Complaint Site Reviews

Leveraging the power of the internet to shift the playing field toward the consumer against large companies is not a new concept; we simply have a unique spin on it. There are countless other websites out there that give a voice to the consumer, through positive or negative reviews; however each website has its own pluses & minuses, and often a specific industry focus. for example has expanded into a wide variety industries but still seems most suited to location-specific consumer experiences, such as bars & restaurants. The Better Business Bureau obviously has positive & negative reviews on thousands, if not millions, of businesses across the Unites States, however, they have yet to truly embrace the power of the internet, as their information is often inaccessible and difficult to find.

The following is a list of complaint and/or review websites, along with a link to our review of each website, please note these reviews are our opinion only meant for commentary purposes, we make no judgement on the effectiveness of each site and every users likely has their own experience on each site and we welcome our users to comment on these pages and provide their own experience whether positive or negative.


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