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Business Name: Home & Cabin Services, Inc.
Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 1150
Cardiff, California 92007 USA

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Phone Number: 888-358-1113
Corp Email:
Company Contact: George Wardner - President
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $4,500.00
Average Reported Losses: $4,500.00

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Cabin Kit Homes - Buyer Beware!

(It became very obvious to us why Cabin Kit Homes never gives a mailing address, only a post office box. From our experience he’s probably afraid someone might come knocking on his door in the middle of the night!)

We purchased a cabin kit from Cabin Kit Homes manufactured by AJIA Canadian Building System, Inc., of North Vancouver, BC. The kit order was placed on July 29, 2011 through Cabin Kit Homes, the selling company (Cabin Kit Homes has no affiliation to or with AJIA Building Systems). The kit was delivered on or about June 2, 2012 in Salida, Colorado. The delivery contained approximately 36 very large individually numbered crates and packages.

Each package contained pre-manufactured house wall sections, roof sections, etc. along with necessary hardware including nails, screws, brackets, etc. Accompanying the numbered packages was a load manifest describing what each package or crate contained. Wardner advised us we had to inventory every piece in every package immediately otherwise he’s not responsible for anything missing or faulty with the package.

I stated to Wardner, owner of Cabin Kit Homes, that we would inventory each package as it was opened during construction. Opening all of the packages at once was not reasonable due to property constraints, size/weight of each package as well as it would have exposed the building material to the environment, (as it turns out the kit took up an entire lumber storage yard packed, not unpacked).

As each package was opened, it became obvious that the contents of each package did not correlate with the manifest parts list. As he stated, it was our problem not his????? Can’t for the life of me understand how it became our problem not his???? As the building process proceeded, missing items were noted and an email was generated and addressed to Wardner, advising of the shortages and problems.

This is where everything starts to go downhill, in a hurry! When a certain piece of the kit came up missing, Wardner advised us of the fact that the shipment came through US Custom’s and was totally inventoried by Customs, piece by piece. I advised Wardner that chances of US Custom’s probability of counting each and every nut, bolt, board was highly unrealistic. He insinuated either the US Customs, or I stole the missing items from the kit; hence no reimbursement would be forth coming. (Paid $117,000 for this kit and he thinks I stole the parts – that’s totally irrational).

As an example of a typical problem, I contacted AJIA, the kit manufacturer about some of the missing items, such as roof screws. They advised me they in fact did not send roof screws and I should purchase them from a local hardware store and forward the bill to AJIA. They in turn, would issue a credit to me and I should then forward the credit to Wardner for reimbursement. George Wardner, President/CEO of Cabin Kit Homes, denied any responsibility for the missing kit items. As of today, we are now owed a minimum of $4500.00 for materials not delivered, (and we are only 50% completed in construction).

Purchasing replacement missing parts is obviously costing money, including my contractor’s wasting time trying to fix Cabin Kit Homes’ errors and omissions. When we contacted Wardner and advised him of the problems with the kit we received arrogant and demeaning responses. I seriously doubt Wardner has ever built a house as he is totally ignorant about any detail of the packages he sells.

BUYERS BEWARE of Cabin Kit Homes!!!!!! Remember, put your hand on your wallet for safe keeping, Wardner is out to screw you. Once he gets your money, it’s gone. The only recourse available to us now is taking him and his company to small claims court. All we wanted was a cabin, not a lawsuit!

It should be mentioned AJIA, the kit manufacturer, produces an excellent product and has nothing to do with Cabin Kit Homes lack of responsibility of not upholding their part of the sale. There are many reputable company’s capable of erecting any of the kits manufactured by AJIA. Unfortunately, we picked the wrong company to buy the kit from.

Tel. 1-888-358-1113
Direct Fax. 1-585-925-7941
E-fax: 1-928-563-2580
George Wardner, President
P.O. Box 1150
Cardiff, CA 92007

Official Responses from Cabin Kit Homes

By: George Wardner On: September 12, 2014

Response from George Wardner – President of Cabin Kit Homes

Regarding complaint from Gil Miceli:
The customer’s plans were structurally engineered and state-stamped by licensed, professional structural engineers registered in all 50 states. The county that issued the customer’s building permit approved the engineered Colorado-stamped plans and issued the customer’s building permit. This customer’s complaint was dismissed by the customer and by the county court in which the complaint was filed. Cabin Kit Homes has no reason to accept the accuracy of this customer’s complaint, nor did the county court in which the complaint was filed.

The customer’s plans were structurally engineered and state-stamped by licensed, professional structural engineers registered in all 50 states. The county that issued the customer’s building permit approved the engineered state-stamped plans and issued the customer’s building permit. All of the windows were approved by the county government office that issued the customer’s building permit. Garage doors were not provided because we do not offer garage doors and none were requested by the customer before shipment of the customer’s materials package. This customer lived in Florida, but his property was in Washington state. The customer relied on his wife to submit the plans to the county for building permits, and there we no complaint for the county regarding the engineered, stamped plans the customer’s wife submitted. Cabin Kit Homes has no reason to accept the accuracy of this customer’s complaint.

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I came across this website last night and have been scrolling through plans all morning until I decided to do a review…and found your post.

Is this the same site your ordered from???

It seems they are located in Perth, Ontario.

False Claims. George Wardner Claims: “Our “NAFTA”* free trade program saves you 31% in US import duties and tariffs… and no state sales tax is charged to US customers”. George may not charge sales tax, but States collect use tax. States have agreements with US customs, so they know what comes in and who receives it. would have added $7054.00 to the price of our cabin. BUYERS BEWARE. Also to listen to or read what George prints, you would think he owns the lumber mill. He buys hiss packages from AJIA .

My wife and I began researching cabin kit homes in spring, 2011. after exchanging several emails with Wardner, the hair on the back of neck began to bristle when my wife and I discussed doing business with his company. I researched read the many complaints and even the good reviews. but, the slick used car salesman feeling never went away when Wardner was discussed. our acreage, home, outbuildings, etc. were destroyed in the Bastrop County, TX, wildfire of Labor Day 2011. since we were well insured and after grieving the lost of 40 yrs worth of pictures, momentos, one animal,… Read more »
My husband and I own a beautiful piece of property in Big Bear Ca. and were planning on purchasing a cabin Kit from George Warden in the spring of 2015. Our friends were also planning to purchase one for a piece of property they own in Cuymacca. After reading the complaint written by Gil Miceli, we are now reconsidering. Mr. Miceli wrote a very concise letter and the complaint was reasonable. The response by Mr. Warden did not address any of the issues in the complaint. Specifically missing materials due to errors or omissions, and how to get reimbursement QUICKLY… Read more »

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