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Last Updated On: December 6, 2017

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Business Name: Procter & Gamble
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1 Procter and Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 USA

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Phone Number: 513-983-1100
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Average Rating: 1.50 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 8

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Reported Losses: $392.00
Average Reported Losses: $196.00

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Tide Pods are Harmful

I have been a staunch supporter of tide laundry products. It seemed like a good idea to try the Tide Pods. it’s like 3 products in one. After washing a couple of loads of laundry with the pods, we started noticing these hard stains on the clothes. You couldn’t scrap it off, soak it, nothing.

I couldn’t figure it out, until an expensive hoodie came out of the dryer with this stiff purple large spot on the sleeve. It dawned me it has to be the pods, it’s the only change made. And it was just out of control because each load had damaged items. It didn’t matter if it was washed in cold, warm or hot. Results were the same.

Then to confirm my suspicions, I checked the web to see if anyone else had the problem. That confirmed it. There were numerous complaints just like mine. In these tough economic times I can’t afford to go out and replace all the clothes. This company needs to compensate for the cost of the product, which is around $19 for the 72pack and reimburse for the damaged clothes.

I have no problem filing a lawsuit for the damages their product caused. If I do not get a response within 10 business days, I will escalate this matter.


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We have used Tide detergent for many years. When the old orange pods became available, we switched to those and loved them – they were easy to use and got the clothes clean. Now we purchased the green and blue ones and they are awful! We have a fairly new front loading washer, and frequently find globs of blue undissolved in the washer after a load. More disturbing is the fact that we have stains that have ruined several articles of clothing and two nice sets of towels. The stains seem to be permanent and we have had to discard… Read more »

I have been using tide for years!!! So when the Tide pods came out of course I was going to try them. Well, after a couple loads I started finding hard plastic like patches that stuck my material together on my clothes. It was the pods that have not dissolved. After smelling it and soaking it and doing everything to get it off, i had to pull it off the material and ruined it. Not happy with these pods. Very disappointed.

I have used the Tide pods for a very long time with no problems. But the pods I used (I think they were orange and another color but still spring meadow) are not longer available. They are now green blue and white. I just started using these pods and the first wash was ok. The next 3 washes and I noticed blue stains. At first I did not pay much attention to the clothes. But the 2nd and 3rd washes had a lot of white and light loads. Some t-shirts and socks were stained so badly that I threw them… Read more »

No major complaint–just wish you would change the color of your lids from dark blue to a light color. It’s too hard to see the load markers inside the dark blue cap. I have to use a flashlight to see how much detergent to add. Just recently performed my own test using a glass measuring cup & writing down the amounts for each marker. Inconvenient.

Ok I am furious with the Tide Pods – 4 in 1 Downy. I have a new top load washer. I put the pod in as instructed. And did not realize until I had done at least 2 loads that the pods and pieces of the pods where stuck to various clothing items – and baked on in the dryer. I tried re-washing them and it just stuck. I tried scraping off the gluey, jelly stuff off and ripped 2 items of clothing. I have rewashed them 3X (without the junky Tide pods) and most of the stain and pod… Read more »
I just bought a brand new $30 Peach State Pride tshirt because it’s graphics are of our local business. I wore it once and washed it by itself (unsure of it fading on other clothes) and it came out with bluefish/purplish stains from the liquid Tide detergent that I used. To say I’m a little upset, is an understatement!!!!! To some it’s JUST $30, but to me being a single mother of 3, it’s ALOT!! I won’t use the liquid Tide again, that’s for sure! I feel like they should refund the money from the actual detergent ($18) plus the… Read more »

C/O that your tide cold water detergent is always not dissolving in the water clumps and sticks to the clothes. As then i have to scrub the clothes and then wash twice.And before you ask. The washer works well it is new top loader. YES i have been doing the wash since before they had automatic .And that means along time and lots of experience. And I’am only 57! so figure this out or i switch .

When I was a young girl at home. My mother used Fab detergent. But I always wanted her to buy Tide. Tide smelled the best of the 3 best sellers. And that was Tide , Fab, and Cheer. They all had the same price. So decision was not determined by price. By the time I was married and was buying my own detergent the stuff changed. And new brads came out. I still look for the original Tide. It cleaned just find. And if it were still on the market I would buy it. Now Tide has so many different… Read more »

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