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Last Updated On: December 15, 2017

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Business Name: Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n' Biscuits
Corporate Address:
9432 Southern Pine Blvd
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 888-300-4265
Company Contact: Randy Kibler - CEO & President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 15 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 19

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $15,052.38
Average Reported Losses: $1,003.49

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Price increases way too often and way too high

Years ago I was a young salesman having breakfast with other salesmen and bragging about how good Juicy and hot the Bojangles chicken and biscuits were. They were building the first one in the VA. Beach area on North Hampton Blvd. I must have impressed one of your top dudes as when we all went to leave our tab was picked up by someone whom left a note of thanks for the good words…,signed BO…Classy…

Flash forward 20 or 30 years and they were building a new one on Holland road near where I lived and drove to work. Obviously the owner of the store there whom also owns the one at hilltop doesn’t care much about the patrons.

Week after week after week the guy keeps raising his prices and the chicken pieces grew smaller… I even stopped going there for many months for my perception of gouging.

Months ago he increased the price of the two piece small dark snack to $3.85. I told them I would not be back. But today I was driving by and thought I’d swallow my disgust and get a two piece snack one more time…Well, More disgusted and angry I became as now the price was well over four dollars. Almost $5.00 for a lousy Leg, Thigh and a biscuit…I’ve had it…My God, I bought at Farm Fresh a 10 pound bag of very large leg quarters for .49 a pound… About 10 or more very large pieces of chicken for $4.99. I don’t think Bojangle’s two pieces even weighed a pound. How much GREED do your franchise owners have? a 400 to 500% profit margin?

I use to buy a lot of BoJangles Chicken but not anymore…Hell the chicken was even dry. Not even moist as it has been in the past…Shame on the Management of Bojangles for laying down and allowing your franchise owners to gouge what use to be loyal customers, decrease the size of the portions, Take away the Cajun Gravy and jack all the prices… Very seldom do I see much traffic at that store any more. You would think he would lower his prices and pick up volume instead of trying to make it on just a few patrons that are willing to pay those absorbent prices…

I will not be back unless I hear the management is correcting all these problems…

Let me know what your thoughts are? Is it the Franchise owners or corporate that is Gouging us…

Bojangles – Holland Rd Virginia Beach Virginia 23453

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a very angry customer

I only received a $1.00 gift card and I’m pissed…

It is one of bojangles rules to have employees change out the toilet water. This is degrading… I will never eat there again..

I got some lousy food today at bojangles in versailes ky. Cooked up in advance and cold. I can get cold chicken anywhere in lexington. I didn’t expect it to be old at bojangles. The manager was working the window and gave it to me. I won’t ever go back there. there is no pride in there food. They can close down and leave town anytime. That’s twice it has happened at this location. Don’t send me any coupons, I won’t use them. I tried to email them but there email client doesn’t work. They don’t want to be contacted… Read more »

There Saturday 4/29/17 with my order they didn’t give me
My 2 cinnamon twists.
On Sunday 4/30/17 with my order they didn’t give me my
Chicken biscuit.
This happened at Bojangle 275 US Hwy 70
in Selma, Nor.Car
This is bad business. People working there notPaying attention.
I lost around nine dollar and as a customer. I will not return to this store.

This happened at Bojangles on Long Shoals Rd. in Arden, NC yesterday. So, I pull up and ordered ten biscuits for an early morning function at work. Girl at window advised it would be nine minutes. I said OK, paid and was told to pull up and wait. After 18 minutes I backed up to the window and told her we were way past 9 minutes and I was going to be late. She didn’t even acknowledge me and I could tell there was confusion. My order hadn’t even been started. Ten minutes later I get my order. I told… Read more »

Visited Bojangles Store in Warsaw n.c on many occations. Many of the visits I received warmed up or left over French fries. Friday when I went I got a bone in my filet biscuit .Also many times the buscuits is so haed youy cant eat them.I am tied of wasting my money on bad food..Because it happens often.

At our store we have a shift supervisor that no one likes. The store manager says the area manager made her promote her. I don’t think this was done correctly. The girl that is now a shift supervisor doesn’t have a drivers license and can’t get one. I was told a license was required to be management.

12/20/16 pulled up in front of bojangles ready to eat. Looked in side there was only one person there. The boss was sitting in the back watching TV picking his nose then looking at it. Made me sick to my stomach. Needless to say I backed out and went to Zaxby. This is coming from Franklin Ky

I live in Eden North Carolina and the bonjangles here has a lot of stuff going on with the store manger Wanda she gives free food to her daughter Amanda who also works there she borrows other things from restrurants cause she runs out at the store I know this for a fact bringing this to your attention so you all can go check it for yourself she is not the rite one for a store manger!

got a 8piece meal, carried home,4 miles away, the chicken was shineing from the grease and cold. I thought an 8 piece was two pieces of each only got one breast and chicken was burned tasting guess old grease. I started to call and talk to manager but decided the if any good would know what her help is sending out, Also our dirty rice was dry and our green beans had more liquid than beans but the biscuits were good, thank goodness for small blessings. I have a Popyes closser to me but I wanted a little change won’t… Read more »

March 21,2014

Just purchased a meal at Bojangles on South Tryon and Arrowood road, I placed a order for two different meals around 1:00 pm, the meal was unacceptable had to discard in the trash. I am very disappointed because I work hard for my money and your server J—– didn’t seem to care. Food should not be cold nor charred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Consumers are the reason you have a job, ratings count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to be more courteous to your customers and food caution.

collinsville, va., bojangles there serves rotten chicken, biscuits taste bad, a buttery oily taste., gets the orders wrong at the window, also food is so salty, can’t eat it. please check this place out.

I live in Anderson, SC. My daughter works for Bojangles on Clemson Blvd. one of the shift leaders is named Fred and he has come to work high on pot. When my daughter started working there, she was a minor. Fred is in his early thirties. He has tried to get her to have sex with him. I don’t want my daughter to know what I am doing by blowing the whistle on Fred but I think Bojangles could do a lot better than having a child molester working for them. I love Bojangles food and want them to do… Read more »
Florence SC — My wife and I Stopped at Bojangles in Florence SC today 1/19/14 to have lunch. We ordered the chicken sand with Unsweet Tea. The cashier then went to the kitchen and prepared the meal. A male employee returned from somewhere and was digging in his buttox and started preparing the food for another customer. There was no Uunsweet tea at the drink counter, I returned and asked for some tea she removed some from a ref and it was so old this was impossible to drink. The piece of chicken was totally cold and hard. My wife… Read more »
Very upset…. Went in the new Bo jangles in Irmo this morning with my grand baby and was appalled at what I heard and saw…a black lady I guess was manager was talking to an employee terrible in the dinning room. I have called the corp office to complain but I will not be back to this store due to this kind of atmosphere. I have been here several times and was treating great but this is uncalled for. Someone needs to have a long talk with her Thank and I’m not one to complain but that was in called… Read more »

I am in Bojangles in Daleville Alabama and the service is terrible, acted like they could careless about customer’s
Especially the manager. They need someone to care about the customet period.

Bojangles in Pelham , AL… 2581-Hwy 31. has a 92 Health rating and I know why. We had dinner there last Friday and there were BUGS crawling. My Husband told one of the employee’s about it and she said , she just work there. We eat there often and the food is COLD most of the time. We Love Bojangles and this is the closest one near our home, still 25 miles away…


Bojangles on Cherry Rd. Rock Hill S.C. is long over due for a remodel. I do not care how much it is cleaned it still looks dirty and worn. The kitchen is cramped with no room for employees to work, the dinning room is either so worn and drab or it is dirty. Rock Hill S.C. just hosted the National Soccer Championships which brought teams from the the West Coast and all over the U.S. we also hold women and men softball tournaments that also bring teams from many states. This Bojangles is in close proximity to the motels, Manchester… Read more »

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