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Last Updated On: August 8, 2017

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Business Name: Nexus1040 (formerly TRX Software)
Corporate Address:
2425 West Loop S #200
Houston, Texas 77027 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 855-872-8725
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Karen Bills - Director
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.07 out of 5
Based On: 72 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 155

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $360,622.93
Average Reported Losses: $5,008.65

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Is Nexus1040 a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

TRX the brand that puts you in the hole!

I used the TRX software for a number of years with no complaints; it was a good software. In 2012 that changed. It was erasing returns I had processed causing me to have to reenter all information.

When the return did go through it was missing pages and/or contained errors.

I purchased again in 2013, with the guarantee it would work or my money back; this was a false statement. Since one return went through and was accepted by the IRS it apparently voided my refund; never mind that the return was not submitted correctly.

This caused my clients to receive their refunds weeks later than was estimated and in some cases prepare a amended return to fix the errors at no charge to the client of course.

On top of that problems with returns and having to deal with my clients, I was assessed tax preparer penalties for form 8867 not being submitted for adults only with electronic returns!

I had no idea they were being excluded; my software showed the form to be highlighted blue which, to my understanding, meant it was active and would be submitted.

I am still trying to figure out what to do with the IRS because they say that a software error is essentially my error since we “cannot rely on software”.

So, aside form the hundreds of customers I lost because of the inaccurate filings ( I had close to 2000, now I have close to 700), I owe an excess of $23,000 alone in preparer penalties!

TRX refused to give me a refund even after I wrote and expressed my thoughts; they did not even answer. I ended up buying a new software in 2014 and have yet to have any problems since.

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More About Nexus1040

Formerly known as TRX Software | Alternate Business Names: Taxes R Us, TaxExact Software, TRX


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So everyone is aware, all of these reviews are from software before even 2015.

What is the status of NY filings? They are still pending!


I cannot believe this company is still out scamming tax people, I got stuck in 2013 even though their were problems with several companies that year as a result of modified efiling. this TRX did some very unhanded things like put up a previous year form for the state of RI. I bought 1040 LYNC thiis year 2016-2017 and recognized the recording when on hold so kept asking who owns this company and they denied it being Doug Hughs and the tech guy said he did not know.. Thank god they screwed up really bad in the beginning so I… Read more »

I just recently tried to open my 2014 software…we have to have this information available for how many years?? It isn’t working… can we get in trouble for not having this information??? UGH! This company sucks.

If you would call their support they would be able to assistant in opening the 2014 program for you if you are having issues.

Like the rest of you I had been using TRX for years and have struggled through all of their issues and problems since 2013 only to be told that next year will be better. No corporate forms or states, state e-file not rolling out until late and local forms just disappeared. I cannot even access 2015 and spent hours on the phone with TRX and Microsoft and still cannot get in. Now I am trying to do an amended 2014 and I guess the website is completely gone so I am screwed. I am all in with anyone who wants… Read more »

i used them for many years, then around 2012 software they went down the tubes. i used taxact for my 1120S for 2012 and 2014 and went all taxact for 2015. now i have to do a 2014 1040 and the they are gone. no access to the software, so all my client files are gone. i’m lucky that my day job is very generous about letting me use their software.
what pissed me off most was i couldn’t do invoices, 1040EST, 1040V. i couldn’t bill easily and my clients couldn’t pay IRS.

How about Taxact? is it good?

i bought taxact 1120 for 2012 and 2014. for 2015 i bought 1040, 1120S and 1120 [it was a package plus a few states. i rarely do states, i’m in florida] i had NO PROBLEMS. none. that is the highest compliment i can give a software company. it did it’s job, it calculated, it printed, it efiled. a few times i was concerned about what i saw, i took the client file and replicated it at my day job, either in Drake or in Taxwise, same results. a few times my boss asked me to replicate a client form drake… Read more »

TRX Tax Software is filled with errors. Don’t be fooled by their low price. I could not efile even one complete return but of course they will not refund my $349 that I paid. They do NOT even have all states available. This is a real ripoff. Wish I had read this site before I bought.

How about being called a liar by TRX? Here is a seciton of the email I just got. Actually here is the whole thing. 10:22 PM (22 hours ago) to me Patricia, We have been on numerous support calls with you because you, we have also on several occasions in the past 5 days had to reset your permissions in your software because you changed them wrongly over and over. We have Tutorials and even Videos on our help tab in our software to show you how to set them properly. I personally have reset your privileges on 3… Read more »

Cannot believe they still have a website offering 2015 software and of course their 100% refund guarantee. Sure hope people look and research before buying. IRS should definitely have a warning on their site. I was a small preparer and last year was the end. I lost several clients after the 2012 fiasco and it is not cost effective for me to go to another service. Good luck to all of you with your 2015 tax season.

GIve me a call and I can get you set up with tax software and back on track.

877-220-0193 ext 0006

If you need a software company to help you get back on track after your bad experience with TRX, please give me a call and let me help. MainStreet Tax Solutions will get you ready for next tax season with software that works at prices that you’ll love and the best support in the industry, We offer TaxWise and CrossLink software packages so we can get you setup with a program that best suits your office’s needs.

Shawn Watts
877-220-0193 ext 0006

Having worked there for a good while I have one thing to say to all of you, RUN! It is without a doubt the most underhanded organization I’ve ever worked for. The managers blatantly tell the sales people to lie and make false promises. Most of the sales people are barely getting by so they in turn tell the lies because if they don’t make quota they’ll be out on the street. Once they have your money, you’re not going to get it back aside from taking legal action (therefore spending even more money). The CEO and his small cohort… Read more »
This is turning into a real nightmare, IRS notices out the woo for deleted info during transmission they had the nerve to call for a renewal when I didn’t even finish out the season with them, had to purchase another program at the end of Feb, this is undoubtedly the biggest software scam! They wouldn’t even support the 2013 software anymore, don’t these fools know that we are always having to go back to previous years also, and then to stop addressing issues with the 2014 software in Feb, everything was a patch or bandaid to fix the problem, then… Read more »

I just tried to call them………their phone number is no longer in service!!! I hope nobody renewed with them.

Well I guess I was not the only one having problems as they lead me to believe. I have several emails back and forth with Doug and Dustin, asking for a refund because of all the problems. Of course I did not get it, told to file a written request which of course I have not heard from, I was told I could not buy their software any more and was also blocked from the few clients that I did get filed with the Federal. I only got 1 approved by Michigan and they did not even offer Indiana this… Read more »

I was able to just file one Federal return and then after I started making reports and gripping I was blocked from the software. I filed all reports and they had a lawyer answer the complaints, said that this was professional software and I did not know what I was doing. I don’t know how to find a lawyer to take on this outfit. Anybody out there that can help?

same thing happens to me in 2012 but i have never buy this software again , i was looking to see what the reviews say now but i see they have not fix anything , and price of those software which are really good are now so high, it is incredible .
i got my refund thru the bank.

They have sent me letters and emal’s about renewing with them. I just now got a phone call from some poor woman that works with them. Told her she was crazy. I was only able to file one federal return and nothing else and after I made complaints I was locked out of the software and had to purchase new software with another company. She thanked me for my business I said yeah guess you do, you got 400 bucks out of me for nothing. I told her if she was smart she would go find another job. She said… Read more »
I have used TRX for long time two had the same proplem as everyone else i even contacted IRS and made a complaint about there software. I moved to intuit pro series in the middle of the tax season . I am really pleased with it. IF you contact the person i told you before she will explain it to you about all the discounts and what it will cost you if it cost you anything depends if you do bank products. I have tried other program OLT had trouble , I tried Ulitmate tax had trouble with them and… Read more »


My story seems to echo in all these posts I have read. I was a long time customer and things were fine until the switch in 2012 and then things have gone down hill quickly. After being told I didn’t qualify for a refund I called a guy who had called me for the last two seasons. I should have listened to him, since I made the switch I have had customer service like no other and I get my software and bank product pricing that would shock most people. His name is Jeremy and he is with RightWay Tax… Read more »

If your are still having trouble with TRX you can email this person and she will be glad to help you just like they did with me. her names is and tell her that Jean Dockery sent you and she will take care of you. If you can prove that you did 50 returns that are bank refunds the software is free.

Went to Intuit finally. They did a good job taking care of me. I am done with the TRX.

I’ve been a TRX customer for the last 8 years or so. Everything went well until the TRX started their own tax software for the 2012 tax year. That was a fiasco. The Federal had numerous errors and they didn’t have the states ready until the middle or end of the tax season. I had to examine every line of every tax return to make sure it was calculated correctly. I almost dumped them that year. I gave them a second chance because the software was working like it should for about a month in that tax year and since… Read more »
I have been a TRX user for close to 10 years. The past three, including 2014 have been nightmares. I still can’t print a state return, the first two pages will print but the schedules won’t even show on the screen. I have a number of clients that have to paper file the MO return for a property tax credit that requires supporting documents. It is hard to prepare a return that won’t print. TRX tech support keeps telling me to efile the returns. I have explained that I can’t and have had to use the MO DOR website fill… Read more »
I was able to only flie the federal on one return. Other returns that I tried to process did so incorrectly and the bank products were spitting out blank application forms. I am out the 425 bucks plus 35.00 to switch atlas over, a dozen clients and now trx locked me out of the software so I am not able to retrieve the one return I did do. I had to buy other software, Atlas still is not fixed and I guess I am out about 1500 bucks this year and who knows how many clients I won’t have back… Read more »

As a former employee that got out of there years ago: STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!

This company is ethically bankrupt and only cares about taking your money and lining the pockets of upper management. I always check back every tax season to see if they’ve managed to stay in business and somehow they’ve pulled it off far longer than I expected. Eventually they’re going to run out of people to con and finally get what’s coming to them.

Also, please don’t take out your anger on the support staff, they treated us as badly as they did their customers.

if it is a sign at all, their phone number is out of service!

These people need to be stopped, as for the employees you got out working for and knowing what this guy is doing I give no slack.

For those of you having problems getting a refund, # 1 do a charge back with cc company, 2# file complaint with BBB of Nashville and 3 file complaint with the AG office department of consumer affairs in Nashville. Many complaints have already been filed, the more the better.


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