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Last Updated On: July 1, 2017

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Fired from Northstar Collections for my disabilities

Hi Harpo Studios & Oprah, regretfully this will be my last email, my life in the past 24 hrs has been a book in itself. As I sit here writing listening to my new favorite music to keep me sane, Lindsey Stirling amazing violinist. in short version I was fired on 1/9/13, my son, Ashers 10th birthday. I worked for Northstar Location Services for 5 years. They lost Chase as a client due to the history of numerous complaints. This agency knew for a while they were gradually decreasing in paper to collect and continued to dwindle down little by little to an announcement as if they woke up and just received an email from Chase that they are pulling.

With that being said is why 2 weeks before Christmas they fired over 25 part timers calling one by one questioning schedules and bring up paper trails of write ups finding justifiable reasons to either force them to have no choice but to resign or be fired for a non logical reasons. Some qualified for unemployment others were denied. I had documents on file in human resources explaining because of medical conditions from a bulging disc in my upper spine and a small fracture in my neck unexplainable, unexplainable caused, so I have to start physical therapy, and can only work part time.

In addition I came back on maternity leave in Sept 2011 with doc notes stating because of my mental health and physical health I was limited to but not restricted to work as long as it is not above a certain amount of hours. They knew this and had no problem. I have no paper trail nor write ups to an over excessive extent to have justification to fire me.

So on 1/9/13 I was being harassed by one of my managers on the collections floor by his approach. I was told within that day to RE-FILL out a form that every end of month needs to be done by all collectors that are either handed in or collected by management. I informed him that I could not perform that task because I had a scheduled doc appt(my therapist) @ 2:30 and that my wrist really hurt that day to have to refill out a full month of Decembers daily log by hand. I have arthritis in my shoulders, elbows, and wrist. I have all proof of documents to support everything I am writing and so did Northstar HR.

My manager continued to harass me so I went to HR to tell some one. I was approached by the VP of HR and was told that those are really strong words and accusation, I said to her again I am being harassed so she asked what happened I informed her of the same as above. She began to twist and turn my words around in such a political way, she asked ” so what your admitting is that your manager asked you to do something which is my job to fill out a monthly roadmap which I did do and always do. Again some how the same manager has either lost misplaced mine again within just the last 3x in just the past 6months of 5 yrs of being here and have no write ups for it.

I advised human resources that I could not fill it out because I was done with my schedule for the day because of a doc appt and that my wrist were hurting that day to re hand fill out a form. The next morning I come in and was approached my another one of my mangers asking me to come to HR. I go in there and with a lady and manager. I was being terminated for insubordinate, for not doing what my manager asked of me and I refused and they even added on that day that I refused to take a Spanish call, and I did not take the call because I had to go to the bathroom.

So all they wanted to hear was that I refused take a Spanish call and I refused to refill out my roadmap on that specific day 1/8/13 because my wrist hurt. I went to go and correct the wording on the write up because it was invalid and false. The HR woman snatched it from under my hand and yelled at me that I cannot do that because that is there form. I informed them that I have no problem signing anything as long as its the truth and I needed a copy why I was being terminated and they refused said that they no longer needed my services. They refused to listen to me and began to become aggressive with there body language and words making up lies about and making my managers nod yes in agreement by telling them that they did witness and hear false lies.

I left that day with nothing, from that moment on that day came one event after event leading me to Memorial Hospital mental ward on my sons birthday. Its principle, you cant treat people like this and me. People say its collections, you can go anywhere tomorrow and get a job, go on un employment, which they will fight and I have been calling for the past 2 days and just go round and round on the message service. I’m not afraid to speak out the truth. I know I have a law suit and will pursue it. I left the hospital and walked 4 hours home with nothing, no money no cell ph no phone numbers memorized because the only other one is my fiancé and no service no money to pay bills.

As I sit here on my couch with ice on my legs from walking, and exhausted from life wanting to fill in every in between detail knowing I only have 2000 characters on Oprah email cuts it short for me. I will call the news, I will write letters I will post my story on Facebook ,twitter, word of mouth because I have a voice and I don’t agree and will make a stand. I have written Oprah for about over a month almost everyday about me, my life, and family. ‘I’ve asked every time to please look at my Facebook page Justbcreative Byjustb. I still have the necktie I made for Oprah. I am taking a big risk but I am at my lowest point in life anyway.

My amazing fiancé of 5 years, we met at the same workplace and have been inseparable since so I lost my job but gained a lifetime friend, love, my #1 fan, he quit in October after 7 years of dedicating time as an employee and manager and Northstar to venture his own collection agency with 2 partners he called and honestly believed they were his friends, one being my 17month yr old sons god father quit within less than 30 days of commitment and signing contracts and walks off with out a warning without a reason. My fiancé did not quit did not give up struggled on with the other partner who soon gradually diminished too as off this week. I believed in him, because he has the ability to move mountains but had to pebbles to help. He turned around and went right back to Northstar because that’s all we know. He just started on Monday and by Wednesday they fire me.

I don’t want my job back I don’t want to work in collections a day in my life again. I’m drained emotionally, physically and mentally. I will continue to pursue my dream and goals because I have 3 kids and my fiancé that believe in me and I don’t want to let them down. I have talent from making to writing a book and that’s what puts a smile in my heart. Life isn’t fair, imp grateful i have my hearing, sight arms, and legs but one thing i have and we all have in common is deepest dark depression that can make or break you…Just B


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