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Last Updated On: September 18, 2017

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Business Name: Bloomin Brands, Inc. | OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
Corporate Address:
2202 N West Shore Blvd 5th Fl
Tampa, Florida 33607 USA

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Phone Number: 813-282-1225
Company Contact: Paul Avery - President
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Average Rating: 2.67 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 8

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Reported Losses: $130.00
Average Reported Losses: $21.67

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Large lobster tails starved to death

Took my husband to the Lumberton NC location (Outback), for his 54th Birthday last night. We ordered the large lobster tail stuffed with crab.

Well, what we received was 2 very small lobster tails. Meat removed and stuffed with crab stuffing. The meat from 1 small lobster tail was laid across the shells and topped with some buttery concoction.

The menu stated a large lobster tail – even states the largest lobster tail you’ve ever seen. Joke! These poor lobster tails were no bigger than my thumb.

We were told that this was the reason we received 2. Well, we didn’t receive the meat but, from 1. The meal was $88; this meal was over $20. At least I got 2 bites of lobster, yes only 2 bites that’s how small it was.

Outback Steakhouse Location – Lumberton North Carolina


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Went out for quick dinner with my husband to Outback Tyrone Location St. Petersburg, Florida. It was August 7th 2017. I had a hamburger and water he had a burger and a draft anyway… the food was good no complaint there. The bill was 21.41 and I left 5.00 tip (wrote it in) next day I saw where I was charged 71.41 on my debit card for this dinner. Hmmmmmm….. do the math. I went back with my receipt from the night before and spoke to manager Shawn. He seemed nice enough but informed me he would have to look… Read more »

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my sister an I went to Outback today for lunch the food was Great. When our Bill came I paid with Cash $20.50, the waitress came an took the money, came back with just $8.00 dollars for change. I ask where my 16 cents was, her answer was ” They Do Not Do Change” they round it up. So my reply was you Did Not round up my Change on my Bill it was $12.34, was I need my 16 cents. If all your Outback Steakhouse’s Do Not Do Change then Someone Is Getting A Big Tip At Closing Time.… Read more »
Saturday April 1st my family,and I went to the Outback Steak House in Jenkintown Pa.We went to their web site,and we had very little waiting time..Our waiter brought bread,but no silverware.We had to ask for it.We ordered two starters that when they finally came one was cold ,and needed to go back We sat down at 645 and just before 8 we hadn’t received the replacement for the cold starter or our meal. .My son-in-law went up to the desk to speak to the manager,and had to ask her to get off her phone. She was playing a game.She did… Read more »
Today I went with my family to dine to one of our favorate restuarants, Outback Steak House (Bayamon).The wait was ok, lots of welcomes, the server was ok but as she told us she was new and was trying to do her best. Blooming onion was ok, only kind of small. The bread was not that hot. The house and ceaser salad was ok. Were pending on refills and in taking the empty plates from the table. My wife full rack of baby back ribs was good, but she ordered a loaded baked potatoe with the sour cream on the… Read more »
I went to Outback today, partly because I wanted to see the game and eat good food while watching. I was in Jacksonville Florida in the Regency area. The food was really good, but what ruined it for me, was I sat in the bar and every drink the bartender made with lemons or lime, he squeezed them with his own hand and them placed it in the drink. If that wasn’t bad enough, he began to sneeze and then wiped his nose with the same hand and went back to making drinks. I was so turned off, and just… Read more »

My sister told me about the king crab, was so delicious!! Waiter was also very attentive, thanks for a good experience.

After a wonderful steak dinner one evening under the stars years ago in Fremantle-Perth I vowed someday I’d check out Outback. Recently a new menu item made me decide I’d definitely be going soon. But then I saw your latest commercial, and found out you’re just like all the other companies who show their contempt for our supposed stupidity with their "99s". – Only $9.99. Gee, that’s 9 dollars you think I’d think. Cheaper than $10 (yeah, right. BY ONE PENNY!) No, I’ll gladly go somewhere else and pay that extra penny just to show my respect for a restaurant… Read more »

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