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Close allows users to complain about Charges Debits Fees companies, businesses, or websites. If a Charges Debits Fees company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

Just about everyone has opened up their credit card bill one day to find some inexplicable charge attached as a footnote.  Of course, the moment you see this charge you’re shocked and offended.  “I had no idea!  I can’t imagine where this came from!”  If you haven’t ever had to deal with this issue, it may just be a matter of time.  Unfortunately, credit card/debit card companies, banks, and other credit-based institutions can be a little less than honest when it comes to the charges, debits, and fees they attach to their customers’ bills.

When you see some of these charges – overdraft charges, for example – it’s possible that you might be able to resolve them by discussing the issue with your bank.  Sometimes the bank will admit that a mistake has been made.  Or, if you’ve had an otherwise clean record, the bank might be willing to forgive the mistake.  However, if you are unable to come to a point of resolution between the bank and yourself, it might be time to file with  Filing with Complaints List can draw public attention to the lending institution.  And, under the pressure that public attention brings, you might just find that the bank is willing to work things out with you.

Of course, overdraft fees are just one of the many issues you could run into.  Charges, debits, and fees can cover a huge area of financial transactions.  What makes them so rampant is the fact that many people don’t even know a particular fee exists until it shows up on a bill with their name on it.  If you’ve had any such experience, file with Complaints List today.  We give your voice a strong platform to reach the audience that needs to hear you most!

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