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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc
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P.O. Box 610
Abbeville, Alabama 36310 USA

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Phone Number: 334-585-2291
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Average Rating: 2.33 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
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Reported Losses: $20,200.00
Average Reported Losses: $5,050.00

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Rotted Wood

I replaced my 32X32 top dock deck with 2x6x16 ft boards about 8 years ago with Yella Wood tags all over it at a cost of about $6,000 including labor. Last year the wood started breaking into pieces and I realize that all of it was rotted or rotting and very dangerous to walk on with the possibility of falling through. The sales rep came out this summer and at first told me it was due to poor air circulation underneath. However, there are thousands of docks on the lake that have 25 to 30 year old wood on them that never rotted?

They agreed to pay the cost to replace the wood $1,800 but no labor, steel nails, removal of old wood, dumping, or delivery charges or re-staining/sealing of the new wood. When it came time to collect the check I was asked to sign a legal document stating that I could not come back to them for any future wood problems that occurred anywhere on my property. I refused to sign it, and later to avoid small claims court, they agreed to limit the document to all problems related to the dock.

Now three months later, there has been several boards that have warped and needed to be replaced and now I a sticky white substance appearing on the boards that appear to be some form of sap seeping out of the boards. Not sure how to resolve this other than sand it off and retains/seal it again. I now wish I would have sued for all damages and used replacement wood from a different source. No recourse as I signed their agreement.

Beware and do not sign any legal documents if this happened to you.


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My whole deck needs to be replaced, the wood is rotten.

We built a very large deck 9 years ago with YellaWood and it has all rotted, shrunk, curled up, rotted and lifted up. This summer a whole board fell off of the railing. This was a very expensive deck. We have been replacing boards for the past 5 years but at this point the whole thing is rotten.

built 544 sq ft deck about 8 years ago with yellow wood. 160 sq ft is covered. 384 remaining i’ve been replacing piece by piece. yellow wood rep had local dealer make good on 15 rotten boards 4 years ago after huge ordeal. today another 15 or or so deck boards plus contractor started and my main joist and cross joist are rotting so having to replace those. i’m sure b4 it’s over i’ll be replacing the rest of the deck boards. about $3500 in materials plus labor origanally. as of today another $2000 material and labor and not finished.… Read more »

I built a 1500 sq ft deck out of Yellawood in 2009. Junk.

I have steadily been replacing boards that fully rotted through.

Yella Wood will not back their product after spending over $3000.00 on KDAT Select Primer Wood not including labor all they wanted to offer was $250.00

Worst wood I’ve ever used. Deck boards started bowing and warping the 3rd day they were down.. I should have gone to Lowes instead of Home Depot. Lowes sells better quality wood.

**Consumer Alert** The below timeline chronicles the ongoing and undue stress that I have experienced due to the egregiously inappropriate business practices of Great Southern Wood Preserving in Abbeville, AL:  January, 2008 Cecilia Ann Robinson Gordon o closed on the house located at Abbeville AL  September 2015 o We realized there was in issue involving the siding on our house and scheduled several contractors to come out and inspect the situation. o One of the contractors told me that I needed to contact my home-owners insurance-Country Financial.  May 17, 2016 o First contact made with Country Financial… Read more »

san go ! Beautiful space with wood floors


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