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Last Updated On: April 13, 2017

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Business Name: Domino's IP Holder LLC.
Corporate Address:
30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106 USA

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Phone Number: 734-930-3030
Company Contact: J Patrick Doyle - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.61 out of 5
Based On: 39 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 15

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $29,275.44
Average Reported Losses: $750.65

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Disgusting Dominos - Ripoff Rochester

I worked there for 2 1/2 years. Their delivery is 8 miles before they give you extra mileage. So that’s less money I make, and they always have quite a lot of those far 8 mile deliveries. They only pay 6 dollars.

They will hire you, and won’t train you properly. They will get other drivers to train new people, but won’t increase the amount they get paid. They will slowly decrease how many days you work the longer you work there.

They are terrible people to work for, order from, and it is the absolute worst tasting pizza I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Dominos in Rochester pa is the most unsanitary place I have ever eaten at. Their dish towels don’t get washed but once every month, so what do you think they clean the bathrooms with, and wash dishes with? Dirty nasty filthy towels. Yuck, that is so disgusting it makes me want to puke all over the parking lot.

Disgusting Dominos. Ripoff rochester Dominos never eat their disgusting pizza, it’s a waste of money, time, and it gives you a headache before you’re even done ordering and recovering from the pizza. The manager is the worst manager ever. Bryan is very rude and disrespectful and a liar I’ll never ever give them another dime of my money.

 Dominos Location Р102 W Madison St Rochester Pennsylvania 15059

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Sorry no. is 843 761 8640

First time order! Pizza was over cook and just not that good! Very close to home new dominos .wont go back 843 761 8650 hate to complaint because it is a good location for all

I received a coupon in the mail for a free pizza with no expiration date when I took it there was told they are no longer acception them.

I am not one who likes to complain but when I have reason I will. Today I had ordered online 3 pasta bread bowls and was for sure I clicked to receive the bread bowl. I got my orders and saw that they was not the bread bowls I wanted so I call thinking they would fix this for me but instead basically calling me a liar and said we cant give you anything for free. I mean really? I told them to take back the pastas and that I am not trying to get anything for free just what… Read more »
I ordered over the phone and the moron put me on hold for 5 minutes and then took my order and she told me 15 minutes That’s it and hung up !A hour went by ! one idiot told me ten minutes , 25 minutes later the same moron who took my order Told me I wasn’t in the system! I mean what the hell ! She told me they having a lot of people being trained today so for the problem ! I told her to join in on the training and hung over !Cliffside park nj. dominoes is… Read more »
ON 03/03/2017 STOPPED AT THE NEW DOMONIOS PIZZA ON STATE STEET IN BIG RAPIDS MICHIGAN. ORDERED PHILLY CHESE PIZZA AND A PEPRONI HAM AND pineapple . when we tried to eat them they were terrible. Philly cheese was dry and shrivel up and the other one was rank tasting. Couldn’t eat either one. Called the store back and ask them if they wanted it back that I wanted my money back. Told them to refund money back on my card . Sad he would do that that would take a couple of days. As of this writing 03/21/2017 still no… Read more »
There seems alot of privately owned franchises of dominos that cut corners on the quality of pizza, i bought the two two topping pizza deal yesterday fron the charterway location in stockton ca, the qaulity of pizzw was like eating sugarey carboard with rubbery bread, the cheese was worth than 2nd rate, it tasted like stale oil and again like a sugary base way, to glutiness. I remember pizza had a different and delicious taste years back. Now it seems whatever cheap way to rip off the public with 3rd rate ingrediants is now exceptable not just with dominos but… Read more »
I’m just really pissed off on how the “manager” handled my problem so I ordered a thing crust pizza with half ,black olives ,pepperoni and onion and the other half with chicken, bacon ,buffalo sauce and ranch and when I receive the pizza I’m excited n hungry cus it took about 40min to get here so I open my box and realize it has no sauce no buffalo sauce mayo ranch sauce so at this point I’m just curious where is my sauce. So I decide to give a call back to dominos located here in Monterey Park on Atlantic… Read more »
Redding California: 60 points get a free Pizza, Ok I’m low on funds wanted something somewhat quick for dinner, So I order my “Free Pizza” Medium sized 2 meats 3 veggie, I also order 1 2) liter Root beer, And cinnamon sticks for dessert. Order dos not come up to $ 17.00 Minimum Order allowed for delivery. It’s a Free Pizza take that into Consideration. nope ….. Ok so I add a Philly Cheese steak sandwich, So I will have something for my Lunch tomorrow. I’m a nice Guy I throw in a $ 5.00 tip. Order totals 24.95. I… Read more »
I picked up a BBQ chicken pizza tonight large at Domino’s in Sedro Woolley WA. $17.60. They use BBQ sauce instead of red sauce. They used so much BBQ sauce that if I had squeezed the pizza out like a sponge it would have given 12 oz at least. Although the BBQ sauce is yummy…there’s is a limit to the amount you add to a pizza. The chicken was just fair in portion, but completely saturated in BBQ sauce. I’m almost sure there was cheese on it, that may have almost measured 3 table spoons. Well you live and learn…… Read more »

Domino’s employees especially in the Hamilton, Ohio area need to be drug tested… I myself have witnessed drug abuse in the Dominos at 908 S. Erie Hwy, Hamilton, Ohio 45011…. I do not want to mention names but if all employees there are ordered to be drug tested the drug abusers that I am speaking of will be found. All employees…including daytime and night time mgmnt, cooks, drivers…. ALL…..WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS ALLOWS DRUG ABUSE in the work area where food is being made or anywhere for that matter? This problem needs to be addressed ASAP…..

I was a employee for dominos in Peru Indiana and I had to quit because no one would listen to me about my boss. I was suppose to be the Ast manger so there for that means when the GM is out of town and not avalible then I’m in charge and I have somewhat of a say so. Well nope not in my case I had a manager that it was his way or no way and I couldn’t work for someonIe who wouldn’t listen to me or do things to make my job a little easier. He cut… Read more »

Sorry that happened to you. I use to manage a store in North Reston, Virginia and know how demanding that can be. I always tried to encourage my assistant managers and train them to be managers. If you ever get to Virginia, DC or Maryland, apply for Domino’s there. The franchise is called Team Washington and they are a great bunch of people. They won’t put up with managers that aren’t doing their job. It is well organized.

There’s lots more to this story but I’m on my phone and it is kind of hard to type all this.

Wow! Miami has the worst pizza? I would think that a city that is that populated would have decnet food. I would never have guessed that.I’ve been to NY once to visit my aunt as I was flying back east on business. My aunt used to work for some executive guy on one of the top floors and she still had her ID badge, so she took me on a tour of the UN. She took me on the elevator and pushed one of the top floor buttons utilizing her badge access and she said that when the door opens… Read more »

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