Consumer Complaint Resources: A Guide to Internet Fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released a report in 2011, stating that during the calendar year of 2010, more than 300,000 Internet fraud crimes have been reported. This amounts to nearly 25,000 reported cases every month. In addition to these reported cases, there are thousands of other crimes that are not detected or not reported.

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Because the Internet has become more popular as a source of purchasing items, it has quickly become a place were criminals attempt to fraudulently get money from people online. Here is some information about Internet fraud, how to prevent being a victim and what you should do in the event of being a victim of the fastest growing type of criminal activity. offers a unique opportunity for consumers and customers to file complaints about companies and businesses that have committed fraud to help protect the general public. Users can submit customer complaints about fraudulent companies, websites, people, email addresses, and phone numbers to explain what happened to them and help prevent others from experiencing fraudulent activites.

Consumer Resources

Fraud By Great Plains Lending | Fraud By Sammy Dress | Fraud By Template Monster | Internet Fraud Complaints | Fraud By Direct Sales Companies | Fraud By American Standards Online

Types of Internet Fraud

  • FBI Internet Crime Report – Informative report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the criminal habits and the rise of reported fraud online.
  • Internet Fraud Information – General information about the problems of Internet fraud from the U.S. government.
  • Internet Fraud Detection – SEC information on investments and the potential for fraud, and information on how to prevent or detect being a victim.
  • Internet Fraud – Well documented article about various types of Internet fraud that is being attempted.
  • Internet Fraud Law and Definition – Legal definition and information of Internet fraud is outlined in this web page.
  • Internet Fraud Definition – Basic definition of what is Internet fraud and how it occurs.
  • Online Fraud – Helpful information describing the various types of online fraud that is in existence.
  • Net Fraud – Useful site giving readers information on many different aspects on Internet fraud and some prevention ideas.
  • Crime on the Internet – Informative site for consumers discussing various kinds of crime on the Internet.
  • Cybercrimes – Information on the nine different types of cyber crimes that are typically found on the Internet.
  • Phishing – FTC information on the online scam method and how to avoid being a victim.
  • Pharming – Helpful page describing the online fraud method which is similar to phishing.
  • E-Scams and Warnings – Information from the FBI on the latest electronic scams along with warnings on how to avoid being a victim.
  • Identity Theft – Authoritative site discussing the problems associated with criminals attempting to assume someone’s identity and how to prevent it from happening.

Prevention Tips

  • Prevention Tips – Site providing tips to prevent being a victim of online crime and fraud.
  • Credit Card Fraud – Informative page with helpful tips and hints on how to avoid being a victim of credit card fraud.
  • E-commerce Fraud Prevention – Helpful tips on various types of e-commerce and what people should watch for online.
  • Fraud Prevention Education – Useful page providing educational information on how to avoid being a victim of fraud.
  • Online Scam Prevention – Useful page with information and tips on how to prevent being a scam or fraud victim.
  • Fraud Prevention – Information for consumers on Internet fraud prevention with tips that can be easily followed.
  • Scam Prevention Tips – Tips from the Better Business Bureau on how to avoid being a scam victim.
  • Phishing Prevention – Informative page providing information on phishing and how you can avoid being a victim.
  • Fraud Recognition and Prevention – Information on fraud, how to recognize being a victim and how to prevent being a victim.

Reporting Fraud

Over the past decade the public has been exposed to more potential online fraud. Electronic scams and frauds using phishing, pharming, email and other methods have been more common. The key to not being a victim is education and common sense. If you are asked to provide information online and you are not certain whether it is legitimate or not, then don’t do it. To be safe, contact the place requesting the information to ensure that the request was legitimate.

As a rule to follow, simply use common sense. If you have a bad feeling about a request, then don’t do it. And be safe online!

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