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Last Updated On: July 28, 2017

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Business Name: GuruAid Technical Soltuions
Corporate Address:
19 Business Park Dr
Branford, Connecticut USA

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Phone Number: 203-488-5265
Corp Email:
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.05 out of 5
Based On: 22 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 66

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $13,358.97
Average Reported Losses: $607.23

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Computer Support Scam


When doing a Google search for some antivirus programs and computer companies, or for “,” Guruaid of India often comes up, associated with the respective name being searched.

For example, when Googling “Bitdefender antivirus telephone number” or another firm, the respective name of the firm comes up tied to Guruaid of India, along with their US toll-free number.

The people at Guruaid answering the telephone claim they work for the company – Bitdefender, Norton, Toshiba, etc.
The first thing they do is collect the caller’s name, email address and other personal information, then they want to get access to the person’s computer, allegedly to help them solve their problem or obtain the information they are seeking.

After rooting around in the person’s computer for a while – stealing and implanting who knows what – they then try to sell service and programs to the caller.

This is a very dubious company that misrepresents itself to gain the trust of unsuspecting callers, along with access to their computers. They can do a lot of damage to caller’s computers, in addition to stealing proprietary and other information. They can insert spyware, viruses, and creat problems, some of which they will then offer to clean up, if you sign up for their service program.

A Google search of Garuaid of India with the words “Scam” or “Complaints” will provide many additional examples of the deceptive, unethical, and illegal tactics.

I have included a four examples of deceptive listingsGoogle Search: , below.

1. Google Search: Bitdefender antivirus telephone number
Tech Support for Bitdefender – Call Now (US Toll Free) –‎‎
(844) 872-9074
GuruAid’s Phone Support for Bitdefender Antivirus. 24 Hour Online Tech Help!

2. Google Search: McAfee antivirus telephone number
Phone Support for McAfee – Call Now (US Toll Free) –‎‎
(844) 290-1021
Get Instant Help & Support for Mcafee Antivirus by GuruAid. 24 Hour Support!

3. Google Search: Norton antivirus telephone number
Antivirus Support Number –‎‎
(844) 625-4424
Contact Antivirus Help Number by GuruAid Help Desk: Call (Toll Free)

4. Google Search:
Support for Google Chrome – Trusted Technical Solutions –‎‎
(844) 290-1018
Help & Support for Google Chrome by GuruAid’s Help Desk, Call Toll Free
Various Payment Options • Authorize.Net Verified
Highlights: Secure & Fast Stable Browser For All PCs, Clean And Clutter-Free Interface…

5. Google Search: Dell computer support telephone number

Support for Dell Computer – Call Toll Free. 24 Hour Support‎‎
GuruAid Support for Dell Computers

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Scam! They just want to sell their so called “maintenance” programs. Take control over your PC remotely if you let them and try to convince you that you are in a desperate need of “cleaning” what they also can do remotely, for their price of course. If you refuse they don’t let you go without another discussion till you hang up. Needed them for a simple problem with Bit defender, believed it was their customer service at first. Afterwords, I cleaned my PC myself with just deleting all kind of temp. files and re-installing my Total Security 2018. All works… Read more »
I thought I was contacting Bitdefender support and told them I was having a problem installing their Internet Security software. They transferred me to a tech who said he would check my computer via remote access. After a time he show me a screen that said I had over 169 viruses and malware which was the problem. For $179.99 he would clean the computer and install Bitdefender. After the work was done, everything seemed find. He tried to talk me into purchasing coverage for our other computers but i declined. After I hung up I decided to do some checking… Read more »
I was trying to reinstall kaspersky antivirus on my pc after deleting windows 10 and going to an older version, because I did that I’ve lost my antivirus somehow anyways, trying to get costumer support from kaspersky I ended up talking to this person, ok he went in to my computer of course I allowed him then asked for music phone number in case the call drops, which made sense then email address, he never mentioned that I was going to paid for any service after 1 hour that he spent showing me all the issues that I have to… Read more »
Similar experience which started 2 yrs ago-called for a problem with my laptop and ended being unable to use the computer all day while they "repaired" it-did work for a time and they told me they would do monthly cleanup and send a report for 2 yrs for $299.00. Paid that and they called about a month later to say there was a problem but they fixed it. Did not hear from them again until recently when they called to say they could renew my subscription and give a free cleanup. (this is 2 yr later) When I said but… Read more »
I called Google for a simple Gmail question. Sonu Ray said he needed to be sure my computer had the proper capacity. He showed me lots of things on my laptop (via remote access) that looked bad but, not being a techy, I can’t be certain. 90 minutes later (!) I was getting the sales pitch from him. I looked them up on BBB while he was talking and they have a C rating – not good in my opinion. When I started doing this he put his supervisor on. I declined the package – just not comfortable. Oh, and… Read more »

Guru Aid is horrible! I had their service for a year. Every time they went into my computer they made it much worse than when they first began to work on it and on top of that made me wait hours and hours for them to harm my computer even more! You are much better off to take your computer to someone locally. They recently called me and wanted me to renew my service. I refused and gave them an earful about how bad their service was. Stay away from this company!

My brother who is 74 years old pensioner bought a second laptop as he has taking computer lesson and this is acquaint him with the computer and keep him busy as he lives alone.Today he googled for Kaspersky in order to install an anti virus but unfortunately he clicked onto guru aid where are listed as agents to Kaspersky and then proceeded to direct him on how to install a program that caused his computer to develop a major problem and this was a computer that had no problem whatsoever before he contacted them.They in turn asked him to pay… Read more »

Subodh was perfectly wonderful. He did his job as I would expect it to be done. Very good performance. GURUAID

You are GuruAid posting this ficticious reference. You think you are slick, and you actually really are. I hope everybody sees through this. GuruAid is a SCAM company. look at all of the real reviews.

I am very happy with the help that the representative gives. I would like notification of any payment details or re-subscribing that is happening to letmeknow costs etc.

Posted by GuruAid


Hi GuruAid. Giving yourself a good reference. Good strategy.

Appreciate the service, each time they have trouble shot my computer they have fixed it, I also appreciate how they reached out to contact me with a problem I had months ago and had forgotten about.

If you weren’t stung yet, you will be. I was, although the firt encounter was food. Hold on to your accounts, money, and passwords!

I’m grateful for the assistance I received from guru aid. I’ve learned about having my computers being updated and files cleaned. Thank you.c

2 years ago. Probably got the real service they provide after that- RIPPED OFF and hustled for your money.

Nikhil Krishnan was most helpful to me with a number of problems I was having with my computer. I am not technologically astute, and during the entire time it took for him to resolve all my issues he was always courteous, professional, and pleasant. This is the second time I have used the services of GuruAid, and on both occasions have been very satisfied with the results.

If GURUAid has hundreds of telemarketers doing over 350,000 auto-dial calls an hour, and almost 200 computer tech con artists getting control access to client computers, then it is easy to see that they also post these (false) positive comments.

DON’T BE FOOLED! This company is not honest or sincere. They mislead you into believing that you are speaking with your own customer service (McAfee, Norton, or whatever) and then they cause problems on your computer which in turn they sell you their services to fix. There is a extreme language barrier if you are English speaking and they use this to their advantage.

I recently purchased a one year Annual Maintenance plan from Guruaid for $169.99. I called originally to talk to someone about my laptop that had the Free AVG anti virus protection on it. I was unable to remove the AVG program. My computer was bogging down and ads were appearing. So Guruaid fixed my computer and took off many threats and 4 viruses that were on my laptop. It took almost 4 hours from start to finish. I am now able to use my computer much better. I still have an ad that appears and another issue that I will… Read more »

try SUPERANTYSPYWARE and Malwarebytes thy are free to use and also
try Bitdefender av home it also is free You will not have any more pop ups
You will have CONTRTOL of Your Computer

Really? How have the past two years been? Homeless and bad credit rating yet?

I purchased mcafee total care and found myself stuck with having the only people who would install it being guruaid,they told me my lapp top had problem I wouldn’t be able to install any virus program.they ran avg told me this was wrong that was wrong and they could fix it warrante it for one yaer for a hundred sum dollars.after I already paid 60 dollars for mcafee program.told them to buzz off and downloaded a free virus program ,with no problem and my lapp top is up and running,im out 60 dollars.they lied and or were wrong,saying my lapp… Read more »
Same scam pulled on me & I feel real foolish about it now. Only I was on the hook for about 11 hours total before I got my computer back in the condition it was prior to calling them via Kaspersky Tech Support referral… Still haven’t seen my refund, but I don’t intend on letting them walk away with it… I can’t believe these anti-virus software companies use this company to do their tech support.. I’m not through with them yet – 11+ hours of my life for nothing + $100 for the same (nothing). I don’t intend on letting… Read more »

This site is a scam. Guruaid is a useful, extremely helpful company.

Bollocks. You’re only putting up the negative comments on guruaid.

I encourage you to spend more with GuruAid.

RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY, Don’t walk….RUN. Not only do they not do what they say, but they take hours of your time making you wait while they supposedly are doing something. The problems come back within a day or two. Worst thing is when I wanted to cancel they tried to charge me for partial services rendered. They didn’t succeed, but got a real hassle. Then coincidentally, my computer gets hacked and my password and ID get stolen and my back account gets accessed. Fortunately, the bank did not pay and let me know. PAY ATTENTION TO THESE BAD REVIEWS,… Read more »
I never even heard of this company til yesterday when I tried to contact Norton online because I wanted to give them an update on my new credit account. Then I was given a number that I thought was Norton and as it turned out it was Guruaid. I told them what I wanted to do and then there was this silence. The tech said he was "checking out my PC. Then after a long silence he informed me that my compu needed "cleaning up" and their was all these viruses on it. I said that I was not having… Read more »
I have used GuruAid for over a month now. They have not immediately discovered why my Dell laptop is crashing constantly, but then neither would a local expert. GuruAid used all sorts of searches and scans to try to discover what had caused my problems, to no avail. Was this their fault? I doubt it. Viruses, malware and trojans can be so elusive, plus they had to check my hardware/software and Dell diagnostics. At this moment I seem to be ok, but I would not be surprised if the same bug (65===) or something similar, was to hit me again.… Read more »

guru leaves me cold….

This is an INDIAN COMPANY. operating as LESTER INC in USA.The Client base for GuruAid is in USA,Canada,UK,and Australia.They have highlited Microsoft Windows Support in their Home page and also provided a toll free number:1 855 575 5140.They take customers PC on Remote,scan their computer and show them various error’s,at times they create these issues.Aged people and people with not much computer knowledge mostly are prey. BEWARE OF GURUAID or may i say GURU with AIDS…SAY NO TO GURUAIDS!! .


I am seeing a seriously bad trend with Microsoft and the so-called virus protection programs. I had similar experiences as many of the other posters with GURUAID. Yes, they are a legal SCAM upon the American public. But it is Norton, McAfee, Trend Micro, Bitdefender, and many others who perpetuate this fraud. They are the ones directing us to these VICIOUS cons.

To the participants on this thread a) First, by way of background, GuruAid is a division of a 30-year old U.S. company (Lester Inc, based in Branford, CT. We are a leading ( one of the top-5 in the world) independent technical support company, and our tech support division website ( makes it very clear that we are not affiliated with any computer or software product company. b) Second, every day we handle and successfully resolve thousands of customer inquiries. Check what our customers have to say about us on facebook. These are not canned customer satisfaction comments. We… Read more »
You said you had a message from my PC; which I haven’t owned for two years. Said you would make the virus overheat my battery and burn my house down and kill my family. Another rep said he knew where I lived and was coming to my house to “take care of your problem” and then “drink all of your whiskey”. So, you are legitimate? I only live a few miles away from the office you say you have (unknown to your rep who didn’t know that and wasn’t in the US anyway- as none are). YOU ARE A VIRUS.

But how does one find out who to contact for a refund? I do have MS Office back but my computer is slower than ever.

GURUAID – scammers who are posing as Microsoft, Symantec, TrendMicro, Sophos, Kaspersky, Vipre, and other reputable companies. They trick you into thinking they are actually the manufacturer’s tech support, then try to get you to sign up for their service plan for hundreds of dollars. If you google search the names lsited above along with the word "support" you will find Google ad word links to the Guruaid site. They are abusing the brand names of other reputable firms in order to trick unwary consumers. Do NOT give these posers access to your computer!!!
Guru Aid will install some type of Malware on your computer that takes effect the moment that your year contract you have paid with them has expired. I had purchased the year contract with them for Malware protection because I didn’t know any better & the day that protection expired, low & behold my computer was infected with a virus. This company is a complete FRAUD. They have called my contact number that I provided them (which was a cell number) & they call me from INDIA. I have told them to NOT call me again & yet they continue… Read more »

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