Consumer Tips for Buying a New TV

Ah, televisions. What typical American doesn’t like a television? Here in the US we managed to turn TV into an international phenomenon. Hundreds of millions of people now have TVs in their homes to watch all sorts of things. It’s an entire industry that has brought us closer together as a culture, and can serve as a way to expand our knowledge of the world.

When it comes to choosing what TV you want, it can get pretty daunting. Nowadays these TVs have so much technology that many people don’t know what they are actually paying for when they buy a new TV. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll have more knowledge on-hand to buy the TV that’s right for you. has a great guide to buying TVs. We’ll provide some of the biggest tips here and you can take some time to read the rest later.

First of all, “Buy 720p of 1080i instead of 1080p.” For most people a TV with 720p or 1080i will be perfectly good enough. You might want a 1080p TV if you only watch high-quality HD movies and video games. HD broadcasts still look great on 720p or 1080i and you can save a few hundred dollars going with those versus the 1080p.

Second, “buying last year’s model can lead to significant savings.” When you buy new, you pay a premium for the TVs “newness.” It’s usually not worth it, unless you absolutely have to have the newest and best and you have the extra money to burn. Very rarely are huge improvements made between models. Often times it’s just a few tweaks here and there and you can call the TV a new model and charge more for it. Save yourself money and get the older model.

Lastly, “regularly visit bargain websites.” The internet is a great place to buy new TVs. They often provide huge deals on TVs, plus rebates. They are a great source to price check as well. One great site is Tech Bargains.

Hopefully this helped you be a better TV consumer!

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