Infomercial Scams

InfomercialScams.orgSince the product review portion of the web is dominated by a handful of big super-sites, other more specified sites are popping up all over in response. This can be a great thing for consumers as it helps them narrow down where they need to look. But, it can also be a bad thing for consumers looking for information. If a site is poorly designed or simply doesn’t have the number of reviewers it needs, it’s not going to provide quality information to people who are looking for good information. is one of those specific sites. As you can tell from the name, the site focuses on scams perpetrated by infomercials. Do they do a good job?

Well, for the material, the reviewers seem to do a decent job. We tried to search for a lot of products and couldn’t find much at all. It appears the site is still starting to grow. It definitely has the potential to be a useful site to consumers looking to find out about any sort of infomercial, but for now it needs more reviews and more users.

The site does have some nice tips for people who do like to buy products from infomercials. acknowledges that not every infomercial is a scam – some sell great products! In addition to the buying tips they provide, they also help consumers understand the basic ways they can get scammed by infomercials that are less than honest.

If you’ve been scammed by an infomercial and you want to help a site grow, feel free to use and write a complaint. If you want to be heard and make a difference, it’s best to use a site like Complaints List that is much better established and works to get your complaint the views it needs.


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