Consumers Need to Know About Foodborne Illness

Here on Complaints List, a lot of what people focus on in their complaints are their interactions with businesses around the country. Usually the complaints our users write concern bad customer service, faulty products, and other similar complaints.

What many consumers don’t realize is that being a smart and informed consumer doesn’t just apply to things you buy or services you interact with. People need to be smart consumers about their food as well!

Foodborne illness is a serious problem affecting millions of Americans every year. If you’re a smart consumer, you need to be aware of this problem in order to avoid it. One of the most striking facts from a new and incredibly informative infographic is that 8 in 10 outbreaks of foodborne illness come from food prepared in a commercial setting!

There are a wide variety of illnesses, parasites, and bacteria you can pick up from food that has been improperly prepared. Some of those are: salmonella, listeria, vibrio, E. coli, norovirus, hepatitis A, and much more. That means it’s important for those of you who have had foodborne illness from restaurants or other food venues to file complaints here on Complaints List.

Be sure to check out the infographic that we linked to above for the full details. In the meantime, we’re highlighting some important prevention methods to share with you below. The better informed you are as a consumer, not only the wealthier you will be, but the healthier you will be!

Avoiding Foodborne Illness

1. Keep Clean – whenever you handle food or eat with your hands, be sure to wash your hands and keep everything you use (like utensils) clean before using them. Keep insects and pets away from foods that you want to eat!

2. Separate Raw and Cooked – Whenever preparing food, always keep raw meats completely separate from everything else. Raw meat can easily contaminate anything it touches, including knives! Use separate equipment if you can or thoroughly wash them before cutting something else.

3. Cook Thoroughly – One of the best ways to avoid foodborne illness is to make sure you cook food thoroughly. Get a thermometer and check the recommended temperatures for the foods you cook so you know whether you’re safe or not!

4. Store Food Properly – Foodborne illness can easily spread when food is not stored properly. Don’t leave cooked food sitting around for over 2 hours, make sure your refrigerator is below 41°F, serve cooked food hot, and never eat anything that seems like it has been in the fridge too long.

5. Use and Buy Safe Products – Always use clean water to cook and wash fruits and vegetables. Make sure you don’t buy foods that haven’t gone through normal safety procedures like pasteurization.

Again, be sure to check out the infographic we mentioned – it has all the information you need to remain a healthy, informed consumer. Remember, Complaints List is here for you, the consumer, to share your complaints and anything else that you have experienced, whether its foodborne illness or getting ripped off by a business. Keep learning and stay informed consumers!

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