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Last Updated On: September 22, 2016

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Reported Losses: $300.00
Average Reported Losses: $300.00

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PC Utilities Pro - Computer invasion to disable function of computer without being able to accept their function

Optimizer Pro locked their program on my computer to where I could not use my computer. I had to allow them to scan my computer to get rid of them and they infected my computer with viruses that I have had to hire some one to try and clean up my mess. It has costs me a fortune to get my computer back up and running and it’s still not fixed all the way. I would like to have this company reimburse me for the cost of undoing what they did to my computer. I would consider taking legal action if someone who refer me to the proper authorities.

PC Utilities Pro – OPTIMIZER PRO is the name that’s on the papers I printed from the email they sent me and they are illegally taking control of victims computers and infecting them. Where do I go from here to get my computer repairs costs back and my computer back to what it was. They told me they would “fix” it back for $254.

Do they have the right to rip people off like that? They caused the problem and now they want me to pay them to undo what they did. How illegal is that!!! please give me some recourse suggestions that I can try and put them out of business.


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I had to reset my laptop after installing. This program is a MESS. It has more pop up crap than pop tarts

What a terrible program – it does everything to try and make sure you do not get rid of it!!
DO NOT accept or install this program – under any circumstances.

I also have this downloaded on my computer. All kinds of problems have come up since it helped itself to my computer! these problems weren’t there before! This happened on my old computer, and it took hundreds to fix it and i had to make multiple calls to people that were rude and didn’t speak english. had to buy a new computer in the end. And Walah here it is again. Wish i knew how to stop this. Can’t something be done to the people who do this!!!

I stopped it when it initially tried to run, then uninstalled it through Windows uninstall program on the control panel. It only took me about 5 minutes total. Afterwards I ran a registry cleaner to make sure it was fully gone and then ran antivirus software just to be safe. It’s not a virus, just a really freaking annoying program meant to scam people out of money.

Livid. Everything is slower now. AND I am totally unable to UNINSTALL this program and several others they attached with it. Livid and frustrated. SCAM SCAM SCAM and INTRUDER.
Are we three commenters the only ones who fell for this?? If not, and someone found a way to UNINSTALL, please, help.

bad stuf!!!! had to change hard drive


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