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Last Updated On: December 26, 2017

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Business Name: Twin Construction, Inc. - Birmingham Residential Contractors
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2907 Central Ave #105
Homewood, Alabama 35209 USA

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Reported Losses: $5,500.00
Average Reported Losses: $5,500.00

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Charged for work that was never done!

My wife and I had a house fire that gutted our beautiful home and ruined all of our worldly belongings. In the aftermath of the fire we were overwhelmed with all of the decisions we had to make in a fairly quick time frame. Insurance companies will give you advice and recommend vendors for cleaning your furniture and clothes as well as the renovations to your home. Accepting the recommendation of the insurance company is inherently against my better judgement based on the fact that there are predetermined and negotiated rates for the work these contractors will do to but your house back to its original state. My wife and I were given a recommendation for TWIN Construction located in Homewood Alabama from someone that we thought had our best interest at heart. I don’t hold them responsible for the way Twin mistreated us but I wanted to share the experience so other won’t get burned the way we did.

TWIN Construction started the conversation by telling us they would do a better job negotiating the cost of the work with the insurance company. They assure us that although their costs were significantly higher than their competitors their work was much better and we wouldn’t have to re work and of their efforts years later. Sounded good to us and the fact that the insurance company was paying helped. This process of hammering out the Scope of work normally takes around 6 to 8 weeks, with TWIN Construction it took 4 months nd delayed our renovation tremendously. They blamed it on the insurance company but in truth they were simply attempting to negotiate a larger margin out of our insurance company. Our fire was in July and our contractor didn’t start the job until late October early November. The Scope o work they finally agreed upon with out insurance company is where we got screwed by TWIN Construction.Within this list of items to be replaced and work to be done there were countless reimbursements that they received from our insurance company that they never did.

EXAMPLE- Temporary POWER- Twin received over $1,500 reimbursement from our insurance company to set up and cover the cost of temporary power at the job site. We paid the power set up an consequent bills for over 6 months and when I asked them to explain they originally suggested they would make that right but at the end of the job they changed their tune. Take this example and multiply it across several different items that were never done. Materials were never purchased, and labor was never paid. Surely if TWIN was paid for these renovations in the scope they should have done them and if they didn’t do them there should be a credit toward other work performed.

Another thing to be aware of is the fact that TWIN Construction attempted on several occasions to push us into changes the scope of work so the costs associated with the work would be reduced.

EXAMPLE: They tried to get my wife and I to put hollow doors back into our house. The cost of wooden doors are significantly more expensive and they made every effort to persuade us to put cheap doors in and we couldn’t understand why. Another example is light fixtures, the SCOPE provided for an $1800 allowance for light fixtures and when it came to paying for them they didn’t want to do it. Another example is hardware for interior doors and cabinets, again they had an allowance in the scope told us to go to specific vendor to choose and then called u back and changed their tune told us what had chosen was too expensive and they had made an error.

It was very obvious half way through this job that TWIN had made some very costly errors ion their negotiation of the SCOPE and they were desperately attempting to recover those losses at our expense. Beware of these guys they are not trust worthy and have brought a law suit against my wife and I for $5,500 for work the never did.

2907 Central Ave #105
Birmingham, Alabama 35209


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