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Last Updated On: November 19, 2017

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Business Name: CM Puleo Consulting LLC
Corporate Address:
3551 North E 169 St Condo 402A
North Miami Beach, Florida 33760 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 305-527-8085​
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Carmelo Puleo - CEO, Chairman
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 3

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,000,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $1,000,000.00

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A Warning To All ESCO’s

This is a warning to all ESCO’s Or Brokers thinking about doing business with C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC. The President and CEO is Mel Puleo. He also goes by Carmelo Puleo or C. Mel Puleo. I work for an ESCO and I am in charge of Telemarketing sales and Door to Door sales. C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC approached my company and wanted to help my company acquire Commercial and Residential customers through Telemarketing sales and Door to Door sales. Mel Puleo AKA Carmelo Puleo AKA Mel Puleo told me he has helped a lot of ESCO’s gain 1000’s of customers per week and they were very compliant concerning DNC policies and PUC regulations. We signed a marketing agreement and he told me he would start out slow for the first couple of weeks and then ramp up the sales. He said he would bring my company 2,000 sales a week after 2 weeks. I said that would be great.

3 weeks go by after Mel Puleo started the campaign and he is only producing 75 sales a week. I called him up and asked him what was going on and how come he isn’t producing 2,000 sales a week like he promised. He said he had some personal problems and some problems with his agents and he would ramp up immediately. I said that would be fine and I understand his situation. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I called him every week that went by and I got a different excuse every week.

Another 3 weeks goes by and he is still at 75 sales a week. I called him again and asked him what was going on and he gave me another excuse of why he isn’t producing 2,000 sales a week. C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC has been on this campaign for 5 weeks at this point. By this time, I knew Mel Puleo ( C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC) was just another Company that promises the moon but never delivers on their promises. I was very disappointed in his performance because I expect people or companies to follow through on their promises and actually do what they say they are going to do. This was not the case with C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC.

Another week goes by and my company is getting a lot of DNC and PUC complaints ( 50 complaints in 1 week which is not normal for my company ) I did some research to find out where these complaints are coming from and I found out all of the complaints were from C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC. I called up Mel Puleo to ask him what was going on and he said he would do some research and call me back the next day. Mel Puleo never called me back and started to ignore my phone calls and texts for a week. During that week more PUC and DNC complaints were coming in from C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC. My Company is starting to panic. Getting PUC and DNC complaints is a huge problem for ESCO’s and Brokers.

After that week I finally got a hold of Mel Puleo and Mel Puleo said these complaints weren’t from his company and totally denied them. I knew Mel Puleo was lying to me because I had hard proof showing these PUC and DNC complaints were from his company. I confronted him with the proof and told him he needed to handle these DNC and PUC complaints. He refused to handle them. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately terminated his Marketing Agreement.

I never heard from C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC and Mel Puleo again.

Long story short , its turns out that almost every sale that C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC turned in to my company was a fraudulent sale ( He slammed these customers which caused the PUC complaints ) and all of the DNC complaints were valid ( he called customers that were on the Federal DNC List and our internal DNC list ) My company has lost so much money in Law suits and fines because of what C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC did . My company also tried to claw back every single penny of commission that we paid C.M. Puleo Consulting / Mel Puleo because of his fraudulent sales and fines that my company has incurred . C.M. Puleo Consulting refused to pay it back according to our agreement. He owes my company a lot of money because of the clawbacks and Fines.

I warn every ESCO not to do business with C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC or Mel Puleo or you will regret it and lose a lot of money. Please learn from my mistake because I don’t want you to go through what my company has gone through because what of C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC and Mel Puleo did. Please spread the word to everybody in the deregulated Energy market and make sure that C .M. Puleo Consulting LLC and Mel Puleo never does business in the deregulated Energy market again. We don’t need companies and people like C .M. Puleo Consulting LLC and Mel Puleo who are unethical and commits fraud in our Industry.

Thank you for your time reading this.

C.M. Puleo Consulting LLC, Carmelo Puleo, C. Mel Puleo, Mel Puleo

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I am curious to know who wrote this story about the company called cm puleo? I don’t even really care who the person is, but I would like to know the name of the ESCO that he is an executive at. The reason I say that is if some one was selling for me for only 5 weeks and I received 50 PUC complaints I would pull the plug. I hate when people write things about companies, and lie or exaggerate. My opinion the person that wrote that is absolutely full of s**t, and should not even waste there time… Read more »
Letters of reference for CM Puleo Consulting LLc Letter of reference: I am writing on behalf of Mel Puleo and his Co. CM Puleo Consulting. I have been doing business with Mel Puleo and his Co. CM Puleo Consulting for over 1-year marketing commercial grade LED’s to commercial and industrial businesses in several states, Mel Puleo has consistently bought sales teams to our co, and he & his wife Amber continue to recruit teams & individual marketers till this very day. For whatever its worth, I’m not an easy costumer to please, and so for Mel Puleo & Amber have… Read more »

“should not waste there time”?? That should be “their time” you moron.
The obvious lack of elementary grammar usage points to none other than the scam master Mel Puleo pretending to be someone else while writing the above comment.
How are you doing Mel? How are your electric car, pharmaceutical, gold prospect, GroupOn and Ebay clone site, and last but not the least, fraudulent energy businesses doing?


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