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Last Updated On: September 7, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Goldmart (LPMI)
Corporate Address:
600 E. William St #204
Carson City, Nevada 89701 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 888-470-0170
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Nicholas VanderLaan - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 20

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $14,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $3,500.00

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Put in a modest $4k dollar order for gold an silver bullion. All listed as “in-stock, ready to ship”. Received notice 2 days later my payment had been accepted. The website says orders shipped within 7 days of receiving payment. I was assured by customer service rep that the order would arrive promptly (part of it was a gift) and I did not need to expedite shipping.

That was September third. I have spoken with customer service 4 times. Each time the order will ship the next day. Gold has dropped almost $100/oz since I bought it, birthday has come and gone, items I purchased are still listed as “in-stock, ready to ship”.

I’m glad this company operates with a US post off box. It may take some prodding from my attorney to get my order, or at least a refund. I would love to update this next week and say ANYTHING has shipped, but I think it’s unlikely.

Would HIGHLY recommend NOT doing business with Goldmart!

Craig Zlimen


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I also had late delivery, and absolutely no one answer phone, or e mails. Took 7 weeks to get all of my order, and was never sure I would get it. The order was only insured for $50 according to post office, and was worth $2000. They are only hurting themselves by not picking up phone. I filed complaint with Carson City BBB, and NV attorney generals office.

Thanks for your review. I have over $8K in my shopping cart with and I thought to check them out before I finished the process. It seems many had problems like yourself. I went there to get a few new varieties and their prices were slightly better than APMEX for the lower quantities I wanted. I think I will stick with APMEX. I’ve placed multiple orders with APMEX for well over $10K and each time they shipped within 2 hours of receiving my orders (followed by immediate bank wires) and then received at my door on the 2nd or… Read more »

I ordered from GOLDMART on 02/18/2014. I ordered 80 Silver American Eagles over the phone. I sent the check express mail the next day. When I ordered them the sales rep told me they would be shipped on March 05. After i ordered I belatedly looked up their reviews and I was shocked. I thought for sure I had been had, however my order was shipped on March 05 as promised and I received them on the 8th. I was very pleased with my order and have no complaints.

My order was shipped 3 weeks after the date it should have shipped, based on their stated shipping policy. All items were continuously advertised as being in stock and ready to ship. Calls to ask about the delay yielded such excuses as a 4 day closure for the Thanksgiving holiday, bad weather preventing delivery from their depository, and my favorite, 3 feet of snow in Carson City from a weekend storm. After checking local weather reports and learning that the storm actually left 6 to 7 inches of snow, I filed a complaint with the BBB where they have an… Read more »

Ordered 10/11/13; Received 11/30/2013. Goldmat advertises 2-7 day delivery. After multiple chats, spokesperson says 30 business days from receipt of money. If you don’t mind waiting 2 full months saving a few bucks might be worth it. I

Received my coins this morning. Very Happy. The whole process took exactly a month to arrive at my door.

If you are in a hurry, then don’t use this company. But, if you want great prices and beautiful coins then this is the company for you. Remember good things come to those who wait…

bull ****! I order from apmex and silver .com all the time and their prices are less and I get my stuff in about 5-6 days, or less. gold mart operates on the customer’s money because they are broke and that is why you are waiting so long to get your stuff and by the way ROD if that is even your real name, how much is goldmart paying you to shill for them.

I finally received my order. Six to eight weeks for delivery seems the norm for the last year. I have purchased from them 10 times over 2 years and have received all my items, eventually. Since the investment in precious metals is obviously a long term one, I have not been hurt from the delay, but it is unnerving to see that the time is "in stock, ready to ship" and they don’t ship. Inquiries result in statements regarding inability to receive product from their suppliers. Hardly what I would define as "in stock." I am no longer going to… Read more » (Legacy Precious Metals Inc) pulled the delayed delivery stunt on me. I filled complaints on applicable forms with DOJ, SEC, CFTC, and Nevada AG. I am sure all are forwarded to the Nevada AG. It is important to clearly report that this company is using misrepresentation for sales. DOJ is interested in cyber crime as this might be if a case can be made that funds are temporarily divert for purposes other than the representations to the buyer. The number of common complaints being filed is very important and should be done even if the transaction is finally complete…..the… Read more »
Hello, I ordered 20 silver eagles from Goldmart the night of Sunday April 14th, 2013. At the time I made my order, Goldmart stated on their website that they had the 20 silver eagles "In Stock" and "Ready to Ship". I paid $608.92 total with my Capital One credit card. The payment went through with my credit card company and Goldmart provided me with a receipt and confirmation order number showing that my order had been accepted. On Goldmart’s site at the time, they stated that it takes 2-4 business days for them to ship my order and that they… Read more »

It is important that you start filing complaints against Goldmart if you have been defrauded! Start with the Nevada Attorney General, download the forms at the link provided and file with the Feds online with the DOJ Internet crime unit. This is fraud, plain and simple.

In mid-March I was assured by a GOLDMART online customer service representative "Maria" that an item I wanted that was listed on their website was in stock and could ship immediately. The website also indicated that the item was "In stock and ready to ship!". Maria assured me it would ship in a day or two. I went ahead and ordered it online. It took several weeks, endless phone calls, and they only shipped it when I told my credit card company to cancel the charge. What a headache. The GOLDMART website and their customer service reps do not tell… Read more »
You are not alone. There are numerous amount of complaints about this company. Checklout and see the horror stories come out from Goldmart. I too are waiting for my order. My order was on April 2 and as of today nothing. Ever time I called in, I get a different story. Lies after lies. They just cant keep track of their lies. I finally threaten them that the call was recorded they quickly hung the phone. I suggest that you keep a written record of your conversation with them as documentation. They advertised on their website as a BBB… Read more »

Nick is an idiot – not sure how he could be a manager there. He doesn’t know how to treat customer, sounds like an idiot, and so rude and a big fat LIAR. All employees there are LIAR and never tell the truth. Never ever buy anything from this company. That’s probably the reason why they were out of business before they changed their name to Goldmart. Don’t get trapped with them!!!

Dept. of Justice internet fraud unit = file a complaint. Your experience is a classic case of internet fraud.

Also postal fraud,I think its time to contact the Feds.

File complaints with the BBB in California against Legacy Precious Metals, Inc and with the BBB in Nevada against Goldmart. Then file complaints with the CA Attorney General’s office at… and the Nevada AG at…. The US Justice Department also has an internet fraud unit but I haven’t found the contact yet.

This is an update: I received part of my order today, what amounts to about 1/3 of my total order. Then I received a call from Nicholas. At this point I’m not sure why he called other than to harass me and to tell me I’m being unreasonable. He still is not able to tell me when the remainder of my order will ship. When I suggested that the right thing to do would be to send me product he does have in stock (Canadian Buffalo coins), he objected and then started to tell me I was unreasonable so I… Read more »

I am stuck in the same situation as yours. These guys just search for answers when you talk to their agents.

I am having exactly the same problem with them. I sent my payment via wire transfer and i heard nothing back from them for almost 3 weeks. i called many times and they kept giving me the run around. now my order has shipped finally (not even overnight like they had originally agreed to) i am thinking about refusing the package and getting my fkin money back. i will call an attorney if necessary. Please update me on your status. thanks.


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