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Last Updated On: January 20, 2018

Contact Information

Business Name: Merit Financial
Corporate Address:
1300 4th St #303
Santa Monica, California 90401 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-968-0851
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 32

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $10,375.00
Average Reported Losses: $2,075.00

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Is Merit Gold & Silver a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

I said no proofs but that's what Joe Grossman put in my IRA

I specified that I only wanted to buy circulated gold coins.

Now that Merit is bankrupt I have found out that Joe Grossman bought higher priced proofs for my IRA account.

The proofs have declined a greater percentage than the non-proofs so my investment loss was made worse by the broker Grossman not following my instructions.

Merit Financial – Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, CA


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I was pressured into buying a roll of Silver Britannias with a privy mark that was 7 bucks higher per coin than Maple Leafs. They wanted me to buy 4 rolls but, I held my ground on the balance of my order. I didn’t appreciate the pressure at all and never bought from them again.

I have placed a few orders with Merit,and Ihave been very pleased with all that they have done for me,all companys have there problems,till then I will continue to deal with Merit,Thanks Steve and all the rest of the employes that Ihave worked with while ordering,and Ido not work for Merit just for the record.Keep up the good work,Jeff

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If we want to get success in our business we must need to be believe our business partner or other firms. Because, it is not possible to me run my business by my own self with out others hand help. But your writing conception makes me shock and such kind of business Behave is is very bad one site for our business firm. I’ve also a plan for make a gold business and I’ve some idea from this kind of business. We can be get more information by visit this site. Which is able to provide us more delightful… Read more »

merit apparentlt bloWS!

Was told by one of their salesman that they delt more with larger sums than the $3000 I wanted to spend. They advised me to contact APMEX, which I did but wound up purchasing from JMbullion. Merit advised me it would be 3 to 4 weeks before I could expect delivery. Where I purchased from JMbullion they advised me 5 to 7 working days, they had merchandise in stock. Thanks Merit (PS They also took A/x)

I called merit last night to purchase $1600 in silver. I talked with Shawn ext. 383. he said they were not taking any orders until tomorrow (today) we talked & he agree to give me the set price when I put in my order. When he finally called me (he said you’re not going to be happy) (he was right) he said since the prices have dropped he would not keep his word that he gave me about 14 hr. before. I stood up to him after he told me he was a man of his word (he tried to… Read more »
Doing business with Merit is hard because you have to get past the salesmen who are there only to get you to buy something besides the thing they HOOK you in with. (the low cost silver and gold) I bought silver rounds and didn’t get any acknowledgement of my order till 3 weeks later. I got a confirmation call when I ordered and that was it. No other correspondence at all NONE!! when I asked for some kind of receipt they only tried again to sell me lunar Britannia something. They told me the rounds would take 6 weeks and… Read more »

Merit did not like my short phone calls criticizing its TV ads. Its response that it would file a law suit and call the police on the basis of harassment. I filed complaints with the ACLU, the FTC and the California Attorney General on the basis that Merit’s intimidating threats were encroaching on my First Amendment rights of free speech. At no time did I use threatening language against or improper language..

James you’re a fool and need to read a book. Who has time to call companies complaining about their TV ads! You are ridiculous. If you don’t like their ads turn the channel. Good grief!

I called Wells Fargo Bank at 1300 4th St and there definitely IS a 3rd floor according to a WF employee. Doesn’t anyone do their homework? Nathan?

Jlm…Do you work for the competition?

Was considering Merit for silver buy. Many thanks to this site for the heads up. Merit has been crossed off my list. Will not deal with people who are not totally honest in word and deed.

I just got off the phone with shawn @ merit. I am a first time silver investor and I had some questions. Shawn put me on hold four(4) times and finally told me "look, send us your check($1500minimum) , get your account opened, and I will give you a brief seminar on what you should buy". Like Nancy Pelosi said, "pass Obama’s health care bill and then we can find out whats in it". I just don’t think that this is the kind of company I want to do business with. How do you trust someone that sounds like they… Read more »

I thought of buying from Merit until I read all these negaive comments. I will stick with APMEX. I have bought from them several times over the years and they always delivered promptly what I ordered.

i have ordered from Merit 2 times….first time I FINALLY DID get my silver order & just put it off to an honest mistake….3 weeks ago I ordered nearly 200 ounces of silver rounds & called today & was told it would be 6 weeks…..This was NEVER mentioned when I placed the order….They cashed my check immediately & now I just have to sit & wait. Dwight James & Issac Nariani ALWAYS have an excuse for why my order has not shipped…..I will NEVER order from Merit again…..They have lied to me for one last time….I will take my business… Read more »

Thank you for taking the time to post this. I was going to call and place a very large order, I am so glad I did not. Will stick with apmex. Thanks again

I nearly got suckered by them today for an Ounce of gold . Thanks RIPOFF . You saved me a lot of agony.

I had done my research for buying gold bullions and was telling my friends about Merit financial,however after reading the reviews,I have completely backed off.No time for drama in my life.

I have bought from Merit several times. Received exactly what i ordered and have had not issues with them at all. I did my researcha nd though there are a few negative comments (which there are with every company out there) i still bought from them. I have also used Independent Living, but Merit had better prices.
No issues with Merit at all.
Oh and i do not work for Merit or any other gold bullion dealer.

I was about to buy from Merit, but NOT AFTER reading of customer’s experience with Merit. There is plenty of good competition out there: Kitco, IRI, etc. Why mess with dirty tricks?

I will now only buy from local dealers. I want to see what Im buying

I was going to purchase from Merit. After reading the reviews they seem too ambiguous to deal with.


I work at Merit Financial and have been taking the elevator to the 3rd floor for 5 years.
Paul Newman’s wonderful charitable organization called the "Painted Turtle" is directly across the hall from us-also on the 3rd floor. It sounds as if you are in desparate need of a good pair of glasses. I would be willing to help you pay for an appointment to any a local optometrist.

Steve Young /Senior Account Executive 800-555-2631. Ex 208

Steve Young and Merit Financial Baited and switched my mother by giving her tax advise, all they talk about it private gold and make a huge commission selling it while advertising bullion.

I have placed a couple of orders and Ihave delt with a couple of competerers,and I will stick with merit,they have never did me any bad bussiness,and Irecomend them to any one that is looking for a straight and forward deal and no fast talking,keep up the excelllent job Steve and company.

George you don’t work for Merit by any chance.If this is part of their sales practise shame on them. A fish smells from the head on down.

George, wouldnt you agree the 7 days should be from the time the product is received? If the product did not arrive for 14 days how can the customer have a chance to look them over?


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