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Last Updated On: January 3, 2018

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Business Name: Steak 'n Shake Operations Inc
Corporate Address:
36 S Pennsylvania St #500
Indianapolis, Indiana 46236 USA

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Company Contact: Sardar Biglari - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.98 out of 5
Based On: 51 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 51

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Reported Losses: $224.61
Average Reported Losses: $4.40

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MANAGEMENT Just Did not Care!

Approached the Counter to place a Carry -out order – I had to beckon for help – PURCHASED the 19.00 (Family w Coupon)!

The Cook hustled to get the orders ready… for a spurt of about 10 minutes the manager cashed customers out. She assisted a woman that complained about having gotten a diet drink and what she really wanted was a regular coke. What would make the Manager walk from behind the Counter and show no concern for me waiting at the counter?¬†Shakes had come:

The end result I had to ask if the bag that had been finished more than 15 minutes that everyone was walking past -including the Manager was that my order: If I knew it was my order what was going through the Managers Head?

Steak N shake – South Neil St Champaign IL 61820

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we went to steak and shake in mentor ohio the service was lousy not to mention the food there was very few people in there we waited for a while then we were seated wife ordered the spaghetti and chili and comes with salad she got her dinner with very little chili on it in middle no salad and cold coffee we asked for more chili because it was mostly spaghetti twice we ask they brought a condiment dish with chili the spoon was bigger then this said really they said if you want anymore you had to pay for… Read more »

We went to the Mueller Road location in south county. Waited 45 minutes for our food that never arrived. There were no orders coming out. We finally left without eating, and the “manager” never once visited our table to find out what was wrong or apologize. Our waitress (there were only 2) did her very best, but had no food to deliver. We are customers of over 50 years and cannot believe how poorly managed this one has become.

Bobby Caldwell frequently ridicules this Asian server by making fun of her ethnic features such as large head size. He resorted to calling her names such as “big-head.” He has made other derogatory comments about her and has laughed at her shortcomings in front of customers. He is ridiculing and bullying a child despite being old enough to be her father or grandfather. This is very uncomforting. Many people in Kirkwood agree Sunset Hills Steak n’ Shake has a racist vibe. This happened at 1525 S. Kirkwood Rd, Sunset Hills, MO At this same Kirkwood/Sunset Hills branch, Erma Livingston ordered… Read more »

waited to be seated cause no one was cleaning off tables…then everything was cold

the sign on Smith & Green streets says ” Steak &Shake at Lawndlae and Wendover it makes it seem like the location is at the intersection of these 2 streets instead of 1 location is on Wendover and the other is on Lawndale ——a newcomer to town will be confused—-it should clarify that this is 2 different locations


we just left the steak n shake in trinity florida 3046 little road it was awful I told the waitress who sat us that under the table was awful papers silverware French fries in the next booth some one spilt a drink and it was just left, we ordered and when it came the French fries were cold and all stuck together we told the manager and he said he was sorry we will never go back to that steak n shake. also it was not busy.

samething in troy ohio

I was greeted and served by Jonathan Robinson and was EXTREMLY satisfied with his level of professionalism and skill as a waitperson. Having worked as a waiter for some 15years in various restaurants from casual to fine dining, plus my 22 year old daughter is being groomed for a manager position with another chain, I know good servers and bad ones when I see them and Mr. Robinson is most certainly the former. I hope others especially upper management see the potential this young man has and moves him up accordingly.

the steak and shake I frequent is three minutes from my job, and twice I go thru the drive thru and this person says I cannot take your order cause I don’t have a cook; seriously? the first time I went to work and hour later went back and ordered the breakfast bowl after standing there 10 minutes to get the food and the sausage was missing discovered once I got to back to work. today was told the same thing I don’t have a cook, seriously I said, she said wait a minute 6minutes later okay go ahead with… Read more »
we just got back from the steak and shake in Hampton VA the server went to other tables that came in after us and waited on them first, I asked for cheese fries they did not have cheese sauce and I asked for bacon on my burger and did not get it so I asked the server why I did not get bacon on my burger and she said the cook was under a lot of stress because he was doing the window and inside. burgers were greasy and he put the cheese in grease to melt the cheese I… Read more »
My family usually likes this restaurant. But lately, the one on #530, in Arlington, Tx has gone downhill. Twice we have gone when it is really busy and we have to wait a long time to get seated. Then we have to go ask for a coupon. One time we didn’t get our shakes until the end of the meal. Yesterday we went and we had to wait a long time for food. I asked why and the waiter said some of the kitchen help didn’t come in so they got behind. Then we asked for silverware and he brought… Read more »

kfast .Thought we would try it won’t go back.Village inn right next door . 15 y/o that will eat any thing complained not good. Not impressed !!

Champaign illinois on prospect has the rudest waitresses and manager! Waited over 40 minutes for food,food was cold and nasty,shakes runny! When we told the waitress this she could,t own it and just made exscuses. We also requested the manager who never showed up. Manager was at the register when i told her the issues she was just as rude if not condencinding towards me. We wont ever eat at another steak n shake!

Ok, Frisco location is out of control. Saturday at 3:16 I drive through the drive through, had to wait for someone to finally come on to talked my order. Person says so sorry but there will be a wait we are very busy. First off, no one else in drive through but me and parking lot had only a few cars. This is a fast food restaurant can you imagine waiting 10 plus in line in the drive through? I came in a few weeks before this at lunch, the place was packed with only two servers waiting tables. It… Read more »

very dissapointed

I just got home from the Valpariso steak and shake and was disappointed with My meal Ordered a triple and the meat was burned to being crisp never had this happen before plese advise

Ordered double cheeseburger with bacon wanted no lettuce, pickles no onion, ketchup. Got everything including lettuce. Thank god no onions.

The closest S&S is in Millersville, MD and I am located in Rockville, MD. Quite a distance for me to go. I love S&S.I sometime travel to Millersville to buy the small cans of Chile and half the time this location does not have any. I do enjoy the steak burgers and chile-three-ways What I do notice , I am being shortchanged on the Chile order. In Missouri the order would be heaping but in Millersville not so.

The service at the Benton Harbor Michigan Steak N Skake was rude and inappropriate. The way they spoke and took my order was very unprofessional,then my food was cold and unpleasant.

We frequent the Steak and Shake business on Alpine, Grand Rapids, Michigan and have always had good, friendly, fast service. Our last visit this past Friday, March 3, 2017, I needed to use the restroom. I must advise you that the ladies rest room needs help!!!! the sink and fixtures were awful! stains in the sinks, fixtures were very tarnished. we find the restaurant always very clean and your employees are always busy! thanks for listening. P. L, Newaygo, Michigan
Went to Chattanooga location, Gunbarrel Road. Had a very rude server named Steve or Steven with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was borderline racist and was very rude to my 6 year old daughter when she was trying to order a milkshake. I do not understand how this person was hired or why this person still works there. He should be fired immediately. There is no cause to act that way to a customer and definitely not a child. When I approached him about his attitude and behavior he threatened to fight me and wanted to take it outside.… Read more »

Today, Feb. 21, 17, my husband and I ate at Steak n Shake, we do eat there quite often. Today, was a disaster. I ordered ice tea in a to go cup and got a glass of tea. I asked for a grilled chicken sandwich on wheat bread with pickles and onion. Instead, I got the sandwich on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.My food was lukewarm and the french fries were very salty. This is not the first time I had difficulty getting my order correctly. This at store 291.

Kentwood, MI None of the sidewalks were shoveled. I’m in a wheelchair and my mom is recovering from a broken hip. It was terrifying trying to get around slipping in the slush. The cement barrier was placed in front of the cut out for wheelchairs so I had to actually go up over a curb. When we were ready to order I had to go find my waitress because she never came back after giving us water. By the time the food was ready, 45 minutes after we arrived, we had to have them bag it up and take it… Read more »

we have been waiting for 25 minutes now and see none of ourfood being made and there are about 5 people in the restaurant and more than 5 workers back there and its late and we want too get home because we are tired and we just saw people who got here about 2 minutes ago get served and we have been here for 30 minutes now

My first time visiting Steak and Shake in Tinley Park Illinois worst experience of my life the waitress told me it would be about a 10-minute wait for 2 burgers they only had two people on the clock plus the manager with about 30 customers between the dining the takeout in the Drive-Thru on a Saturday night wasted 25 minutes of my life in this place and all the cashier could tell me is I’m sorry sir but it happens with an attitude and that was the final straw I requested for my money back which took the manager 5… Read more »

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