perhaps you are a victim of a company replacing an older quality product with a new product that doesn’t last as long forcing you to replace the product more often.

Do you always buy the same cosmetic items and have found that the quality has been slowly changing? Does your foundation and eye shadow brand that you’ve purchased for years now cause you to get an allergic reaction? Perhaps you threw it out thinking it was just a case of a bad batch of make-up. You figured one bad thing of make-up is to be expected so you go to the store and purchase another. Was it the same? Was it just as bad?

Unfortunately, every woman has had an experience where she has gone out to purchase cosmetics either for everyday use or just to get through that special event and found that the cosmetics were cheap and not worth the price she paid for it. Your cosmetic complaints can range from the price versus quantity of the cosmetic to the quality of the make-up itself. Not every high priced cosmetic will look beautiful and natural once it is on your skin.

You may spend an arm and a leg to buy high end brand make-up and be disappointed in the results once it’s applied and you may love lower end make-up that you can perfectly blend to achieve your desired look.

Any cosmetic complaint you have you can share with us here at Any cosmetic product that you have bought and have been disappointed in you can share here. Tell us and others what product you bought, what brand it was, and why it didn’t live up to your expectations. Let everyone know why they need to avoid the same product when they go to the store. Let everyone know why the product disappointed you and failed to meet your expectations.

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