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Last Updated On: February 4, 2017

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Business Name: Reed Auto Sales LLC
Corporate Address:
511 W 4th St
Mt Vernon, Indiana 47620 USA

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Phone Number: 812-270-1995
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $25,800.00
Average Reported Losses: $6,450.00

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Take your money, get nothing in return

Back in the middle of March I was purchasing a 2008 Dodge Ram from Reed Auto in Mount Vernon, IN. Matthew Reed was supposed to be purchasing it off of one of his dealer’s online sites. He said he could have the vehicle here within two days. I had taken the Bill of Sale that was provided to me to the bank and they then processed an Auto loan for me, giving me a check that was made out to Reed Auto. He then cashed it that same day in his business account so he could purchase the vehicle right then and there.

He said it would be there, so two days later I was up there to pick up my vehicle and it wasn’t there. He then said it might be a few more days and every time I went up there for two weeks it was the same response, we are having problems with getting the vehicle here. Few weeks later he then decided to have it shipped (or so he said) to his lot and not depend on his employees to go pick it up for us. That also proved to be another lie or mistake because he said that they shipped the wrong vehicle to even the wrong car lot in Jaspar, IN.

Then it came down that he was avoiding my phone calls and not responding back to any messages from my wife or me. I kept going up to the car lot every day and his wife knew nothing of the situation she would always say and had no clue where Matthew was.

Finally, we caught up with them by going to their house and Matthew was distraught about the whole situation and we came to a solution, he would give us his personal vehicle which was a 08 Tahoe. I agreed to it but once I took the Bill of Sale in to the bank after he had included extras and made it look like the Dodge Ram and the Tahoe were of equal amounts we then found out differently once the bank ran the VIN on the Tahoe. It was appraised at about 2500 less than the Dodge Ram so they would not switch out the loans.

Matthew then said that he would give a cashier’s check to the bank for the difference so we could have the loan adjusted and be able to take the Tahoe over. We then kept trying to catch him for the money to get the loan switched over to the Tahoe, could never find him. He would tell us to meet him at the car lot but then would never show. We still get messages to this day saying that he is going to pay the loan off but hasn’t made any effort in doing so, it’s all just talk and excuses.

We have tried to work with them several times because we know them personally but I am now paying a loan for an 08 Dodge Ram that I never received and that he says we can’t go to New York to get because it has already sold to someone else. I’m not sure how if he did buy the truck how it could be sold to someone else. I don’t find it fair that basically I just gave him about an 18.5k check for a vehicle and I’m paying for something that I never received. The bank has even called me at work asking for the title to the 08 Dodge Ram which we have explained to them before we never received. They even checked the status of the check to see what they could do and found that he had cashed it the same day we gave it to them. They say there is nothing they can do but not only are they mad at Reed Auto I feel like this is affecting my business with them as well, because they never received a title so this makes the money they paid unsecure. I am paying on it so it doesn’t hurt my credit but like I said I find it unethical for me to have to do this.

I have gone to the prosecutor and they say that this is NOT a criminal offense at all. My question is how is it not? Its breach of contract, fraud, and possibly scamming people out of money and to get a lawyer it costs me even more money. How is this fair by me when I was just trying to buy a vehicle?

All I really want out of this situation is for him to just pay the loan off for the vehicle I never got and be done with it but that doesn’t seem to be an option with him. If he’d just do it and not wait over 2 months giving us excuse after excuse we wouldn’t even be doing this. I don’t want to have to take him to court but it appears that’s going to be the only way I can get my money back. Realize that this loan is now acquiring interest too that we are having to pay on. So really I’m out more than what the loan was even for, If he would’ve just returned the money upfront the pay off wouldn’t be more than it is now.


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