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Last Updated On: September 7, 2017

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Business Name: Willowdale Nissan Ontario
Corporate Address:
7200 Yonge St Thornhill
Toronto, Ontario L4J 1V8 Canada

Customer Service

Phone Number: 647-818-8903
Corp Email: clee@willowdalenissan.com
Company Contact: Mark Falkenberg - Dealer Principal
Corp Website:


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Bad Manner

Cliff Yung Ching Lee served me and my friend today. He always spied us about our money, and made a conclusion that we can not afford any car.

He had a good manner because we drove a BMW. He had a bad manner because he knew that BMW is not us.

We were dressed generally, so he feel that we can not afford anything.

We weren’t not sure if we would buy a Nissan and he thought we must not buy one. Some of their cars were good for us.

Finally he was impatient and talk about my t-shirt. There is a picture of Assassins computer game on it. He said that means I like to kill people.

We do not have a car and we wear normal clothes, so that means we are poor? A shirt means that I like killing? What a ridiculous logic!

Other staff members are good. Cars are nice.


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