Consumer Tip: Buy High Quality Clothing That Lasts

Browse through our archive of clothing complaints, and you’ll quickly recognize a theme you’ve already been aware of for years: quality clothing is hard to come by! If it seems like it’s nearly impossible to find good, well-made clothing anymore, then you should know you’re not alone in your plight.

We’ve researched clothing brands high and low to find the labels that offer the very best guarantee policies. Next time you need to buy a new shirt or pair of shoes, consider purchasing from one of these companies. It’s unlikely that the item will break on you in the first place, but if it does, you have the security of a great warranty in your back pocket!

Patagonia – If you aren’t satisfied with a Patagonia product, take advantage of their Ironclad Guarantee, which offers repair, replacement, or refund. Of course, normal wear and tear isn’t covered. However, the company is happy to repair their own products for you “at a reasonable charge.”

L.L. Bean – This Maine-based company offers one of the most liberal customer satisfaction policies we’ve heard of in the clothing industry. Everything from L.L. Bean is backed with the “Guaranteed to Last” standard, which allows the customer to return any unsatisfactory product at any point during ownership.

Land’s End – Just like L.L. Bean, Land’s End guarantees a full refund of any product anytime. They simplify their policy with the slogan, “Guaranteed. Period.”

Nordstrom: Of course, it would be impossible to not include Nordstrom, even though the store is a department store – not a label. Nordstrom has a famous return policy that includes anything and everything it’s ever sold (and some things it hasn’t sold like the legendary set of tires).

REI – Likewise, REI offers a great 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy that you won’t find at many other places. If you’re buying a brand that doesn’t have a great guarantee, do yourself a favor and buy it through REI.

What clothing brands do you trust most for quality?

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