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Last Updated On: July 28, 2017

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Business Name: Derrell's Repairs
Corporate Address:
6232 Lake Arago Ave
San Diego, California 92119 USA

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Phone Number: 619-567-9586
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Derrell Davies - Admin, Registrant
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 2

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Very bad tech

This person, derrell I think his name was, since his company name is derrell repairs, and the bill we got was from; well this guy was probably the most unprofessional and most obnoxious person we have ever come across since moving down here.

He got to our place late and told us some story about how his wife had filed for divorce and kept going on and on about how his wife had hidden his car keys so he be late for our appointment, and how she was this terrible woman who was all deserving of anything bad that might come her way in the future, and spoke of how the guy she cheated on him with is “gay” and kept on using the word “gay” over and over again, using the word “f*g” at some point. Where I myself might not have found it offensive given the context of his griping about a wife who he was divorcing, but my wife who’s brother is homosexual, found it extremely offensive and left the house after hearing this computer repair techs rantings.

Keep in mind, all we wanted was our computer repaired and so called to help us, we were not expecting him to: 1) be late, and 2) go on and on about his personal problems.

To make things much worse…he wasn’t able to fix our problem! He still demanded payment! He then went on about how he needed the money to file for his divorce! We reluctantly paid him.

The whole thing was one huge nightmare, and we ended up having to call a different company to come out and paid them on top of what we paid this ridiculous person after he jipped us out of our valuable time , and made us listen to his sob story while he screwed up our computer even more. The worst experience ever!

Hopefully someone reads this and will help them not choose derrel from derrels computer repair ( ) when looking for computer repair service


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This isn’t Derrell’s Computer Repair Services since I’m happily married and don’t do house calls. Feel free to check out real reviews about my services on yelp.

And this site seems fraudulent since I’m asked to pay $499.00 to inquire about this phony review.


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