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Last Updated On: May 29, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group
Corporate Address:
346 N Bedford Dr #308
Beverly Hills, California 90210 USA

Customer Service

Beverly Hills MD Phone Number: 877-828-5528
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Dr John Layke - Co-Owner
Corp Website:

About Beverly Hills MD

Beverly Hills MD Cosmeceuticals ( create proprietary anti-aging and skin beautifying products. They purport that their cosmetics line has been developed by their co-founding surgeons, Dr John Layke and Dr Payman Danielpour, who state they, "settle for nothing less than the very best results."

Beverly Hills MD says they use only hand-selected and top quality ingredients in all their products. They state these products have visible and dramatic effects on a variety of skin problems. They claim their formulas are comprised of complimenting ingredients, making for "exceptional results". assures that it's products are allergen and irritant free, and that they are safe, gentle and nourishing.

They also state that they have a 60 day money-back guarantee:

"Your results are of the utmost importance to us, so if you are unsatisfied with any product for any reason, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund - guaranteed." - Beverly Hills MD

Dr Payman Danielpour - Co-Owner | Beverly Hills Cosmeceuticals


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 16 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 29


Reported Losses: $1,152.78
Average Reported Losses: $72.05

Most Recent Complaint

No Customer Service at Beverly Hills MD

I’m very dissatisfied with Beverly Hills MD. After looking at their video on line I was convinced that their Lift + Firm Sculpting cream would help my face a little. I was wrong, the product did nothing for my face. After using the first jar with no results I was about to return it but their policy is to return it within 60 days of purchase. As I didn’t start using it right away it was a little over 60 days when I finished the jar.

I went on their website and contacted them using their “Contact Us”. I never got a reply. About a week after that a girl from their front office called me to see if I liked their product. The call had nothing to do with my inquiry. I told her that the cream didn’t work at all for me and that I had contacted them. She said she was sure they would be contacting me because they were very customer focused. Wrong !!!

She sent me their blog with information on their Advanced cleaning Technique and said it may help me to do that before I used the Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream. The cream still didn’t work. She was very nice and friendly but did not follow up to see if I had ever been contacted. I waited about a month and sent another inquiry. I have never been contacted about either inquiry or the fact that the front office knew I was trying to contact them.

Even their letter they sent with the cream was very friendly and made it seem like if I had any questions just contact them. Wrong again. After having talked to the girl in the front office and sending two inquiries, I realize they are not customer focused and once you buy their product they don’t care if it worked or not. I’m out $93.74 and very frustrated that nobody bothered to answer my inquiry. I would not recommend buying Beverly Hills MD products.

Official Responses from Beverly Hills MD

By: Samantha W On: January 13, 2017

Response from Samantha W at Beverly Hills MD

Hello Irene,

My name is Samantha with Beverly Hills MD. Let me first apologize for the experience you had when contacting customer service. I assure you that our customers are our number one priority, and I would appreciate the opportunity to make this right.

We always stand by our 60-day money back guarantee, and understand that customers may have not started using our product right away. For reasons such as this, our customer service team may extend the 60-day guarantee a bit longer. Because of the trouble you had contacting us, I would like to extend this guarantee to you today.

Please email me at and I will be more than happy to refund your money for you. Thanks Irene, I hoe to hear from you soon.

By: Samantha W On: September 1, 2016

Response from Samantha W – Customer Service Manager at Beverly Hills MD

Hello, my name is Samantha and I am the Customer Care Manager here at Beverly Hills MD. I am sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the results of one of our products. While we have thousands of happy customers, we do understand that everyone has different skin types. For the rare instance that a customer is not happy, we always stand by our money back guarantee. I want to ensure that you are properly taken care of. Please email me at, at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

15 Most Recent Reviews About Beverly Hills MD

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Rating: 1 out of 5

Reported Losses of $129.99

The product was used as directed. It did nothing at all. it is a scam, waste of time, and money. The vien problem still exists just as bad as before $129.99 was spent.

This company prays on vulnerable, insecure, poor women and should be held accountable. What about the LAW?! this is a clear case of false advertising.

This is a clear case of theft, and illegal, inter-state, via U S mail crime, which is punishable by the Federal courts. Praying on insecure women about there appearance is the worst scam a male run organization can do.

Let’s hold them accountable and punish them, so no others wil think it is ok to lie to and take advantage of women.

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Rating: 1 out of 5

Reported Losses of $99.79

I ordered two jars of Beverly Hills MD Lift + Company Sculpting Cream on 26 may 2016 and got confirmation of my order. I have checked my account and they have taken the funds for this order but as yet have no confirmation of this order being dispatched to me.

The company have taken my money and are now ignoring my emails. I can not find the name of their CEO and their email to write to.

Do not order from this company unless you want to pay for nothing as they are not fulfilling this order and there are numerous complaints on many websites about similar issues with other people so they are a terrible company to deal with.

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Rating: 1 out of 5

I purchased the dark spot corrector but did not see any results. I received a call from Kayci at Beverly Hills MD, and she “encouraged” me to try a second product along with the dark spot corrector. The only reason I agreed to try it was because Kayci said I would get a full refund of all the BH products I had purchased if the combination did not work.

She said it might take as long as 4 months; I gave it 6. It did not make any difference.

However, when I requested the refund, Kayci sent me to customer service. CS Had lots of rules and requirements that I didn’t fit so I am not getting a refund.

Bad product, fake promises, terrible business. Don’t get pulled in!

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Rating: 1 out of 5

Reported Losses of $52.00

I ordered one jar of the crepe correcting creme and opted for a ONE TIME purchase which is a little more expensive than buying it through an auto enrollment but I’m fine with that because I don’t do auto enrollments until AFTER I have tried the product and decide whether I like it or not.

Anyway, I received my jar and tried it and it was nothing special so I thought that was the end of it. I received another shipment from them and my card was charged. I contacted customer service and they said I had been enrolled in the auto ship and should have seen it on my first delivery. They said they would provide a refund but I am responsible for shipping it back.

Why on earth would I pay attention to the invoice if I KNOW I opted for a one time shipment! Reading the reviews I see I’m not alone with this complaint.

Such a scam! If they had great products they would not have to be shady and auto enroll people because the products would be repurchased if they were worth what they are charging for them. Bad business practices. Shame on them!

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Reported Losses of $44.00

Order the product advertised. Has been charged to my credit card on 6- 3-16. Haven’t received product (anti-aging cream). Yet today is 6-20-16 and another will automatically be added to credit card again soon.

I am a person on fixed income and can’t afford to just give money away.

I hope BEVERLY Hills Medical Dr ‘s of Plastics Surgery are enjoying the $44.00. I hope this will help other people before they place their order.

MY word is DON’T. I assume this is the way they get to take their trips with their spouse.

Beverly Hills MD – Dr John Layke

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Rating: 1 out of 5

Reported Losses of $250.00

I ordered the 3 jar special of Crepe Correcting Creme from Beverly Hills MD. The website pops up with a chat person. This person assisted in the special price BUT the company scammed me.

I was sent the 3 jar special & 2 additional jars which I did not want! Of course they got all the money off my card.

I contacted them 4 times on the website and via email – NEVER A REPLY !!! I was requesting to return products for the refund & guarantee.

The doctor emails me for my opinion of the products. I advised I am NOT happy and he stated someone would contact me.

This NEVER happened so I got stuck with 5 jars of creme. ALSO – the sealed jars are half full! Creme does NOT work nor was there any improvement

Worst customer service as there is NO customer service; NO refund or guarantee honored.


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Rating: 1 out of 5



I purchase a trial product stated clearly I did NOT want to be put on AUTO SHIPMENT and they put me on it anyway, sent me product and charged my credit card without my permission.

When I called and asked what to do she said they expect me to pay for the return of product I did not order.

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Rating: 1 out of 5

Reported Losses of $132.00

I was taken in by the automatic renewal scam a few months ago, but chalked it up to an error on my part, thinking that I did not see the small print on my small cell phone screen. Since then I’ve been very careful to not automatically renew anything from them. Last week I received 3 bottles of Deep Regenerating Stem Cell Moisturizer only a month after I ordered 3 bottles of the same thing.

I called to complain and a somewhat nasty women informed me that I had signed up for the automatic renewal plan by getting a “free” dark spot coverup cream (along with the 3 bottles I had purchased earlier. This is clearly a scam, and I informed her that I would be reported this company to the authorities, at which point she removed me from the automatic renewal plan, but I am still out $132.

This is my first step–next step is to report them the whatever is California’s Consumer Fraud Office. This must be the primary way they make their money. The product is not bad, but I will never order anything else from them–way to much risk. With this sort of dishonesty, I’m worried that they will either charge me again or retaliate by selling my credit card number.

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Rating: 1 out of 5

Reported Losses of $220.00

After watching an online video, I decided to try the product. There was a special advertised “3 for the price of 1” and a money back guarantee, so I invested. After receiving the cream, I tried it. Nothing special, not worth the money. The product was creamy and did not hurt my skin but it sure did not help it.

I called customer service to return it. They told me it was a “little mix-up” and they cancelled the auto-ship. She said it was advised that from now on when I buy something online, I should call customer service to verify that I am not signed up for any kind of auto-ship programs. I asked how it could be that my credit card was enrolled in a program like this without my consent – she again told me it was just a little mix up and again, that I should really have called customer service to make sure I was not enrolled.

I NEVER enrolled. I know better than that. This is a scam. There is a reason it takes 30 minutes on hold to reach their customer service department.

I am sending back the product and am hoping for a refund.

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Rating: 1 out of 5

Reported Losses of $120.00

Beverly Hills MD and their Lift & Sculpting cream causes blanching (whitening of the skin due to vasoconstriction of the blood vessels), which lasted for hours.

After the cream’s blanching effects resolved, my face was swollen. My complaint was dismissed by Dr. Layke and his customer support representative Giselle, and no ingredients were given as possible causes per my request.

She stated that no one else had complained of similar results and recommended that I consulted my dermatologist. Being fellowship trained in dermatology myself, this was the pinnacle of my discontent with this company.

They lack understanding of their product, medicine in general, and customer service basics.

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I recently received 9 jars of your crepe correction body cream. I can see a big difference (it really works!) on my arms but noticed the expired expiration date on all jars. Should I return the other jars for replacements?

i tried a first time order of face winkle remove cream at a low price now without my consent im getting this sent every month a a full price cant get them to stop i will let my bank take care or this and the stuff really did nothing for me so upset

I just have one comment. Why hasn’t anything been done legally to this Company and all other online shopping sites they all do the same.
Buyer beware read the fine print. All of them should be put out of business.
I am out over $400 for 3 months of auto mailing.!!!!! Product I return to sender.The same day.

Don’t be deceived by reviews on BHMD, seems negative reviews are not welcome (I know mine wasn’t). In fact, I went back checking all products, not the first negative review on any of their products. No way can this be true with all the negativity I’ve found through researching. Do your research on this company (all companies) before placing an order online…..sure wish I would’ve before spending hundreds with BHMD…lesson learned! Don’t expect to hear back from customer service, once they have your money they could careless. I went as far as reaching out to c/s manager (Samantha)….nothing! Buyer beware!!!!
I ordered 3 jars of “crepe correcting complex” and 3 bottles of “dark spot corrector” What a joke! You could purchase any drugstore product and expect the same results. All creams replenish moisture, but that’s about it. The B.H.MD products do nothing more. Apparently, I was auto-enrolled in their program even though I opted out. Fortunately, when they attempted to charge my card again, they failed, as I had cancelled that card because it had been lost (lucky me!). These 2 doctors should be reported to the Consumer Fraud Division for conning people out of their hard earned money. If… Read more »

I am so glad I looked at this complaints page. I almost ordered the crepe correcting cream, because the doctor is so convincing in the video. I have been scammed before by a miracle face lift cream that my husband thought I should try.! HaHa! I had to contact the credit card company in order to get my money back. Never again!

I ordered 3 product and “took advantage” of their buy 3 get 6 offer. (Those numbers may not be exact.) Packing slip is in the sealed box). After reading the complaints I contacted Samantha and i received an email telling me to return the products to their returns dept. While packing them i noticed the expiration date on the bottom of each jar was a day or two before my order date. This negated any doubt i had about the company and their products and i returned the products to the address provided via UPS with insurance per their request.… Read more »

I have been ordering their products and I like some of their products but if I don’t I returned it with no hassle in getting my refund back. I so very much applaud Beverly Hills MD customer service as they are very professional and understanding. You are the one who will order of want single items or choose auto ship if want cheaper. Thanks

Scam! They will put you on auto ship without your permission and then when you try to get out of it it’s almost impossible to do so! Buyer beware their product doesn’t work and they will scam you out of hundreds of dollars!

The “crepe correcting” cream is a nice feeling moisturizer, but didn’t do what it was advertised to do. That wasn’t a shock. But I was shocked when a “recurring payment” showed up on my PayPal account!! I have reported the unauthorized payment to PayPal and hopefully it will be taken care of.

Depending on the deal you got….usually you do. If you see get this cream for so & so dollars to try for a month. But in VERY fine print you see you have fifteen days to call and call and SEND it back. This way of business is BS. But today after HAVING to listen to a hour editorial and tutorial, I was able to buy something and not have that hang over my head. I called JUST to make sure. I know some companies, even though they are good which I think this one gets a 80%, will still… Read more »

The Dark eye circle corrector did absolutely NOTHING

I use this product, and it is amazing. I think it would help if you follows fit and healthy lifestyle.

bummer I was hoping it was a great product. Thanks

Tania remember everyone’s skin is different. I have use the dark circle correcting cream and have had amazing results. I have also use the crepe correcting cream and am not after two jars (have one more to go) that being said I am in my 60 and am under weight (88 lbs) which could be a contributing factor in not getting the results I was hoping for. To date I have also not had any unauthorized reoccurring charges to my accounts or received product I didn’t reorder. So think about and maybe give them a chance.

Tania remember everyone’s skin is different. I use the dark circle corrector and have had amazing results. I have also used the crepe correcting crime and am not real happy about the results however I am in my 60s and am way under weight 88lbs so that may be a contributing factor. I have yet to have any unauthorized reoccurring charges to my account.

Hello Suzie, my name is Samantha and I am the Customer Care Manager for Beverly Hills MD. I wanted to sincerely apologize for your experience with our company. It is never our intention to confuse our customers. We strive to offer our customers the best possible deals on all Beverly Hills MD products. I want to make sure that you are fully refunded for all of the jars you received. Please email me at, and I will go ahead and process a full refund for you. Thank you, I look forward to making this right for you.


Who the heck is SUZIE?!?


They did the same thing to me I thought I was getting 3 and it charged for 4 but I called and they let me keep the 4th bottle and credited back my card 40 percent so like almost the total cost of one jar. I was pleased.

I did not order this product. So far, every online offer I have seen that uses a video to sell its product is a scam. I always check them out and always find disgruntled customers who were scammed. Being able to read the customer reviews here is so helpful. I applaud those who take the time to warn us about such fraudelent miscreants. Too bad they keep getting away with their criminal behavior. Have you thought about that? They are committing a crime by defrauding customers. They deserve to be put in prison. They often operate by hiring people in… Read more »
Kristina Lundstrom Deckelmann

Being a plastic surgery nurse, it disgusts me that these doctors are scamming people with their products. If it sounds too good to be true it is. The results they are claiming you can only get by having plastic surgery, not from a product. Shame on them

Sly doctor on that video. Very unethical and should have his license taken away. I tried the product and it made my skin look older.

He doesn’t have a license, he’s nothing more than a paid “actor.”

This is not a complaint. I am very sorry I have to discontinue with your product. I have developed burning to my face and making it turn rather red. You have a good product but I cannot use it. Please discontinue as of now. Thank You.

I ordered the Dark Spot Corrector and paid with my debit card. 28 days later I have another withdraw from my debit account when I didn’t order it anything from them. The phone number to track the withdraw is not a legit 800 #. Asked my bank to return the money and refuse since I gave voluntary my account information in the first place. This has a scan write all over the place since I didn’t even received the product.

Please never use your debit card to make online purchases. Any unscrupulous person who gains access to your debit card info, can actually drain the funds out of your account and you have very little recourse, in this case they just charged you for a purchase you never authorized. Use a credit card – the purchase could have been easily disputed in your case and you would have had the money credited back to your account. If your debit card is hacked you are similarly out of luck, if your credit card is hacked it is the credit card company’s… Read more »

That is not true with every bank. My bank is not holding me responsible for Beverly Hills MD fraudulently charging my debit card. They cancelled the payment and blocked Beverly Hills MD from accessing my account again.

If you paid using your credit card then you need to contact the card and allow them to dispute it for you and they will have you to send them a detailed letter explaining everything that’s going on, you let them know that you are suppose to be getting full refund but they have not refunded your credit card yet. And it shouldn’t take long before you get your money back on your credit card.

I also had to return the Dark Spot Corrector. Call the customer Service number (877-828-5528) and tell them it did not work. They may offer you a 40% discount to keep it but tell them you would please like a refund. Return your bottles to: Beverly Hills MD,
19801 Nordhosff Pl. #111, Chapsworth, CA. 91331 Be sure to keep your tracking slip! Hope this helps


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