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Last Updated On: June 29, 2017

PC Update Support Contact Information

Business Name: PC Update Support LLC
Corporate Address:
10 Cheswold Blvd 1D
Newark, Delaware 19713 USA

PC Update Support Customer Service

PC Update Support Phone Number: 800-896-8394
Corp Email: support@pcupdatesupport.com
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 9

PC Update Support Reports

Reported Losses: $280.00
Average Reported Losses: $70.00

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Almost Another Victim

Same complaint as Gertrude Allen. My wife noticed a problem with her Verizon security certificate so I thought I called Verizon for assistance. I was told by the technician that I have the Zeus Trojan and that ONLY qualified Microsoft or Cisco technicians could assist me.

Amazingly, Verizon was able to directly transfer me over to them for help. They want $500 by check to repair my problem.

After 3 hours of working on the system, they have repaired nothing and are supposed to resume their assistance tonight. Although I’m supposed to have communicated with multiple individuals (certainly not in this country) throughout, they all sound like I’m speaking with the same person (Mike and Russ).

I’m glad that I found this site.

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If anyone….anyone asks you to send a check – it is a scam.. I have been asked to PAY for minor corrections in my system …averaging 250 bucks…WHICH – I can download for ZERO… Just the day before yesterday..I was asked for over 200 bucks for some system License and key crap… Microsoft did it for FREE with the installation of my new WIN 10 .. Was scammed by a FAKE Microsoft Tech…who wanted me to send $$ 485….to fix a problem.. He was a fake from INDIA… I did not send him a cent..BUT – I had let the… Read more »
Almost got me yesterday. I called Verizon for a billing error and was connected to a "tech support" person He also said that my computer had a Zeus Trojan and not to call Staples, Geek or a storefront computer company because they were not equipped to deal with this and it needed to be done immediately. He said I needed Cisco Systems and transferred me to (it turned out) was PC Update Support, LLC. This person then took control of my computer, called every half hour or so and wanted the check number of my payment ($449.95). He then added… Read more »

My cable tv went out, I called xfinity a guy name Daniel with heavy accent (India) said Let me check your server,and i was told of Zeus Trojan. He gave me all the horrible scenarios that can happen to my account if I don’t call the no.800.896.8394. The guy wanted $300.00 and the check no. I hung up the phone.

Talked with Sam today. He asked for a check # and claimed they are "Back Door Support" for Twitter and my suspended account would be restored in ten (10) days. These people are liars. Initially, I was told they were speaking to me from Delaware then after I questioned more deeply learned they are in India. Total idiots.

ABSOLUTE thieves…..of the worst kind.. If they get into your system…you computer is toast… DO NOT TRUST ANYONE….ANYONE — who want a check..or a check number…

I just had the same problem today. They told me that I had a Zeus Trojan and that people were tracking my key strokes and that I should not use my computer for anything involving banking or credit cards. I got into an argument with a supervisor his name was John and told him I had someone look this company up while they were working on my computer because they put the fear of god into you, and told him that their were multiple complaints about them. I told him they were fraudelent because what I had clicked on was… Read more »
Same thing happened to me today for a Gmail problem. They identified themselves as Gmail support and then wanted to charge me for 8 computers. They did the same command prompt scan, and showed me a Zeus Trojan. They claimed they had removed the Zeus Trojan which is a root Trojan without restarting the computer. That is impossible. My in house technician came in during the conversation and called BS on them. I disconnected my computer from the internet physically by pulling the internet cable. I ran a Microsoft Security program from the Microsoft site and it found other bugs,… Read more »
Same here! Thought I had called Verizon email tech support (866-666-5542), I asked do you work for verizon and he said yes. Said I also had a Zeus Trojan and it needed to be fixed before he worked on my email. Transfered me to PC update ( 800-896-8394) because he said it was less expensive than bringing it to Microsoft. They did get my email back for $350.00. Still a couple of hours later the messages could not be down loaded. I finally was able to contact verizon and he fixed the whole thing in ten minutes PC update should… Read more »

Same here. When he gave me a web site to log on to, which started with the name download, I asked if he wanted to log on to my computer. He said yes, so I said “no way” and I hung up. I suspected something when an indian answered. I’ve heard of their scams before.


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