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Last Updated On: September 5, 2017

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Business Name: Subrogation Management Team Ltd
Corporate Address:
204 E Rhapsody Dr
San Antonio, Texas 78216 USA

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Phone Number: 210-657-0064
Company Contact: Denise Brazell - Manager
Corp Website:


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Threatening the Wrong Person

On 7/31/17, Subrogation Management Team Ltd. with an address of P.O. Box 460409, San Antonio, TX 78246 and phone number of (210)294-4471, sent my husband a letter stating that a claim had been filed for rental car damages.

Their records indicated that his vehicle was involved in an accident with a rental vehicle on or about 3/28/17. It continued to say that he had been found at fault and responsible for the loss. They stated that they made every effort to expedite a full settlement from a “named” insurance company but portions of the claim was unpaid.

The end of the letter stated that he was responsible for $2,210.00 and it needed to be paid promptly. They included a form for credit card authorization.

We received this letter right before we left for a vacation and it seemed completely bizarre. First, we have not been in any accidents or rented any vehicles in several years , the insurance company named is not our insurance company, and there was no detailed information about where the accident took place, types of cars involved, types of damages, etc.

After doing a little research we figured it was a scam and left for vacation.

On 8/23/17, Subrogation Management Team ltd. sent another letter stating it was our Final Notice to pay $2,210.00. It threatened that if full payment was not received by 9/1/17 that our account would be turned over to a national collection agency.

When we received the letter on or about 8/29/17 and they are threatening to have it turned over 4 days later then we have a problem. My husband called the number and left a message for the woman’s name at the bottom of the form, immediately got on the phone with our insurance company to see if they were aware of anything, we did an immediate credit check to make sure there was no identity theft, and lots of stress.

My husband played phone tag with the woman all day on 8/31/17 while he is at a stressful, busy job, attending meetings, and trying to get work done. I finally took over the communications to try to resolve this issue.

I called the main number and straight out said I needed to speak with this woman or her supervisor to get this resolved today.

When she did call she said that they had the wrong person and that everyone makes mistakes. Are you kidding me? Not a mistake where you are billing someone $2,210.00 and threatening to turn them over to National Collection Agencies.

We have worked very hard to get ourselves out of debt and to have decent/good credit.

The email that she sent my husband said that one of their administrative assistants looked up his name and that he was the only one since it’s an uncommon name.

I did a very quick search and found 12 other men with the same name on Facebook and at least 7 on Linkedlen and it took me 5 minutes of searching.

I believe this was a car accident that occurred in New Jersey since it’s a New Jersey rental company and we don’t even live in that state.

To say I’m furious is an understatement and they should not be able to do this to other people. An apology does not make this right. To say we are cleared from the bill, that we didn’t owe or were involved with in the first place, does not take into account of our time, energy, and stress.

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