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Last Updated On: October 25, 2017

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Business Name: Livaudais Electrical and Construction LLC
Corporate Address:
4628 E St Bernard Hwy
Meraux, Louisiana 70075 USA

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Phone Number: 504-301-3977
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Philip Livaudais - Owner
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $75,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $75,000.00

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Systematically stole from my payroll for 8 years

Philip Livaudais of Livaudais Electrical and Construction – license #43198, is being sued by me a, 9 yr model employee. one that has donated more time than I could keep track of, working 50-65 hrs weekly for many of those years. During which time I saw some shady business deals and private business practices, that i didn’t approve of. And I know for d**n sure the national contractor wouldn’t approve of. But it had nothing to do with me until i was put in the middle of it.

When I said I’m not padding my time or getting on 2 national contractors’ clocks’ at the same time to double bill, I was brought into the office with Philip and Bobby Lambert (his puppet that would rather watch this worm destroy a life then speak up). And they explained that¬† it was ok to them too, but I never changed my mind. Nevertheless, I kept my mouth shut and went to work.

Recently i have found out that Philip has been systematically deducting 7-15% of my OT for those 9 years, by taking white-out to my total daily hours and writing in his own, for an estimated $63,000.00 + charging materials for jobs, office and cell phone bills, ice and water, for ALL the vans and office, to my payroll deductions. Taking a little out each check as if it were a loan I made that never gets paid off.

By accident I saw my employee deductions in the computer and from Sept-Dec, 2015 $1,100.00 that i didn’t have a clue why this was on there. One paycheck was $493.00 of unauthorized deductions.

So, in early June i approached him and demanded to see all time sheets and each year payroll deductions in my file. And I told him I don’t want anything other than what’s mine, and lets get back to work. He stated he would let me know when this can happen. I asked numerous times, and was told it would take too long to look at everyone so he’ll let me know.

Sept 8 I told him my research indicates that it is a FELONY, “FRAUD” to be exact, because it is a federal document and it is a federal law that the employer not alter or edit a time sheet w/o employees approval or signature; and the employer has to keep accurate records of time. And that today is the day I want my money or I will report him to the dept of labor.

On legal recordings he is stating that if he gives me $1,000.00 now can he have more time to look at everything, cause thats a lot of money and he doesn’t have it. l gave him 3 weeks.

When Sept 28 came, that freaking little worm call-blocked me, and stopped coming to his own place of business from fear of crossing paths with me.

I now have a lawyer and I’m suing him for theft of over $75,000, and due to his retaliation my hours went to 30-35 a week, and that was sept. 2016. Thinking this will be settled and we can go back to work.

As of March 3 2017, I was offered a fraction of what he took, with the exception i resign.

“No.”, was my answer. Why should i quit? I did nothing wrong, but I’m out of a job through no fault of mine.

There are at least 4 more people he stole from, but they quit. I’ve told many people, like better business bureau, some national contractors, and nobody cares. Nobody cares that this man stole that much money from an employee right under his nose.

One man has caused so much pain in my life, and now I’m having to sue him to get what I already worked for and now have to give 40% to a scumbag lawyer. He doesn’t deny it, I have the tapes, but he is dragging this out to this day. Check the validity of my complaint then move forward. What documents do you need to proceed with some kind any kind of discipline?

This can not all be for nothing. I have the actual time-sheets with the white-out and his new numbers, I have his and my attorney’s names, legal taped confessions of him discussing repayment, “i want to make it right Steve”. Very damning, but wont pay me back, and look at what it’s grown into. I have police reports WHAT DO YOU NEED TO OPEN AN INVESTIGATION ON PEOPLE THAT ARE LESS THAN ETHICAL AND NO MORALS AND ADMITTED THIEVES?

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