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Americans spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year on clothing. Online boutiques and clothing stores are among the most visited and fastest-growing businesses. But whether the business is online or brick-and-mortar, chances are they have concentrated efforts in a number of areas – marketing, advertising, social media, sales goals, branding, quality control, loss prevention and countless other things.

But in the midst of all their efforts to promote the business, there are a number of things that often fall to the wayside, such as employee training and customer service. Too often, stores overlook these all-too-important aspects in the quest to grow their business.

If you’ve had a bad experience at a retail store, let your fellow consumers know about it! We have a choice, and we can choose not to patronize stores that don’t deliver great service. For example, have you ever walked into a store with a clear idea of what you want, only to be pressured by a sales person to buy something completely different? Up-selling is a goal of many retail stores, and it creates a tense and unenjoyable customer experience. How many times have you thought, “Just tell me where the jackets are, I’m not interested in a completely new wardrobe!” Or “No, I don’t want to buy earrings to go with this necklace. If I did, I would have asked for them!” Upscale stores are notorious for this. It seems like it’s impossible to just make a purchase without being told about various add-ons you “need”.

Even worse are the “indifferent” sales people. No one likes to walk into a store and see seven or eight sales people standing around doing nothing, or chatting with one another. When you walk by, they ignore you – not even a “hello”. It’s enough to make you want to turn around and walk out. If you do ask them a question they don’t know the answer, and what’s more, they aren’t all that interested in helping you find it. They are banking on the fact that you don’t care enough to complain, but it is your responsibility to do so! Eliminating useless employees will result in lower prices over time, so it’s better for everyone. It’s also important to show retailers that you won’t tolerate lazy, indifferent service. If they don’t enjoy working with the general public, they can always choose a different line of work.

There is also the sleazy salesperson who decides how much money you have by looking at you. This is a huge mistake to make, and could end up costing the store thousands of dollars. There is no way of telling how much a customer is prepared to spend, and no one likes to be treated like they can’t afford something – especially when they can!

So which clothing stores do you avoid? What mistakes have they made? Get your story off your chest and help others in the process. We know your money is important to you, and we are here to support you. Your complaint will be read by like-minded individuals and help make everyone’s shopping experience a better one. Hit that post button now.

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